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Kia Carens iMT – Delivered a car with technical fault


Dear Sir/Madam,

On Sunday, April 14th, 2024, I took possession of a Kia Carens Prestige 7 (iMT) variant at approximately 1 PM IST. Regrettably, the vehicle displayed a technical fault from the outset. Despite this, I have not yet received the pre-delivery inspection quality certificate from the sales department.

Upon driving the car home, I encountered a significant issue where the engine would intermittently shut off while navigating through heavy traffic. I promptly reported this issue to the sales executive on the same day. However, the response I received suggested that the problem may be attributed to unfamiliarity with the iMT technology and driving skills rather than a fault in the vehicle itself, really disappointing.

On the following day, April 15th, I brought the car to the attention of your service team, and upon inspection, the issue was identified as a fault in the car’s AC compressor, requiring insights from the KIA technical team. The car was subsequently placed in the warehouse for inspection by KIA technicians, and the issue was duly reported by the service team.

Purchasing a new car is accompanied by high expectations, and no one wishes to initiate their ownership journey that ends in the service centre. Unfortunately, this experience has significantly dampened the celebratory spirit for myself and my family. Despite opting for the iMT technology for its promised comfort and turbo engine performance, I have found myself grappling with unexpected technical difficulties. This ordeal has underscored the need for further refinement in the implementation of this technology.

I am eager to understand how KIA addresses such instances and how you intend to restore the trust and confidence of customers like me. The inconvenience of driving the faulty car to your sales office on Monday, with the engine repeatedly shutting off, was particularly distressing and life-threatening.

The recent incident has deeply affected my family, prompting the urgent need for a car replacement. I intend to share this experience across all social platforms as it not only disturbed us but also placed us in a potentially hazardous situation, instilling fear in family members who are now hesitant to ride in the car. Consequently, the newly purchased vehicle has become unusable, and my confidence in driving it has significantly waned.

While the technical team has identified and addressed the issue (Technical query No. N202401192), it raises fundamental questions about your product quality and inspection process. In this regard, I seek clarity on the procedure for car replacement or a refund should similar issues arise in the future. The situation I have been subjected to, especially after investing 17 lakhs, is entirely unacceptable.

I await your response and urge for swift resolution and hope my voice will be heard.

Kuber Alagh
Car : Kia Carens iMT Prestrige 7 (Petrol)
Reg Number: XXXX079
VIN Number: XXXXXXXX155337
Purchased from: Lohia Kia, Sector 63, Noida, India

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