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Defected AC delivered and no service provided


I purchased a Whirlpool AC (1.5T 3DCool Purafresh Pro 3S Copr INV) on April 29, 2019, for Rs 34,613. The AC comes with a 10-year warranty. Unfortunately, it stopped working after just four years of use. I lodged a complaint, and a customer care representative visited on April 21, 2024, diagnosing that the compressor is dead.

Despite nearly a month having passed since the diagnosis, no action has been taken to resolve the issue. We have been in continuous contact with customer care over this period but have not received any positive response.

The current weather in Delhi is extremely hot, and this AC is crucial for my senior citizen family members who are suffering greatly due to this delay in service.

I am deeply frustrated and disappointed with the level of service provided. Why is there such a delay in addressing this issue? After selling a defective product, is it not your responsibility to provide timely service and support?

I urge you to take immediate action to resolve this matter as it causing mental & physical harassment to my parents

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