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Leaked information and death threats Harassement


Hello swiggy team,
My name is Diwakar Nilkantha Jagdish
Davangere Karnataka
I am swiggy customer, Also delivery partner ID: 15261443
Some one your agent, Sumathi support agent delivery partner banglore. Got my information leaked, Name, Number, Address to unknown person +9198XXXXX307 To this number. He called me and give death threats. Harrassed me abused me scold bad word in text and call. Scolded me in call and what’s up. Sumathi was a agent I was talking. I was not satisfied with her support. I tracked down the number and got to know it’s from Noida sector 18. Please take any action to Sumathi Banglore agent. Swiggy delivery partner support team, I will go to social media. It’s not fare to leaked my personal detail to some one to scolded me death threats. I have proof what’s up chats. It’s in Kannada. Please look into as soon as possible. Accept my request and I will send you screen short.
Help if anything happens me your company is responsible to it. I have proof. Save me. No security for delivery partner, No safety of information. Please take some action on Sumathi and another person.

I have attached some proof screenshots please check it.

Thank you.
Your Swiggy user.

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