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BSES BYPL – Know Helpline Numbers and File an Online Electricity Complaint to BSES Yamuna Power Ltd


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BSES Yamuna Power Limited is an electricity distribution company that is a joint venture between Reliance Infrastructure Limited and Govt. of NCT of Delhi. BYPL provides electricity services in the eastern and central parts of Delhi. It serves the customers by dividing the distribution area into three circles and 14 divisions.

The 3 circles of BYPL are South-East, North-East, and Central Delhi to provide the seamless power supply. If any customer is facing any power outage, electricity disruptions, billing issues, or any other then you can register a complaint to the concerned divisions to get faster redressal of your problems.

Notice - Be alert! Don't share the financial or banking details and don't share OTP to customer care executive. Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams. Report to Cyber Crime Bureau or Call 1930 as soon as possible to protect your earnings and others.

BSES (BYPL) Yamuna Electricity Services Divisions in Delhi:

  • Chandni Chowk
  • Darya Ganj
  • Dilshad Garden
  • Jhilmil
  • Karawal Nagar
  • Krishna Nagar
  • Laxmi Nagar
  • Mayur Vihar
  • Vasundhara Enclave
  • Nandnagri
  • Pahar Ganj
  • Patel Nagar
  • Shankar Road
  • Yamuna Vihar

You can use the toll-free customer care numbers, e-mail, and WhatsApp numbers of the BYPL Electricity Board to register an electricity complaint. Customers can also use the online portal and mobile app to lodge an online complaint to get faster redressal of the issue.

If you are not satisfied then escalate the grievance to the CGRF Forum of BYPL and further to the Electricity Ombudsman, DERC. The procedure and contact details are mentioned below, use this information to resolve your pending complaints like electricity bills arrears, frequent power supply outages, service line, etc.

How to File an Electricity Complaint to BYPL (BSES Yamuna Power Ltd)?

BSES BYPL has an integrated consumer grievance redressal mechanism. It has 3-tiers to escalate the complaints to higher authorities. In tier 1, you can register complaints to customer care officers by toll-free helpline numbers, e-mail, mobile app, or online portal.

Consumer Grievance Redressal Mechanism Tiers of BSES BYPL:

  • Tier 1: BSES Yamuna Power Ltd Escalation and Redressal Structure (Customer Care)
  • Tier 2: Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, BYPL
  • Tier 3: Appellate Forum – Electricity Ombudsman, DERC (Delhi)

In the first stage, you can register complaints about the electricity services to the tier 1 officers by various available helplines and also can file an online complaint on the BSES BYPL mobile app and an online portal. If not satisfied by tier 1 then you may lodge a grievance to CGRF Forum, BYPL in tier 2, and further in tier 3, file a petition to Electricity Ombudsman, DERC.

Complaint Registration Fee and Redressal Period:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Redressal Time Limit  Immediate (24×7) or may take up to 30 days (depending on the issue)
Petition Filing Deposits (Refundable) As prescribed by the Electricity Ombudsman

To know more, Read the Citizen Charter of BSES BYPL.

To resolve emergency and sudden issues with electricity supplies, the helpline numbers, and toll-free customer care numbers of the concerned circles are available for the customers. You can call the concerned customer care officer or may use WhatsApp to raise a complaint.

BSES Yamuna Power Ltd. Helplines and Escalation of Electricity Complaints

Tier 1 - Flow chart of BYPL Complaint Redressal Mechanism
Tier 1 – Flow chart of BYPL Complaint Redressal Mechanism (

If you have any complaints about the supply or electricity services, first use the helplines that are available in tier 1 BSES Yamuna Power Ltd (BYPL) escalation of complaints and redressal structure.

Customers can raise electricity complaints at concerned touch points/divisional offices of BYPL for various service requests like load enhancement/ reduction, electricity bill payment, new connection, reconnection/disconnection, change personal details (name, address, etc.), removing unauthorized use of electricity, etc.

Also, register different complaints like wrong billing/reading, bill payment/ arrears, bill subsidy, meter issues (burnt/faulty/fast meter), transformer failures, power supply outage information, no power supply, fluctuations in voltage, non-working of streetlights, report the power theft, etc.

To resolve these issues, you may use the helplines as mentioned and get faster redressal of your problems. Your complaint will be redressed within the given time limit as prescribed in the citizen charter.

BSES BYPL Helpline Number

The toll-free customer care numbers, WhatsApp numbers, and other contact numbers of official nodal officers of the divisional office of BYPL can be used to register an electricity complaint to the concerned department. After successful registration of your complaint, note down the reference number to track the status and for future usage as proof.

Customer Care Numbers and WhatsApp Helplines of Electricity Board, BSES BYPL to Lodge Electricity Complaints:

BYPL Electricity Complaint Number 19122, +911139999808
WhatsApp Number +918745999808
SMS Service Helpline Number 5616108 | shortcode
Streetlight Complaint Number +911141999808
BYPL Officer Contact Numbers Click Here

BYPL Vigilance Officer Helpline Numbers and E-mail to Report Unethical Practices (Corruption/Bribery) and Power Theft:

BYPL Vigilance Helpline Number +918010930719
WhatsApp Number +918588892156

Note If you are not satisfied with the redressal of the complaint or have yet not been resolved by the concerned authority, you may escalate the complaint to the higher level officers in tier 1 or may file an online complaint by mobile app, e-mail, or online BSES Delhi portal. Read the instructions and follow them as mentioned below.

File an Online Complaint to Electricity Board, BYPL

The easiest and most transparent way to raise issues about the electricity supply or related power services is to file an online electricity complaint to the Electricity Board of BYPL by digital platforms like the BSES BYPL Connect mobile app, website, or e-mail.

You can also write an application to the concerned contact points (regional offices), divisional, and head office of the circle to resolve the complaints, but it takes longer time than just using online mediums. So, the official details to file an online complaint to BYPL are available below, use it and get redressal within the given timeline.

Tips – After successful submission, don’t forget to note down the reference/docket number for future purposes.

Official Details of BSES Yamuna Power Ltd. to File an Online Electricity Complaint:

File Online Electricity Complaints to Customer Care Register Now
Lodge No Power Supply Complaint File Complaint
File Streetlight Complaint to BYPL Click to report
Track Electricity Complaint Status Track Now
WhatsApp for Voluntary Subsidy Scheme (VSS) +917011311111

BYPL E-mail and Alternative Online Options:

Mobile App Android | iOS
Social Media Twitter | Facebook

Note If you are not satisfied with the final redressal of the complaints or yet not resolved by the officials of BYPL within the prescribed time limit, If you desire, may escalate the to the higher level officers.

The Level of BYPL Divisional Officers

You may escalate the unsatisfactory or unresolved complaints to the higher level authorities of BYPL to get faster redressal of your problems.

Approach to below nodal officers of divisional customer care centers of BYPL:

  • Level 1 – Customer Care Officers
  • Level 2 – Business Manager
  • Level 3 – Circle Head (with prior appointment through customer care officer or Business Manager)

If still not satisfied with the final resolution/clarification or yet pending your complaints, you may write to the level 4 officer:

  • Address: Head (Customer & Services), Customer Care, BSES Yamuna Power Limited, Corporate Annexe Building, CBD-3, Karkardooma, Delhi-110032.
  • E-mail:

Note If you are not satisfied or the complaint is not resolved by any nodal officers of the BYPL as mentioned above, you may lodge a grievance to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), BYPL within 60 to 90 days.

Tips – Additionally, If you desire, call the helpline number 1800112222 or lodge an online grievance to the Public Grievance Cell (Power Department) which is set up by the Government of NCT of Delhi for complaints related to electricity services (connection, billing, power supply, meter, power theft, Vigilance, and streetlights).

Online Electricity Services

Some important and useful online services of BYPL can save you time and make the process easy to get the services at your doorstep or with just some clicks. Some of them are new electricity connections, payment of bills, self-bill generation, updating/changing personal details, and applying to get benefits of ongoing initiatives and schemes.

Important Online Electricity Services:

Pay Online Your Electricity Bill Pay Now
Apply Online for New Connection Apply Now
Download Forms for Various Services View/Download
Meter Replacement & Fee Click to view
Bill & Energy Calculator Click to calculate

You can use these major services of BYPL, to get the benefit of more services, you may visit the official website from the links above.

Lodge Grievance to Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), BSES BYPL

Tier 2 Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum BYPL Procedure and Contact Details
Tier 2 Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum BYPL Procedure and Contact Details (

The Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, BYPL is an independent forum that is constituted by the BSES BYPL under section 42 of the Electricity (regulation) Act, 2003 to redress the unresolved or unsatisfactory electricity complaints about the services of BSES Yamuna Power Ltd.

If your previous complaint is not resolved by the officers of nodal authorities of the division of BYPL as per the specified timeline or not satisfied with the final resolution then you may lodge a grievance to the CGRF Forum (secretary), BYPL within 3 months at tier 2.

As a customer, you can write an application in the given format, or e-mail it with the required documents and proof.

Required Information:

  • Download the proforma (format) of the grievance application form:
  • Fill out the required information in the application form or write in the same format.
  • The required information is:
    • Personal details (name, address, e-mail, and phone number)
    • CA. No./CRN No./Category of connection
    • Identity Proof (one)
    • Name of the office of origin of complainant and district
    • Brief description of the complaint/issue with attached supporting documents & proof.
    • Relief or demanded compensation
    • The detail and copy of previously filed complaints to the BYPL customer care officer
    • Reference/docket number previously registered complaints.
    • Copy of the responses to the complaints by BYPL officers (if any).
  • Sign the form/application and submit it by e-mail or send it by post at the official address of the CGRF Forum, BYPL.

Tips – After successful submission of your grievance application/form, always take the acknowledgement receipt and number as proof of submitted complaint to use as proof.

Address, E-mail, and Contact Details of CGRF Forum, BYPL in Delhi

The official address, e-mail, and contact numbers of the members of the CGRF Forum, BYPL are:

Note If not satisfied with the final redressal/order or have not resolved your grievance within 60 days then you may file a representation/petition to the Electricity Ombudsman, DERC within 30 days.

File a Petition to Electricity Ombudsman, DERC of Delhi

Tier 3 Appellate Form - Electricity Ombudsman, DERC process chart and information
Tier 3 Appellate Form – Electricity Ombudsman, DERC process chart and information (

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission has constituted a quasi-judicial Electricity Ombudsman under the (Electricity Regulatory) Act, 2003 to take the unresolved or unsatisfactory cases of the electricity consumers of the registered power distribution licensees.

If you are not satisfied with the final order of the CGRF Forum of BYPL or your grievance is not resolved within 60 days then you may file a petition/representation before the Electricity Ombudsman, DERC (Delhi) within 30 days of the final order or expiry of the timeline. The mode to file a petition can be online (e-filling) or offline (by petition form).

Important Instructions to File a Petition:

  • Download the Petition/Representation Proforma (format) to present your case:
  • File an Online Petition by e-filling (EO):
  • Provide the following information in representation form:
    • Personal Details – Name of the complainant and consumers, contact number, address of the property and other specified information.
    • K. No. (connection number ) and category of connection
    • A brief description of the appeal/grievance and also attach the relevant documents and supporting proof.
    • Attach a copy of the previously submitted grievance form to the CGRF forum with acknowledgement receipt and a copy of the response (if any).
    • Mention the ground of appeal & relief that you expect from the commission. Attach proof to demand monetary loss.
    • Others asked for information in the application form.
  • Submit the form of appeal to the address of the Electricity Ombudsman or e-mail with sending the physical form by post within 2 weeks.

E-mail, Phone No, and Official Address of Electricity Ombudsman, Delhi

The official address, e-mail, and contact number with other details to file an appeal/petition to resolve the disputes about the electricity services of BYPL.

Note If you are not satisfied with the final order/resolution of the Electricity Ombudsman, Delhi then you may approach the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity and the High Court of the state.

Timeline for Various Services & Complaints

The timeline for the different electricity services and redressal of complaints has been prescribed by the DERC, Delhi to get faster and more transparent services. If this time limit is exceeded then you may file a complaint to the concerned department of the BYPL by using the grievance redressal mechanism as mentioned above.

I. DERC Time Frame For Electricity Services & Complaints:

Commercial/ Metering Queries/ Requests Timeline (Working days)
New connection demand note generation (after application received) 4 days
New connection – after payment of demand note
(i) road cutting permission not required
(ii)roach cutting required
1 day
9 days
Load Enhancement – energization after payment 1 day
Load reduction of sanctioned load (next billing cycle) 10 days
Category change (next billing cycle) 7 days
Shifting of service line after payment
(i) LT line
(ii) HT line
30 days
45 days
Testing of the meter after payment 15 days
Replacement of burnt meter 3 days
Final bill after disconnection request 5 days
Reconnection after payment (normal/dormant) 24 hrs.
Replacement of faulty meter (after declaring defective meter) 15 days
Electricity billing complaints 7 days
Error in the billed amount Only 1 bill in a financial year
Name change 2 billing cycle

II. No Power Supply Restoration Timeline:

Nature of Power Failure Max. Restoration Time
The fuse blew out or MCB tripped within 3 hrs.
Suburban – 8 hrs.
The service line is broken or snapped from the pole Within 6 hrs.
Suburban – 12 hrs.
Fault in the distribution mains service line Temporary Supply – 4 hrs.
Rectification and Restoration – 12 hrs.
The power distribution transformer failed or burnt Temporary Restoration – 8 hrs.
Replacement of transformer – 48 hrs.
HT mains service line failed Temporary supply restoration – 4 hrs.
Rectification of fault – 12 hrs.
Problem/defect in the power grid (33kV or 66kV) Substation Restoration of supply – 6hrs. (if feasible)
Repair & restoration – within 48 hrs.
Failure of the power transformer Restoration of supply – 6 hrs.
Replacement – within 72 hrs.
Burnt/defective meter Restoration of supply by bypassing meter within 6 hrs.
Replacement – within 3 days.

III. Time Limit for the Redressal of Voltage Complaints:

Cause of Problem (Voltage) Time Limit Authorized Person (L1/L2)
Local voltage problems Within 4 hrs. L1: Assistant Engineer
L2: Executive Engineer
Tap of transformer within 3 days L1: Assistant Engineer
L2: Executive Engineer
Repair of distribution mains line/ transformer/ capacitor within 60 days L1: Assistant Engineer
L2: Executive Engineer
Installation and upgradation of HT/LT System within 180 days L1: Assistant Engineer
L2: Executive Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions about BYPL, Delhi

Q. What are the customer care numbers of the BYPL to file electricity complaints?
A. The toll-free electricity customer care numbers of BYPL are 19122, +911139999808 and the WhatsApp number is +918745999808 which can be used to file electricity complaints and get benefits of various services.

Q. Who is the higher authority to redress the unresolved or unsatisfactory complaints of the BYPL?
A. You may lodge a grievance to the CGRF Forum, BYPL within 3 months and yet not satisfied with CGRF then you may appeal to the Electricity Ombudsman, Delhi within 30 days.

Q. What are the required documents to apply for a new electricity connection?
A. The list of the required documents to apply for a new connection of BYPL:

  1. Passport-size photo of the applicant
  2. Clearance certificate for new domestic connection above 15 meters and 17.5 meters (with parking stilt)
  3. One proof of identity of the applicant:
    • EPIC (Voter ID)
    • Passport
    • Driving license
    • Ration card with photograph
    • Aadhaar card
    • Pan card
    • Any photo identity card issued by any government agency
    • If any organization – certificate of incorporation/registration issued by Registrar and proof of authorization
  4. Proof of ownership or proof of occupancy of premise issued by the concerned government authorities. Read more in the citizen charter of BYPL with charges of a new connection and also read the new connection procedure.

Q. Where can I track the power supply outage of the BYPL?
A. You can track the status of power outages in your area by BSES power outage information to know the scheduled or ongoing supply interruptions.


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