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Request for compensation for my loss of pay


As a loyal customer, I have faced several issues related to internet connectivity, which have significantly impacted my work and productivity.

Loss of Pay: Due to frequent internet outages and fluctuations, I have experienced a loss of pay. As an employee who relies on a stable internet connection for remote work, these disruptions have directly affected my earnings. I kindly request compensation for the financial losses incurred during these service interruptions.
Inconsistent Internet Service: The internet service provided by Airtel has been highly unreliable. Despite raising multiple complaints, the situation remains unresolved. I encounter frequent disconnections, slow speeds, and inconsistent performance, which hinder my ability to work efficiently.
Lack of Communication: I previously raised a complaint regarding these issues, but unfortunately, I have not received any confirmation or resolution from your end. Timely communication is essential, especially when customers face service disruptions. I urge you to address this promptly.
Details of My Complaint:
Issue Details:**
– Order Reference Number: 21-80394488732
– Service Disruption Date:10/May/24 21:38
– Promised Resolution Time: 11/May/24 at 2:00pm

Despite multiple attempts to reach out through phone calls, the issue remains unresolved. Not only did I lose valuable work hours today, but I am also anticipating further losses tomorrow due to the ongoing service outage.

Service Request No: 04018678189
Date of Complaint: 11/05/2024
I kindly request that you investigate the matter thoroughly and take necessary steps to improve the quality of service. Additionally, I seek compensation for the financial losses incurred due to the unreliable internet connection.

Please provide a confirmation of receipt for this email, along with an estimated timeline for resolution. I appreciate your attention to this matter and hope for a swift resolution.

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