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Huge trouble in travel- Flight tickets booked via MMT- had worst trip experience


Hi Make my trip Team
I have recently booked a flight with make my trip

Flight Ticket (Round trip) Booking ID: NN25BB01NNY02ABB7455, (Booked on 14 April 2024)
Had faced 2 major problems.

1. Was not allowed to board in the selected flight- because of insufficient knowledge of Indigo staff- loss 13 hours of business time, money & business loss
2. My return ticket was cancelled even after making a request of not to cancel & I had to rebook an expensive ticket of another flight with double charges to Fly back home
Need Refund of the Money loss – Please

Sharing below in details

I reached Airport 4 hours prior for check in from Mumbai to Dubai & was much before time to check in bag at Indigo counter
However I was kept waiting at counter & was not allowed to board the flight, My passport along with my Emirate Id was circulated among various staff members of Indigo,
Reason stating: Being Dubai residence I need to visit Dubai within 180 days & have exceeded 1 day extra- as per them it was 181 days- So Indigo team wanted me to submit a letter from Uae gov for this, I was advised to go online & submit all documents to get the letter & if I get it in an hour I would be allowed to board in the flight.

I followed the instruction & spend 45- 50 mins on it, however, could not get revert in such short notice from Uae government, I had called various agents & family members at midnight to support & help here but could not get reply from Uae- site at midnight.

I failed to attend my business meet, in cured huge business loss., & went through lots of mental torture & depression because of this & fall sick.

I had no option but to call the hotels & cancel my booking.
Similarly to login MMT app & cancel my return trip- Since the booking id was one & it was a return trip – cancellation was automatically ticked for both; I had no option to select one Flight here- as it is linked with Booking Id

This flight that I was not allowed to board in was to depart @ 2.15 am on 26 with Flight Number 6E-1511- Since I was not allowed to board in I had to Exit from the airport, ,
I Luckily get call from agent saying Indigo staff is at fault & there is a calculation error from there end, I have enough days to enter Uae & do not need any Return letter from Uae gov

Then I ran to Indigo Manager told him all the story again, they were not ready to accept their mistake in the beginning , that the way they were calculating the days were wrong & their staff had insignificant knowledge about it.

Finally, they accepted it & agreed that I was eligible to board in the flight & their staff has done a mistake.

Here they arranged a seat in another flight which was to depart at 15:00 hrs – 13 hours after my actual booked flight- &Flight Number 6E 1453
I had to sleep at airport & spend entire night waiting for the solution, went through lots of mental torture.
Also, the new flight they offered would take me to Dubai next day evening- wherein I would completely miss my Entire day , Business exhibition & suffered Huge business loss
I was even charged 4 K extra amount to allocate a seat with me in next flight – Although it a mistake from Indigo staff .

I had no option but to accept it-

Since after lot of waiting & discussion, I received t the confirmation of ticket & boarding with new flight number but old PNR number.
(see the attachment of my actual boarding pass Flight Number 6E-1511-but the one I on barded was Flight Number 6E-1453)

I immediately tried to go to MMT app & cancel my booking- but it wasn’t going through, so I called the customer care, & requested not to proceed with it, My call was made between 9.00 am to 11.00 am on 26th April from my number 9833682799- since you have call recordings save, request you to listen to the call please- I was assured that my request for cancellation was withdrawn .

Then I flew to Dubai, after all trouble, delay, kiosk & business losss
When I was trying to do web check- in when flying back from Dubai- Mumbai-I was informed by Vistara that my ticket is being cancelled by MMT (even though I had requested not to)

I had to spend money again, rebook another ticker to Fly back on desired time. ( I was shocked & disheartened that even after request & confirmation my ticket was still cancelled)

Its been 7 years I am booking tickets from MMT not just me, but my entire family & even my Company we had huge trust on MMT – But I had the worst experience this time not just from Indigo but even MMT

I Sincerely request for returning my full amount of flight that was cancelled by you from Dubai to Mumbai with PNR– WX6BEY- full amount.
Also, since the booking with Indigo was not done directly & via MMT – request to get my money back from them , for the problem & money loss I had to go through because of insufficient knowledge of Indigo staff.

Looking forward for positive reply from MMT team

Thank you

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