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HESCOM – Know Helpline Numbers of HESCOM Electricity Board and Register Online Electricity Complaint to Hubli Electricity Supply Company Ltd


Hubli Electricity Supply Company Ltd, source –

Hubli Electricity Supply Company Ltd (HESCOM) is an electricity distribution company that was established in June 2002 with its headquarters in Hubballi. HESCOM is a subsidiary of the Karnataka Electricity Board which is owned and administered by the State Government of Karnataka.

HESCOM provides electricity services in the 7 districts of Karnataka which are located in the western coastal region of Karnataka.

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  • Dharwad
  • Haveri
  • Uttara Kannada
  • Gadag
  • Belagavi
  • Bagalkot
  • Vijayapura

Consumers of these regions get the electricity supply and other services related to electricity from concerned Electricity Boards (EB) of the Discom. Due to many reasons and problems, these consumers face the issues of electricity supply outages and other bill or service line/voltage issues.

To get rid of these issues you can register electricity complaints using the toll-free customer care numbers & helplines of HESCOM and also can use the portal to register online electricity complaints to respective departments. You can use the below-given helplines and also know the ways to get faster redressal of your serious issues.

TipsIf your electricity complaint is not resolved within the given time period by HESCOM or unsatisfied with the redressal or final responses then you can lodge a grievance to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), HESCOM and further you can file a petition to Electricity Ombudsman, Karnataka.

Circles & Sub-divisions of the HESCOM:

source –
  • Nargund
  • Ghataprabha
  • Devarahipparagi
  • Gajendragad
  • Savanur
  • Savadatti
  • Mundargi
  • Chadachana
  • Kumta
  • Shindagi
  • Kalaghathagi
  • Ankola
  • Kundgol
  • Ranebennur
  • Bailahongal
  • Igali
  • Bagalkot
  • Belgaum
  • Sadalaga
  • Basavana Bagewadi
  • Hubli
  • Hoogar
  • Rabkavi
  • Nidagundi
  • Haliyal
  • Gadag
  • Indi
  • Ron
  • Ilakal
  • Karwar
  • Mudhol
  • Mundagod
  • Hunagund
  • Byadagi
  • Babaleshwar
  • Bijapur
  • Khanapur
  • Ratthihalli
  • Tikota
  • Athani
  • Guledgudd
  • Raibag
  • Siddapur
  • Yallapur
  • Hangal
  • Dandeli
  • Shiggon
  • Dharwad
  • Harogiri
  • Ramadurg
  • Nippani
  • Sirsi
  • Gokak
  • Honnavar
  • Haveri
  • Gadag
  • Laxmeshwar
  • Muddebihal
  • Navalgund
  • Lokapur
  • Kittur
  • Bilagi
  • Chikkodi
  • Hirekerur
  • Kudachi
  • Moodalagi
  • Jamakhandi
  • Mahalingapur
  • Talikote
  • Bhatkal

Electricity Helplines of the Hubli Electricity Supply Company Ltd (HESCOM) to Lodge Complaints

HESCOM has provided various helplines for the consumers of the Hubli Electricity Supply Company Ltd where you can register any type of electricity complaint. You can use the toll-free customer care numbers of the Electricity Board, HESCOM, or can register an online complaint to the concerned department. All the required helplines and other higher authorities’ details are provided in the below sections.

Electricity Complaint Redressal Time & Fee of HESCOM:

Electricity Complaint Registration Fee No Fee (Nil)
Complaint Redressal Time Immediate (24×7 or up to 60 days (Depending on the issue)
Grievance Redressal Time of HESCOM View/Download

To know the services of HESCOM in western Karnataka and to apply for a new connection or lodge an online electricity complaint use the below official details.

Official Details of the HESCOM EB for Electricity Complaints & Services:

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Official Website
HESCOM Customer Care Numbers View Helpline Numbers
Register Online Electricity Complaint Register Now
Mobile App Androidx
Social Media Twitter | Facebook

Other Electricity Services of the HESCOM:

Pay the Online Electricity Bill of HESCOM Pay now
Apply for New Electricity Connection Apply Now
Update Mobile Number of HESCOM Account Update Now
Janasnehi Vidyut Sevegalu (New Connection) Click Here
Solar Rooftop System Apply Now

Use the above services and also get a faster redressal of your complaints. Know the helplines from the below sections and all the instructions carefully.

Electricity Customer Care Numbers of the HESCOM

Customers can use the provided toll-free customer care numbers and helpline numbers of HESCOM to register their complaints. You can contact HESCOM by WhatsApp number or the regional helpline complaint numbers of your region. Follow the below-given helplines.

Provide the following information to the Customer Care Executive of HESCOM:

  • Consumer Connection Number
  • Consumer Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Address of Premise

Toll-Free Electricity Customer Care Numbers & Helplines of the HESCOM:

HESCOM Complaint Numbers 1912
WhatsApp Number of HESCOM +919480883899
Sub-divisional Office Contact Numbers View/download
Section Office Contact Numbers View/download
Divisional Officers’ Contact Numbers View/Download

Tips If your complaint is unresolved or unsatisfied with the response of HESCOM then you have the option to lodge a grievance to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, HESCOM. Get the details from the below available sections.

Register Online Complaint to Electricity Board, HESCOM

HESCOM has made it easy to register an electricity complaint to the power department or Electricity Board (EB) through the online complaint portal. If you are a consumer of HESCOM then you can register a complaint by just filling out the online complaint form. Follow the below links and details.

Register Online Electricity Complaint to HESCOM:

HESCOM Online Electricity Complaint Register Now
Track the Status of Complaint Track Now


Gudance to Register online electricity complaint to HESCOM
source –
  • Click the above-given link to register an online electricity complaint.
  • Select the available option as per your requirement.
  • Enter the customer number and phone number
  • Enter your remark and address.
  • Submit the online complaint form of HESCOM.
  • Use the complaint id (docket number) to track the status of the complaint.

TipsUnresolved or unsatisfied with the previous complaint’s response by HESCOM? You can lodge a grievance to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), HESCOM. Follow the below procedure for it.

Also Check:

Lodge Grievance to Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, HESCOM

Many times the electricity complaints of HESCOM (Hubli Electricity Supply Company Ltd) is not resolved within the time limit or customers get unsatisfied with the final response. In these cases, you can lodge a grievance to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, HESCOM as per the Electricity (Regulation) Act, 2003 against the regional department of HESCOM.

You can follow the below procedure, and instructions, and know the required documents to lodge a successful grievance. You should approach CGRF for your serious problems related to electricity services and power supply.


  • Write an application to the concerned forum of the CGRF.
  • Provide the following information in the application:
    • CGRF official address
    • Consumer connection number and Name
    • The subject of the electricity grievance
    • Address and name of the licensee/distributor (HESCOM)
    • Type of the complaint and description
    • Mention the type of the relief
    • Also mention the nominee’s details
  • Attach all the required documents and proofs
  • Send the application form to the CGRF office of your region or submit it by visiting the office.
  • Note Keep a copy of the application form to yourself for future reference.

Official Address and Contact Details of the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), HESCOM:

District (Circle) Address of the CGRF, HESCOM
Dharwad O /o Superintending Engineer (El),
O&M Circle, HESCOM,
Shivagangaa Layout,
Keshwapur, Hubballi- 580023
Uttara Kannada O /o Superintending Engineer(El),
O&M Circle, HESCOM,
Ayyappa Nagar, Sirsi – 581402
(Dist: Uttara Kannada)
Haveri O /o Superintending Engineer (El)<
O & M Circle, HESCOM, Reg No. BSB,
Near B.E.O/Haveri Urban Development Authority Office,
Hanchinal Layout, P B Road,
Haveri – 581110
Belgavi/Belgaum 0 /o superintending Engineer(El),
0&M Circle, HESCoM, Nehru Nagar,
Bagalkot O /o Superintending Engineer(El),
O & M Circle, HESCOM, Sector No -6,
Road Nd-6 Near Patrika Bhavan,
Navanagar, Bagalkot – 587103
Vijayapura O /o Superintending Engineer(El),
O & M Circle, HESCOM,
Besides BDA Office,
Basavana Bagewadi Road,
Vijayapura – 585109
Gadag O /o Executive Engineer(El),
O & M Division, HESC0M,
Mulagunda Naka, Gadag – 582103.

You can use the official details of the CGRF of HESCOM to lodge your grievance.

SourceRegarding Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum of HESCOM

Tips If your electricity grievance is not redressed by the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), HESCOM within 30 to 45 days or if unsatisfied with the final order then you can file a petition to the Electricity Ombudsman, Karnataka. Follow the below procedure:

File Petition to the Electricity Ombudsman, Karnataka Against HESCOM

If your grievance is not resolved by the CGRF of HESCOM within 45 days or unsatisfied with the final order then as per the Electricity (regulation) Act, 2003 (Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission) you can file a petition for the representation of your case to the Electricity Ombudsman, Karnataka (KERC). Follow the below procedure to file a petition.


  • Download the representation application form of Electricity Ombudsman: Download
  • Take the printout of pages no. 15, 16, & 17 to fill out the form.
  • Fill in all the required information.
  • Attach the documents and proof of your case (also the latest electricity bill).
  • Attach a copy of the application form and response to the CGRF Forum, HESCOM.
  • Provide the other required information, if asked by the Ombudsman Commission.
  • Fill out the nomination form.
  • Send the petition application form to the official address of the Electricity Ombudsman or submit it yourself.
  • Note Keep a copy of the petition form for future reference.

Official Address and Contact Details of the Electricity Ombudsman, Karnataka:

1. Electricity Ombudsman

The Electricity Ombudsman
Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission,
No.16 C-1, Miller Tank Bed Area,
(Behind Jain Hospital), Vasanthanagara,


Source – Regulations of the Electricity Ombudsman, Karnataka

2. Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission

Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission
Tank Bed area, 16C-1, Millers Tank Bund Rd,
Kaverappa Layout, Vasanth Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052


TipsIf you are not satisfied with the final order of the Electricity Ombudsman against the HESCOM then you can approach the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity, the High Court of Karnataka, and the Supreme Court of India.

Types of Electricity Complaints of HESCOM

Register these electricity complaints and issues related to:

  • Voltage and Power failure complaints
  • Theft report
  • Any allegations on the staff about bribery or corruption, any other issue
  • Electricity billing issues
  • Meter complaints
  • Reconnection followed by disconnection
  • Refund of the deposit
  • Additional TC/enhancement
  • Transformer failure complaints
  • Any general types of the complaint
  • Failure of the power supply
  • Issue of the certificates
  • Electricity safety issues
  • Phase conversion
  • The transformer of Ownership and conversion
  • New Connection/Additional Load

Frequently Asked Questions of the Hubli Electricity Supply Company Ltd (HESCOM)

Q. What are the electricity customer care numbers of HESCOM?
A. Toll-free customer care numbers of the HESCOM are 191218004254754 and you can register an electricity complaint anytime 24×7.

Q. What is the WhatsApp Number of the HESCOM for the Electricity Consumer Services?
A. WhatsApp number of HESCOM is +919480883899 where you can send a message and then you can register a complaint about the electricity services.

Q. Where can I lodge a grievance against the HESCOM if electricity complaint is not resolved?
A. You can lodge a grievance to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), HESCOM, and further you can file a petition to the Electricity Ombudsman, Karnataka.

Q. How to track the status of the ongoing/scheduled outage of the electricity supply in the HESCOM service region?
A. You can track the status of the ongoing/scheduled outage of the power supply by clicking out ‘Urja Mitra HESCOM‘ and selecting the region of your zone.

Q. How to apply online for the new electricity connection to HESCOM?
A. You can visit the below links to apply online for the new electricity connection. Fill out the online application form of the HESCOM in the category of the RAPDRP (Urban) or non-RAPDRP (Rural).

  • RAPDRP towns (Urban) New Connection – Click Here
  • Non-RAPDRP towns New Connection – Click Here

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