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ICICI Bank: How to File a Complaint to ICICI Bank Limited?


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ICICI Bank Limited (source –

ICICI Bank (The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India) Limited is a private Indian multinational bank and financial services company. The bank was in 1994 and is headquartered in Mumbai. It has more than 5000 branches across India. The bank’s banking products and financial services include investment, corporate and retail banking, insurance (life and non-life), venture capital, and asset management, which are offered through the subsidiaries.

Subsidiaries of the ICICI Group:

Notice - Be alert! Don't share the financial or banking details and don't share OTP to customer care executive. Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams. Report to Cyber Crime Bureau or Call 1930 as soon as possible to protect your earnings and others.
  • ICICI Prudential (AMC & Trust, Mutual Fund, and Life Insurance)
  • ICICI Lombard
  • ICICI Securities
  • ICICI Direct
  • ICICI Home Finance Company Limited
  • ICICI Investment Management

International Banking:

  • ICICI Bank Canada
  • ICICI Bank UK PLC (United Kingdom)
  • ICICI Bank US (United States)
  • Regional subsidiaries in Bahrain, Germany, Europe, Hong Kong, and China
  • International branches in Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Qatar, Oman, Dubai International Finance Centre, China, and South Africa
  • Representative offices in United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia

Have any complaints about ICICI Bank? Yes! You should lodge a complaint with the customer care executive, banking staff, or branch manager of ICICI Bank. Not resolved? Escalate the complaint to the Head of Customer Service.

Issues that can be redressed:

  • Disputes related to personal banking, cards (Debit/Credit), and loans (personal or commercial)
  • Issues with investment (deposits, securities, and retirement plans), insurance, and transfer of money (payment transactions) along with other services

Still, have dissatisfaction? Escalate the disputed case to Principal Nodal Officer, ICICI Bank with the reference number of the submitted complaint.

Finally, if your complaints are not redressed within 30 days or have dissatisfied with the final resolution of the bank, file a complaint to Banking Ombudsman, RBI with facts and information.

How to Lodge a Complaint to ICICI Bank?

According to the grievance redressal policy of ICICI Bank, the Grievance Redressal Mechanism is divided into 3 levels. You may call, e-mail, or lodge a complaint online about banking issues including bank accounts, cards, loans, investments, insurance, and payments.

ICICI Bank complaint resolution time and fees:
Registration fees ₹0 (charges)
Resolution period 30 days ( read the grievance policy of the bank)
Transaction refund period Up to 7 business days (read the compensation policy of ICICI Bank)

Levels to resolve a complaint:

  • Level 1 – Lodge a complaint to:
    • Head of customer service (by filing an online complaint)
    • Customer Care Representatives
    • Branch Officer/Manager
  • Level 2 – Escalate the complaint to the Head of Customer Service Department (ICICI Bank) and Circle Officer (CO)
  • Level 3 – File a complaint or write to Principal Nodal Officer, ICICI Bank

In level 1, you can submit your concerns about banking services by dialing the toll-free ICICI Bank customer care number, e-mail, WhatsApp, or filing a complaint online. Also, you may write a complaint letter or submit a query form to your local branch.

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If not satisfied with the final response, escalate the grievance to the Head of the Customer Service Department. Further, you may lodge a complaint to Principal Nodal Officer (PNO), at ICICI Bank.

Still, have dissatisfaction with the bank? Has the complaint not been resolved within 30 days? You may file a complaint to the Banking Ombudsman, Reserve Bank of India. Alternatively, you may start an arbitration to resolve a dispute with the bank.

Have disputes related to violation of consumer rights? You should report against ICICI Bank to the National Consumer Helpline, Ministry of Consumer Affairs (India) with relevant information.

ICICI Bank Customer Care Number

Want to call ICICI customer care? You do it by dialing the toll-free helpline number of the bank. If you have complaints about overseas branches, call the overseas customer care number of ICICI Bank. Also, you may contact your nearest branch to resolve the banking problem.

You may share the following details with the executives:

  • The nature of the complaint
  • Description of the issue with facts
  • Supporting information to resolve the banking problem

Suggestion – Don’t share sensitive financial or personal information like OTP, bank details, and other details with executives, even with the official staff.

ICICI Bank customer care number to lodge a complaint about banking or financial services:

ICICI Bank complaint number 18001080, +912233667777
Backup customer care number 18601207777
NRI customer care +914030998025
ICICI Bank helpline number (block card 18002662
Email (security)
PMJDY customer care 18002660199
Email (NRI)

To report fraud or unauthorized transactions (credit/debit card), contact the ICICI Bank customer care number 18002662 or report the incident online to the bank as soon as possible.

Dissatisfied with the resolution or have unresolved complaints? Escalate the grievance to the Head of Customer Service, ICICI Bank with the reference number of the submitted complaint.

Before this, you may prefer to lodge a complaint online to the bank with the reason for dissatisfaction or details of the unresolved case. Don’t forget to mention reference/ acknowledgment details (if already submitted).

File a complaint online

Do you want a fast and transparent resolution? Yes! The path to get faster redressal of your banking disputes is online mode. As per the grievance and customer rights policy of the bank, you can register a complaint online to ICICI Bank through the mobile app, Email, online form, and digital portal (internet banking).

These details may be required:

  • The subject of the issue (service/product)
  • Name and Email/mobile number
  • Account/application number
  • Description of the complaint

Submit the online form or write a letter to your nearest branch with this information. Finally, note down the reference number received on the registered mobile number to track the status. Further, you may use this reference to escalate the complaint.

Details to lodge a banking complaint online to ICICI Bank Limited:

Complain online to ICICI Bank File a complaint
Contact ICICI Bank Click Here
Request/track ICICI banking services Click to request
Transaction dispute form Download/View
Twitter support @ICICIBank_Care

Additionally, you can write a complaint letter and submit it to your nearest branch of the bank. Further, you may escalate the matter to the Branch Manager or Circle Officer (CO). Download the complaint form below (Head – Customer Service).

Alternative ways to raise a concern with ICICI Bank:

Twitter @icicibank
Facebook @icicibank
iMobile Pay App Android | iOS

Still, have doubts? If your complaints are not resolved within 1 week or dissatisfied with the final resolution, escalate the case to the Head of Customer Service Center, ICICI Bank with reference details.

NRI Customer Care, ICICI Bank

Non-Resident Indians (NRI) customers can directly dial the toll-free customer care number (within India) or use the overseas helpline numbers of ICICI Bank and its regional branches of the country to submit a complaint about banking services.

You may also request online, e-mail, or lodge a complaint online to the respective financial or banking department. Always note down the reference/request number track status or escalate an unresolved/unsatisfactory complaint.

ICICI Bank customer services for NRI banking in India:

NRI customer care number 18001080, +914030998025
Alternative helpline 18001025600
NRI service request to ICICI Bank Request online

Customer care number, Email, and contact details of overseas branches or regional offices of ICICI Bank for NRI banking services:

Country NRI Customer Care Number, ICICI Bank
Australia 1800936189, +611800318235
Bahrain 80004877, +97380004854
Belgium 80044332332, +3280075150
Canada +18664242448, +18663702533
Finland 80044332332, +358800770557
France 80044332332, +33800905384
Germany 80044332332, +498004000804
Hongkong +852800969119, 800969596
Ireland 80044332332, +3531800200455
Italy 80044332332, +39800769423
Kuwait +96522059260
Luxembourg 80044332332, +35280027809
Malaysia +601800816205, 1800815078
Netherlands 80044332332, +318000222642
New Zealand +64800442751
Oman +96880077285, 80078855
Portugal 80044332332, +351800450071
Qatar 800101631, +974800101724
Saudi Arabia +9668008500339, 8008501426
Singapore 8001012553, +658003211110
Spain 80044332332, +34900876018
UAE (United Arab Emirates) 80009114001, 80001830173
UK (United Kingdom) 08081314151, +448081754590
US (United States) +18664242448, +18448858100

Not resolved or dissatisfied? You may contact the nearest representative office branch of ICICI Bank or submit a complaint online through the bank portal.

I-Direct toll-free number

Have any queries or complaints related to the I-Direct services of ICICI Bank? NRI customers can call the toll-free number or submit a request online to raise concerns below.

Country I-Direct toll-free number, ICICI
India +912239140422 (charges may apply)
Address: ICICI Bank Tower, Near Chakli Circle, Old Padra Road, Vadodara 390007, Gujarat, India.
Australia 1800976163, +611800324856
Singapore 8001014621, +658003211140
Address: ICICI Bank Limited – Singapore, 9 Raffles Place, #50-01 Republic Plaza, Singapore 048619
United Arab Emirates 80001830040, +9718000320807
Address: United Arab Emirates Branch, ICICI Bank Limited – DIFC, Central Park Building, Office Tower 27-33, Level 27, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, U.A.E
United Kingdom 8000291679, +448081754580
USA +18339651642, +18448857400
Address: United States of America Branch, ICICI Bank Limited – New York, 575 Fifth Avenue, New York, USA – 10017

Still, have dissatisfaction with ICICI Bank? Contact or escalate the matter to higher officials of the NRI service department to resolve your dispute with the bank.

Head – Customer Service Center, ICICI Bank

If you are not satisfied with the previous response of customer care, escalate the unsatisfied or unresolved complaint to the Head of Customer Service Quality (Center), ICICI Bank.

Write a letter or escalate the complaint online with the following information:

  • Reference number
  • Reason for dissatisfaction
  • Description of the unresolved complaint

Send the letter or lodge a complaint online to the Head of Customer Service Quality (Center) at:

Designation Head of Customer Service Quality, ICICI Bank
Online Webform Make a complaint
Phone No. 18001080
Address ICICI Bank Limited, ICICI Phone Banking Center, ICICI Bank Tower, 7th floor. Survey no: 115/27. Plot no. 12. Nanakramguda, Serilingampally. Hyderabad – 500032.

Yet not satisfied with the final resolution? Escalate the disputed case to Principal Nodal Officer (PNO), ICICI Bank below.

Principal Nodal Officer, ICICI Bank

As per the grievance redressal mechanism, if your submitted banking complaints, queries, or questions are not resolved within the given resolution period, you can escalate the disputed case to the appointed Principal Nodal Officer (PNO), ICICI Bank with the required information.

Required information:

  • Acknowledgment receipt (reference number)
  • The reason for dissatisfaction (unresolved)
  • Description of the issue with relevant information

You may Email, submit the online form, or write a letter to Nodal Officer at:

Designation Principal Nodal Officer, ICICI Bank
Complaint form Download/View
Address The Principal Nodal Officer, ICICI Bank Ltd Tower, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400051.

Still, have dissatisfaction with ICICI Bank? You may approach Banking Ombudsman with the required information (if not resolved in 30 days).

If you have any unresolved/unsatisfactory complaints regarding the demat account of ICICI Securities, Email to raise your concerns.

Banking Ombudsman, RBI

According to the Integrated Banking Ombudsman Scheme of 2021, if your submitted complaints are not resolved within 30 days or dissatisfied with the final resolution of ICICI Bank, lodge a complaint to the Banking Ombudsman of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Alternatively, you may start an arbitration by submitting a notice of dispute to the ICICI Bank. For more details, please contact the bank or its nearest branch.

To submit a dispute with Ombudsman, provide:

  • The nature of the dispute
  • Reference/acknowledgment receipt
  • Relevant documents, facts, and evidence (if any)

You may also submit the matter to the Internal Ombudsman (IO) of the bank. Visit the link below to raise your concerns with Banking Ombudsman against ICICI Bank.

Click: Lodge a complaint to Banking Ombudsman, RBI

For disputes related to other financial products & services of the bank, approach these regulatory authorities:

Have dissatisfaction with the final resolution? You may seek the help of a legal expert to take legal action against the bank. Before doing this, you should prefer arbitration with the bank for your convenience.

Resolve these issues

These are some issues related to banking, financial, and investment services that can be redressed by the ICICI Bank:

Personal Banking:

1. Saving Accounts

  • Issues related to Insta Save or Investment Account, Online Trading & Demat Account, and NPS Plus Saving Account
  • Matters of HUF-Hindu Undivided Family and Investment & Tax Saving Account

2. Fixed Deposit (FD)

  • Disputes with Tax Saving and Money Multiplier FD, or FD with Monthly Income
  • Complaints related to Recurring Deposit (RD), RD with Monthly Income Scheme, or iWish Flexible RD

3. Forex services

  • Concerns regarding Currency exchange, Forex Multi-currency Forex Prepaid Card, Sapphiro Forex, Coral Forex, and Student Contactless Forex Prepaid Card
  • Issues with Fund transfer online to overseas for resident and non-resident ICICI Bank customers
  • Problems related to Forex admission fees and travel cards

4. Internet Banking

  • Issues with Mobile Banking, iMobile Pay App,
  • Problems with Online applications for Home, Personal, or Car loan
  • Concerns related to online Fixed and Recurring Deposit accounts


1. Instant Credit Card

  • Problems with Special Credit Cards like Coral RuPay, Coral, Rubyx, Sapphiro, and Mine Credit Card
  • Complaints related to Co-Brand Credit Card like MakeMyTrip, Manchester United, HPCL, and Amazon Pay Credit Card
  • Queries of Featured Credit Cards like Expressions, Emeralde, and Unifare Metro Credit Card,
  • Concerns regarding NRI credit card
  • Disputes with EMI and loan on Credit Cards including recurring charges and fees

2. Debit Cards

  • Issues with Gemstone and personal Debit Cards, ATM problems, Debit Card rewards
  • Concerns related to EMI on Debit Card issues like standing instruction, fees, and recurring charges

3. Prepaid/Forex/Gift/FASTag

  • Queries related to Pockets, the Digital bank, and Meal Card
  • Issues regarding Sapphiro, Multicurrency, Coral, and Student Forex Prepaid Card
  • Matters related to Gift Card, FASTag, Multi Wallet Prepaid Card, PayDirect Card
  • Problems with Commercial, Business, and Corporate Cards


1. Personal loans

  • Disputes related to Personal or Credit Card loans, Flexicash (Overdraft Against Salary), and Business Loan

2. Home Loans

  • Issues with home loans (new or existing customers) or loans against property
  • Disputes regarding home loan balance transfer or Home Buyers Smartbook

3. Car/ Two-Wheeler Loans

  • Concerns related to New Car, Two-Wheeler, Pre owned used car loan, or loan against the car

4. Loans Against Securities

  • Issues with Loan based on the value of your securities (debt, equity, or others)
  • Disputes regarding other loans like gold, healthcare equipment, and education loans, or
  • Matters related to Consumer EMI, Pay later, and Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

Agri and Rural Finance:

1. Micro Finance

  • Complaints regarding Financial assistance to Micro Finances (MFIs) (for Term Loans), overdraft and portfolio buyouts, and tractor loan

2. Rural Savings Account

  • Matters of Rural Savings Account (through business correspondents),
  • Problems related to Self-Help Groups (SHGs) loans for women
  • Issues with Agri Traders and Processors that may include Working Capital Loan or Loan Against Warehouse Receipt

3. Commercial business loans

  • Disputes regarding loans for your truck, tippers, or light commercial vehicles

4. Construction Equipment Loans

  • Issues with Mine owners, road contractors, and builders’ loans for new and used equipment


1. Wealth creation

  • Disputes related to Stocks, Demat Accounts, Mutual Funds, SIP, and Mutual Fund Investment services

2. Retirement Planning

  • Complaints about National Pension Scheme, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, and Public Provident Fund
  • Concerns with senior citizens’ savings schemes, guaranteed pension plans, and other retirement plans

3. Bonds

  • Issues related to Sovereign gold Bonds, ICICI Bank Bonds, and GOI Bonds (treasury or long-term)


1. Life Insurance

  • Disputes regarding claims for Term Life Insurance Plans and Cancer Cover

2. Health Insurance

  • Problems related to Health Shield 360 and other health plans

3. Vehicle Insurance

  • Issues regarding Car, Two wheelers, and other vehicle insurance

4. Travel Insurance

  • Matters related to Single or Multi Trip Travel Insurance

5. Government Schemes

  • Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana and PMSBY (Pradhan Mantri Sukanya Bima Yojana)


1. Money Transfer

  • Complaints related to NEFT, IMPS, UPI, Foreign Transfer, ICICI Bank Pay, and CBDC (Digital Rupee Wallet)

2. Utility bill payments

  • Issues with Electricity, Water, and Gas bills, or Mobile recharges (BSNL, MTNL, Jio, or Airtel landline bills)
  • Concerns regarding Broadband bills (Airtel Xtream, Jio Fiber, Tata Play Fiber, and others)
  • Problems with FASTag, DTH, and mobile recharges

3. Tax & GST

  • Disputes related to Online tax payments (direct and service tax, or excise duty), GST payments, and Tax Solutions (income tax, tax saving, and investment plan) of the bank

Frequently Asked Questions about ICICI Bank

Q. What is the customer care number of ICICI Bank to submit a banking complaint?
A. Dial the toll-free ICICI Bank customer care number 18001080, and +912233667777 (charges may apply). You may also e-mail to submit your banking complaints.

Q. What is the NRI customer care number of ICICI Bank?
A. If you belong to India, call the overseas NRI customer care number +914030998025 (standard charges may apply) to raise your concerns with ICICI Bank. Alternatively, you may e-mail to lodge a complaint or raise a query.

Q. What can I do if my complaints are not resolved or I’m dissatisfied with the customer care of the bank?
A. First, escalate the complaint with the reference number to the Head – Customer Service Quality, ICICI Bank. Still dissatisfied? Further, escalate this disputed case to the Principal Nodal Officer of the bank. This can be done by Email, online form, or written letter.

Q. Where can I approach if I’m not satisfied with the resolution of ICICI Bank?
A. If your complaints are not resolved within 30 working days or dissatisfied with the final response of the bank, lodge a complaint against ICICI Bank to Banking Ombudsman, RBI. Alternatively, you request the bank to start an arbitration to resolve the current disputed matter internally.


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