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Electricity Ombudsman, JERCUTs: File an Appeal to Electricity Ombudsman for State of Goa and All Union Territories


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JERC for Goa and UTs
Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for State of Goa and All Union Territories (source:

The Central Government established the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission under the provisions of the Electricity Act 2003 for all Union Territories, except Delhi. Following the inclusion of the state of Goa in May 2008, the Commission’s jurisdiction expanded, it was renamed as the “Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for the state of Goa and Union Territories” (JERCUTs) and headquartered in Gurugram.

JERCUTs has the power to give licenses or exemptions after considering advice from the Union Government of India. The electricity distribution regulated by the Commission are:

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If your complaints to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) of Discoms are not resolved within 2 months (or the prescribed time limit), or if you are unhappy with the final decision, you may appeal to the Electricity Ombudsman, JERCUTs.

Additionally, you can file a petition to JERC for Goa and UTs to resolve disputes with the licensees or for conflicts involving power transmission, distribution, or generation companies.

Please note that consumers aren’t required to hire advocates; they can present their case personally or nominate someone.

Electricity Ombudsman, Goa and UTs

In Goa and Union Territories (UTs), as per the Electricity Act of 2003, an Electricity Ombudsman has been designated by the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for the state of Goa and Union Territories (JERCUTs).

According to the JERCUTs (Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum and Ombudsman) Regulations, if your complaint filed with the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) of electricity distribution companies isn’t resolved to your satisfaction within 45 days or a specified period, you can escalate your complaint to the Electricity Ombudsman.

JERCUTs has established the Offices of Electricity Ombudsman in Gurugram to handle cases concerning electricity distribution licensees in Goa and the Union Territories.

Contact details of the Electricity Ombudsman:

Designation Electricity Ombudsman, Goa and UTs
Phone Number +911242875303, +911244684705
Address Office Of Electricity Ombudsman – 3rd and 4th Floor, Plot No.55-56, Pathkind Lab Building, Sector – 18, Udyog Vihar, Phase IV, Gurugram – 122016, Haryana.

You may appeal by submitting a representation form online (e-filing) or sending it by post.

Appeal to Ombudsman

You may choose between a formal representation form (appeal letter) or an online petition (if available) to represent your case with the Electricity Ombudsman of Goa & UTs. This will help you to get relief or compensation for financial losses due to unsatisfactory services by the Electricity Board/Discom.

You can not appeal under these conditions:

  • If your problem has already been solved by the Ombudsman or is in court.
  • You can’t apply if the matter is pending in any other legal process.

Petition Filing Fee & Resolution Period:

Petition Filing Fee No Fee (Nil)
Deposit of case hearing (Refundable) As prescribed by the JERCUTs Board
Case Redressal Time 45 Days
Acknowledgement Receipt Within 5 Days

If you need legal help for this appeal, contact the Consumer Advocacy Cell at the Electricity Ombudsman of Goa and UTs or JERCUTs. They offer free advice to consumers and complainants.

Please Note: These procedures do not affect consumers’ rights under other laws, including the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. For more details, you may contact the National Consumer Helpline (NACH) of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.


These are the major requirements and instructions to appeal to the Ombudsman:

1. Submission Form or Plain Paper: Use the prescribed representation form (Download) or plain paper for your representation to the Ombudsman.

2. Documents to Include:

  • Statement of facts or case description.
  • Copy of the petition submitted to CGRF with all supporting documents.
  • Copy of CGRF’s order.

3. Case Description:

  • Specify the relief sought in your representation letter.
  • Include complete address with PIN code, email, and phone number for effective communication.

4. Signature and Fees: The representation must be signed by the complainant. Please note that no stamp paper, revenue/judicial stamps, or fees are required (as mentioned earlier).

5. Access to Documents: You, the licensee, and others with permission, can get copies of the Ombudsman’s orders, decisions, and awards, but there might be a small fee for others.

Note: Must keep a copy of all attached documents and application forms for future reference.

Where to Submit the Appeal Form?

You can send or submit your representation form to the Office of Electricity Ombudsman at:

  • Address: Office of Electricity Ombudsman for Goa and UTs, 3rd and 4th Floor, Plot No.55-56, Pathkind Lab Building, Sector – 18, Udyog Vihar, Phase IV, Gurugram – 122016, Haryana.
  • Phone No: +911242875303

Resolution Procedure

1. First Step: The Ombudsman will only accept the appeal if you’ve already complained to CGRF and CGRF couldn’t solve the problem to your satisfaction within 45 days.

  • For example – If you had escalated the complaint about the electricity bill to CGRF of the Discom, but they didn’t resolve it, you can now go to the Ombudsman.

2. Ombudsman’s Action:

  • After the successful submission of your representation form, the ombudsman will try to help you and the power company agree on a solution through discussion or arbitration.
  • If that doesn’t work, the Ombudsman will schedule a meeting and inform you about it in advance.

3. Present Your Case: You can present the case for yourself or someone else to represent you in front of the Ombudsman. If you choose someone else, fill out the attached nomination form and submit it with your complaint.

4. Ombudsman’s Decision:

  • The ombudsman will carefully review the case and provide a detailed decision, explaining the facts, reasoning, and any compensation or directions.
  • Both you and the power company will receive a copy of this decision.

5. Final Order:

  • If you agree with the decision, the power company must follow it within 15 days and inform the Ombudsman.
  • If you don’t agree, you have one month to let the power company and the Ombudsman know. If you don’t respond, the decision may not be enforced.


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