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Electricity Department, Puducherry (EDGOP) – Register Complaints about Electricity Board of Pondicherry


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Electricity Department Pondicherry
Electricity Department Pondicherry (

The Puducherry Electricity Department (EDGOP), an electricity distribution company, is administered by the Government of Pondicherry. Puducherry gets electricity services under the Electricity Department of Govt. of Puducherry, a public sector electricity distribution company.

This Union Territory is not located in the same place, its territory border differs in various regions. In the coastal regions, often due to cyclones, tides, or storms, the electricity poles or wires get broken, leading to power supply outages in the area.

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Circles of EDGOP Electricity Distribution and Service in Pondicherry:

  • Karaikal
  • Mahe
  • Yanam

Have any complaints about the Electricity Department of Puducherry? 

If you have problems with electricity services in Puducherry, like issues with your bill, power supply, or meters, you can complain to the Electricity Department of Puducherry (EDGOP). Whether you need a new connection or if there’s a problem with transformers or smart meters, EDGOP can help.

To raise your concerns, you can call the toll-free helpline number, message on WhatsApp, or send an email to sub-divisional offices. If not solved, you can escalate the matter to the head office of the Electricity Board (EB) of Puducherry.

If not resolved by EDGOP, you may escalate the lodged electricity complaints to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) of the Electricity Department and other relevant authorities.

How to File a Complaint of Puducherry Electricity Department?

According to the citizen charter of EDGOP, you can use the dedicated customer care numbers and electricity helplines to report problems like power outages, technical issues, streetlights, or billing concerns with the Puducherry Electricity Department. Here are the instructions to file a complaint with the Electricity Board:

Grievance Redressal Mechanism:

Grievance Fee ₹0/- (No charges)
Resolution Period Immediate (24×7) or may take 7-30 days (read the citizen charter for more details)
Refund period 5 to 7 business days (for failed online transactions)

Levels of Lodging Complaint:

  • Level 1: Contact Customer Service/Divisional Office, Puducherry Electricity Department (PED)  through:
    • Toll-free customer care number
    • Email/WhatsApp
    • Online complaint registration
    • Visit your nearest sub-divisional office
  • Level 2: Head Office of EDGOP (Divisional Office)
  • Level 3: Escalate the complaint to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), Electricity Department of Puducherry
  • Level 4: Appeal to Electricity Ombudsman, Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERCUTS).

Level 1: Customer Service, PED

At this level, you can contact the customer service team of the Puducherry Electricity Department through the toll-free number, email, or WhatsApp. Additionally, complaints can be submitted online for faster resolution.

Providing these necessary details:

  • Consumer ID or Connection Number
  • Nature of the complaint,
  • Describe the issue in detail with supporting facts and documents.

Contact customer service of Puducherry Electricity Department:

For other online electricity services, like getting a new electricity connection, making changes in account, meter connections, paying online bills, or downloading application forms, log in or register your consumer account on the Pondicherry Electricity Department portal.

In-Person: Additionally, you can personally visit your nearest sub-station (sub-divisional office) in Puducherry to file your complaint physically.

Alternatively, you can also lodge your complaint to the Puducherry Electricity Board through CPGRAMS (Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System).

Level 2: Executive Engineer, Sub-Divisional Office

If your initial complaint remains unresolved within 7 working days at Level 1, you can escalate the case to the Executive Engineer (EE) at the Electricity Department’s Sub-Divisional Office in Puducherry. To escalate, write a letter or send an email including:

  • Your connection number (if applicable)
  • Reference ID of your previous complaint
  • Copies of any supporting documents.

Contact details of the EE Officers:

Executive Engineer, Region Contact Information
Urban O&M, Puducherry Phone: +914132339543
Address: Electricity Department (Main Office), 137, Nethaji Subbash Chandra Bose Salai, Puducherry – 605001.
Rural North O&M, Puducherry Phone: +914132339543
Address: Electricity Department Head office campus, 137, Nethaji Subhash Chandra Bose Salai, New Building, II floor, Puducherry – 605001.
Rural South O&M, Puducherry Phone: +914132358564
Address: Marapalam Sub-Station campus, Marapalam, Cuddalore Main Road, Puducherry – 605004.
Karaikal, Karaikal Phone: +914368222694
Address: 7, Kirambuthottam South Street, Karaikal – 609602.
Main Office, Mahe Phone: +914132343687, +914132338689
Address: Electricity Department (Main Office), 137, Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose Salai, Puducherry – 605001.
Main Office, Yanam Phone: +914132222552, +914132343687
Address: Electricity Department (Main Office), 137, Nethaji Subbash Chandra Bose Salai, Puducherry – 605001.

Level 3: Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum – CGRF, ED Puducherry

If your complaints with the Electricity Department in Puducherry are not resolved at Level 1 and Level 2 to your satisfaction within the resolution period, then escalate your concern by filing a complaint with the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) of the Puducherry Electricity Department.

Include the following in your grievance letter (can be written on plain paper):

  • Reference Number: Mention the reference number from your previous complaint with the Electricity Department.
  • Nature of Relief: Clearly state what you expect from EDGOP and the Forum.
  • Personal Information: Include your details, connection number, and billing information, especially if your complaint involves billing disputes.
  • Declaration Form: Sign a declaration form affirming the authenticity and accuracy of your complaint. (Optionally, you may only provide your signature on the written application form)
  • Supporting Documents: Attach relevant documents (if any), such as bills or records, that verify your complaint.
  • Deadline: Ensure your complaint must be submitted to CGRF within 30 days after the resolution period ends or after you receive the final decision from the Puducherry Electricity Department, whichever occurs first.

After successful submission of the grievance form to CGRF, request an acknowledgement receipt as confirmation of your complaint’s receipt by the Forum.

Contact details of CGRF, Puducherry Electricity Department:

Designation Chairperson, CGRF – Puducherry
Phone Number +914132201351, +914132201451
Fax 0413-2201451
Address  Chairperson, Office of the CGRF – Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Electricity Department of Puducherry, Door No.6, 17th Cross Street, Anna Nagar, Puducherry – 605005.

Not satisfied with the final order of CGRF, ED Puducherry?

If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided by the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) in Puducherry, or the complaint is not resolved even after escalating it to CGRF, you can appeal against EDGOP to the Electricity Ombudsman for Goa and All-Union Territories and represent your case to get expected resolution.


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