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Uber Customer Care: How to Register a Complaint to Uber?


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Uber Logo
Uber Technologies, Inc, (source –

Uber Technologies, Inc is an American transportation and freight service provider company based in San Francisco, that started its operation in 2008. Uber primarily provides online cab (taxi) booking services through the app for riders and drivers. As of 2023, it has more than 13 million active customers all over the world.

Major services of Uber are:

Notice - Be alert! Don't share the financial or banking details and don't share OTP to customer care executive. Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams. Report to Cyber Crime Bureau or Call 1930 as soon as possible to protect your earnings and others.
  • Riders: Ride-hailing (Cab, Bikes, and Scooters) and Drivers
  • Uber Eats: Merchants & Restaurants and Food Delivery
  • Driving & Delivering: Package & Currier delivery
  • Business Solutions
  • Freight transport: Logistics Carrier & Shipper
Global Headquarters, Uber Technologies
Global Headquarters, Uber Technologies

Want to complain about Uber services? You can file a complaint to the Uber customer support of the respective department. For this, you may call the toll-free Uber customer care number, email, or submit a complaint online through chat support or the online contact form.

Still not resolved? First, start an arbitration with Uber’s legal department. Further, you may escalate your consumer matter to the Consumer Court or Consumer Dispute Resolution Commission (India) for consumer rights violations.

In last, you can take legal action against Uber and file a case (bring a lawsuit) to your local court or respective judicial body of the country. In India, you can first appeal before the session/district court.

How to File a Complaint to Uber Technologies, Inc.?

Uber has 2 tier resolution mechanism for the complaints related to its transportation services. Customers can first approach tier 1 customer support. If not resolved, escalate the matter to tier 2.

Guide to register a complaint with Uber support
Guide to registering a complaint with Uber support (source –

Complaint Registration Fee & Redressal Time Limit:

Registration Fee No Charges (0)
Resolution Period 7 to 30 days (depending on the category of the issue as per the redressal policy)
Refund Time Within 7 days in India (varies in different countries)

Resolution Mechanism:

  • Tier 1: Uber Customer Care
    • Toll-Free Helpline Number (if available)
    • Online complaint registration (Chat support)
    • Email or online contact form
  • Tier 2: Grievance Officer, Uber (India)
    • In India, Escalate the case to Grievance Officer
    • USA: Start an Arbitration with Uber Legal Department

Note – Still, not satisfied with the final resolution from Uber? In this condition, you may take legal action and approach the National Consumer Authority (Consumer Court) of the country. For business disputes, bring a lawsuit or approach the concerned government office for arbitration or the judicial body of the country.

Level 1: Lodge a Complaint to Uber

Want to file a complaint online to Uber? You can raise your concerns related to the delayed cab, cancellation/refund, business payments, freight services, and other offered services. You can chat with a customer care executive, email, or send a complaint form to Uber executives.

1. Uber Customer Care to Lodge a Complaint:

Uber online complaint File a complaint
Chat with Uber Customer Care Chat Now
Uber Support Click Here
Email (freight)

Note – Dissatisfied with the final response? Start an arbitration with Uber or request to escalate the matter to senior executives to resolve the disputed matter. In India, you can escalate the complaint to the appointed Grievance Officer, Uber in Level 2.

Tips – Don’t forget to note down the reference/ticket number of the submitted complaint to escalate the matter to tier 2 officials.

2. Uber Business Complaints:

Email (Business)
Email (Health) (US) (UK)
Email (Uber Eats Restaurants)

3. Additional ways to file a complaint to Uber:

Lost item/Luggage Report now
Twitter @Uber_Support
@UberINSupport (India)
Facebook @uber
App Android | iOS

Want to share feedback about the behaviour of the Uber cab driver? Report the problem by contacting Uber feedback through the online form.

In an emergency, dial the critical Uber hotline or national helpline number. Also, you can claim insurance (if opted) and report the disputes related to claim settlement or refund to the partnered insurance company.

USA: Uber Rent with Valet

In the USA (United States), Uber rents with Valet services are partnered with Avis, Budget Rentals. If you have any complaints regarding car rentals or rental charges including insurance claims in the listed US regions, then contact Avis customer service.

For only the following regions:

  • Part of Arlington, Virginia
  • Miami
  • New York City (NYC)
  • Northwest Washington, DC

Uber Rental with Valet Customer Service:

Uber Rent, Avis Customer Service Number 8882631540
Avis extend rental request 18002304898
Road Accident Hotline 8003542847
Avis Accident Claim Submit a claim

Level 2: Grievance Officer, Uber India

In India, if your submitted complaints related to Uber riding, freight, or cab services are not resolved as per satisfaction then escalate the case to the appointed Grievance Officer, Uber India. For other countries, start an arbitration with the company by sending a Notice of Dispute to Legal Enforcement Department, Uber.

Must provide:

  • Reference/ticket number
  • Reason for dissatisfaction with the resolution
  • Relief expected
  • Attach supporting documents (invoice, screenshot, etc.)

Send the grievance form through email or physical dispute resolution form (Legal Enforcement Resolution) to the registered office (headquarters) of Uber India.

Law enforcement agencies (government offices) can email Law Enforcement Response Term (LERT) for an emergency enquiry.

Official details to lodge a grievance:

Designation Grievance Officer, Uber India
Address Attn: Grievance Officer, Uber Technologies, Inc (India)
Registered Office: Uber B.V., Regus Business Platinum Centre Pvt. Ltd., Level 13, Platinum Techno Park, Plot No.17/18, Sec-30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400705.

Note Not satisfied? Now, you can file a consumer complaint against Uber to the National Consumer Helpline (NACH), the Ministry of Consumer Affairs (India) or a District consumer court. Additionally, you may take legal action by approaching the judicial court.

Take a Legal Action

If your disputed matter is not resolved as per your satisfaction by Uber customer support or its senior authorities including Grievance Officer, Uber India then you may take legal action against the company or use the dispute resolution mechanism. These are remedies that you can use to resolve a case.

1. Send Notice of Dispute

You can start an internal arbitration using the dispute resolution mechanism of Uber by sending a Notice of Dispute to the legal department. If you want to settle the matter then submit the Notice of Dispute form and reach an agreement with the company.

Must provide:

  • Reference/ticket number
  • Reason for dissatisfaction
  • Monetary relief expected from the company
  • Attach a copy of the supporting documents

Send to the Dispute Resolution Department, Uber:

Email (copyright)
Address Attn: Dispute Resolution Department
Headquarters, Uber Technologies, Inc. (UTI), 1515 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

Have you been not satisfied with the response?

2. Start an Arbitration

Clients or customers of Uber can start an arbitration with the help of a third-party arbitrator to settle the disputed matter with Uber. You can submit the case to the registered arbitrator in your country. In the USA, you can approach AAA (American Arbitration Association).

3. Consumer Commission

In India, you can file a case against the Uber to National Consumer Disputed Redressal Commission (CDRC) through E-DAAKHIL with details of the disputed matter and attempts to resolve the case. For this, visit the link below.

Click: File a consumer complaint online to NCDRC (State/District Commission)

If you belong to another country, contact your National Consumer Authority to raise a consumer dispute before the commission.

Not satisfied with the final order? Take legal action by bringing a lawsuit within the judicial court with the help of a legal expert (lawyer/Advocate).

4. Consumer/Judicial Court

Finally, if your disputed matter is not resolved to your satisfaction then you may file a legal case against Uber by appealing before the judicial court (session/district court). Before taking legal action, you should take advice from a legal expert.

Must provide a copy of the supporting documents and details of the previous attempts to resolve the Uber matter.

Resolve the Uber complaints

The category of complaints about the Uber services that can be resolved as per the grievance policy of the company is listed below. Report the issues to get faster resolution from the appropriate authorities.

1. Riders:

  • Riding: Uber cabs riding complaints like Micro and Mini, Auto, Prime Sedan and SUV, and other rental vehicles services including Uber bike, scooters, Auto/Taxi, and E-Rickshaws
  • Uber Rental: Disputes with advance booking, rental car ride, or trip and cancellation of long-distance travel (rental services)
    Outstation Booking: Matters of booking/cancellation of the car for outstation travels
  • Money: Complaints related to booking fares, service fees/charges, refunds, billing, invoicing, or payments for Uber rides including being charged twice, a refund for cab cancellation, and cash refunds
  • Fares & charges: Concerns of cancellation fee waiver, cab cancellation fee charged, peak pricing including fare breakup and payment methods like Credit/Debit Cards, Uber Wallet, UPI, and other fares & charges.
  • Bookings: Issues related to Uber account, app troubleshooting, offline cab bookings, and other Uber app technical problems

2. Driving & Delivering:

  • Report the Uber signing up issues or need help with a trip including misbehaviour by the traveller or passenger
  • Complaints related to Driver account and Uber Driver app including Uber Shuttle
  • Complaints regarding driving & trip earnings and payments settlement including cancellation charges, fees, and commission
  • Delivery: Issues with booking a parcel delivery order, delay in delivery, fees/charges, and other Uber delivery matters

3. Uber Eats:

  • Report the issues related to Uber Eats and food delivery like cancellation of orders, spoiled food, and misbehaviour by the delivery partner.
  • Complaints related to restaurant, fees/charges, and quality of foods
  • Disputes with cancellation charges, refund of the order, and other transactions (credit/debit card, UPI, digital wallet, etc.)
  • Matters related to payment settlement, earnings, and commissions (restaurants)
    Issues with the Uber Eats Membership, loyalty, and premium services including delivery and pickup

4. Merchants & Restaurants:

  • Issues related to Merchants and Restaurants (Uber Eats) including the matters of food order, menu and inventory management, marketing, and accounts and payment settlements
  • Contact for other concerns like technical support, Uber Direct, and Webshop

5. Business:

  • Problems regarding Uber business account and billing, premium corporate features, GST, billing settlement, and technical support for company admin (dashboard)
  • Issues with Uber guest and healthcare rides, managing travel, tracking employee visits, and payment settlements
  • Request for bulk package deliveries including parcels
  • Concerns related to rates & payments and troubleshooting support for Uber Business services & technical issues

6. Freight:

  • Carrier: Issues related to Uber freight carrier services with active load, booking load (goods/parcel), and tracking the shipment
  • Shipper: Disputes related to shipping the goods, delay in delivery, payment/refund (for cancellation), and lost goods/parcel claims (insurance of goods)


Q. What is the customer support number of Uber?
A. As per the research, Uber has not provided a customer service number for the customers. However, you can only dial the emergency hotline (helpline number) in the case of an accident. You may directly chat or email to report your matter.

Q. What can I do if my complaints are not resolved by Uber customer executives?
A. First, request to escalate the matter to the head of Customer Service, Uber. If not resolved, send a Notice of Dispute to the legal department of Uber to settle the disputed matter internally. In India, escalate the case to the appointed Grievance Officer, Uber.

Q. Where can I approach if my dispute is not resolved as per satisfaction by Uber?
A. You can start an arbitration with the third-party registered Arbitrator or take legal action by filing a case to the consumer commission/court for the violation of consumer rights. Further, you may appeal by bringing a lawsuit against Uber before the Judicial Court.


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