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Bihar Police Helpline: How to Register an e-FIR or Complaint to Bihar Police?


Bihar Police Logo
Bihar Police (Source:

The Bihar Police is the law enforcement agency of Bihar. It is one of the oldest police forces in India, headquartered in Patna, the capital city of the state. The Bihar Police is responsible for maintaining law and order, preventing and investigating crime, and protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Bihar.

The Bihar Police is headed by the Director General of Police (DGP) under the administration of the Home Department, Govt. of Bihar. The administrative system is divided into 12 ranges, namely, Begusarai, Bettiah, Bhagalpur, Central, Darbhanga, Munger, Magadh, Purnea, Saharsa, Saran, Shahbad, and Tirhut. Ranges are further divided into 38 districts.

Notice - Be alert! Don't share the financial or banking details and don't share OTP to customer care executive. Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams. Report to Cyber Crime Bureau or Call 1930 as soon as possible to protect your earnings and others.
Map of Bihar Police administration (Range with districts)
Map of Bihar Police administration (Range with districts), source:

Some of the specialized units and departments of Bihar Police:

  • Law & Order Division (L & O)
  • Traffic Police
  • Cyber Crime Unit
  • Special Task Force (STF)
  • Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS)
  • Economic Offences Unit (EOU)
  • Civil Defence

Other special police units are the Railway Protection Force (RPF), Industrial Security Force (ISF), and Home Guards.

Require assistance from the Bihar Police or want to report an incident or offence? Don’t worry! You can reach out to the Bihar Police through the toll-free helpline number, contact your local police station directly, or submit an online complaint or e-FIR (for non-SR cases).

Range of Citizen Services Offered:

  • Online Complaints/e-FIR: For reporting incidents or lodging e-FIR about Non-Criminal Offences (NCR) and FIR at the police station.
  • Cybercrime or Women Helpline
  • Citizen’s Information: About missing persons, wanted criminals, and unidentified bodies
  • Tenant Verification: Verify tenets, employees, and PGs
  • Event/Performance Requests: Passport enquiry, event permission, and procession requests
  • Lost Property or Mobile Phones: Report lost items, vehicles, and mobile phones.
  • License Forms: Apply for an armed license, products, etc.
  • NOC, RTI, and Character Certificates (RTPS)

In an emergency? Dial the toll-free emergency helpline number 112-Bihar Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) or contact your local police station to report the incident as soon as possible.

Please Note: Do you want to file a formal FIR/NCR (crime or incident report)? Kindly visit your nearest police station. It is essential to share all relevant details and any evidence you have about the situation or offence. If your complaints are not addressed initially, you may escalate the case to higher-ranking police appellate officers for further investigation.

For additional information, please follow the instructions provided below.

How to File an e-FIR or Complaint to Bihar Police?

In Bihar, like Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, citizens can utilize the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) and Online Bihar Police Public Grievance Platform to report incidents and seek assistance from the Bihar Police. You can file complaints or e-FIRs for both cognizable and non-cognizable offences.

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Please note that the e-FIR option is specifically for non-Special Report (Non-SR) cases, such as thefts or minor crimes. Before lodging a complaint or FIR, know the difference between complaints and FIRs.

  • Police Complaint: Informing police about a suspected offence, verbally or in writing, for serious or less serious crimes without a fixed format. Magistrate may investigate; police may investigate based on information.
  • FIR (First Information Report): Official report, verbal or written, filed in a specific format at the police station by anyone for serious offences. Documented by Officer-In-Charge. Police investigate; magistrate acts based on registered FIR.

After filing a complaint, Bihar Police will initiate an investigation and then determine whether to register an FIR (for cognizable crimes such as burglary, accidents, murder, rape, assault, attempted murder, etc.), create a Non-Cognizable Report (NCR), or close the case if it’s resolved.

Please Note: According to the citizen charter of Bihar Police, it’s important to understand your rights as a citizen and learn how to safeguard yourself from crimes or mistreatment by the police.

Grievance Redressal

Bihar Police has a structured administrative system to address citizens’ concerns effectively, known as the Three-Tier Grievance Redressal Mechanism. Depending on the case’s nature, the process starts at the local police station and can escalate to the District Superintendent of Police (SP) at the first level.

Further, it goes up to the Inspector General of Police (IG) of the Range and ultimately to the Director General of Police (DGP) at Police Headquarters for resolution. Additionally, citizens may file complaints online using the Public Grievance – Bihar Police platform.

Complaint Filing:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Resolution Period As per the rules defined by Bihar Police, read citizen charter)
FIR Filing Immediately at the Police Station
Copy of FIR Free of Cost (mandatory)

Ways to lodge a complaint/FIR:

  • Online: Use CCTNS/Public Grievance – Bihar Police for complaints and e-FIR (non-cognizable) or report cybercrimes/ crimes against women
  • Offline: Contact or visit the local police station (for both cognizable/non-cognizable offences) to submit a written complaint or FIR based on the incident or offence.
  • Emergency: Dial 112 ERSS Bihar for immediate assistance or use the ERSS 112 Citizen App

Instruction: Always save the acknowledgement/reference receipt for your online submitted complaint and get a copy of the FIR filed at the police station free of cost for your records.

3 Levels of Escalation in Bihar Police:

If your case or complaint is not addressed within the specified time frame by the local police station (Thana), then escalate it to the following levels of Bihar Police:

  1. District Superintendent of Police (SP)
  2. Range Inspector General of Police (IG)
  3. Director General of Police (DGP)

Further, you can escalate the cases or complaints related to citizen services to the Public Grievance Cell of the Home Department, Govt. of Bihar.

Level 1: File a Complaint or FIR, Bihar Police

At this stage, citizens can report an incident or file a complaint or FIR with the Senior Inspector or Station House Officer (SHO) of the local police station (Thana) in Bihar. Additionally, you can raise your concerns to the respective District Superintendent of Police (SP) of Bihar Police.

1. ERSS112 – Bihar (For Emergency)

Need help in emergencies related to Police, Fire, Medical, or other essential services? Whether you’re in Bihar or elsewhere but need assistance within the state, call the 112 Bihar Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) or dedicated helplines for specific needs like women’s safety, cybercrime, traffic, etc.

After dialling the number, provide the following details to the call taker/PCR (Police Control Room):

  1. Location of incident
  2. Description of incident
  3. Time of event (including the current situation)

Emergency Helpline Numbers of Bihar Police:

Bihar Police Helpline Numbers
112-Bihar Emergency Response 112, +916122294318
Lodge a 112 complaint online File a complaint
Prohibition Helpline 15545
Women Helpline 181, 1091
Cybercrime Helpline 1930, +916122294319
Mobile App 112 India
Android | iOS

2. Lodge a Police Complaint

To report an incident, whether criminal or civil, you can file a complaint at the Local/ District Police Station in Bihar or lodge an e-complaint (for non-cognizable crimes) online through the Public Grievance Portal. Additionally, Bihar Police offers online citizen services for applications, certifications, requests, and verifications.

When filing a police complaint, ensure to provide:

  • Personal details: Name, Contact Number, and address (if applicable)
  • Police Station in Bihar
  • Description of the incident, including accused information (if available), location, time, and current situation
  • Supporting documents such as pdf, images, videos, etc.

Be sure to keep a record of the reference number or acknowledgement receipt for tracking or escalating the case if necessary.

1. Lodge a Police Complaint Online:

Register online complaint to Bihar Police File your complaint
Bihar Police Control Room (HQ) +916122294318, +916122294323
Email (HQ)
Email (Anti-Corruption/ Vigilance)
Email (Cybercrime & EOW)
X (Twitter) @bihar_police

Note: If your complaint is not addressed within the given timeframe, escalate the matter to the concerned District Superintendent of Police (SP), Bihar Police.

3. File an FIR

Residents of Bihar can file an FIR (First Information Report) by visiting their local Police Station to report incidents in writing, for both civil or criminal offences. Additionally, you can file an e-FIR online (for non-SR & theft cases) with Bihar Police through CCTNS or the Citizen Service Portal of Bihar.

Required information to submit an FIR:

  • Applicant Details: Name, current/permanent address
  • Incident: Date, location, and incident details
  • Description: Explain the incident or offence in detail
  • Victim: Name, address, and statement (if known)
  • Stolen Property: Type (jewellery, items, electronics, etc.), if applicable
  • Motor Vehicle Details (if applicable): Vehicle Number, Model, or Registration Number
  • Supporting Documents: Include any available documents, images, or videos (if applicable)

e-FIR Services, Bihar Police:

View Submitted FIR Online (SCRB) Search FIR
Lodge e-FIR to Bihar Police File an e-FIR
Contact your police station Click Here
Locate the nearest police station on Map Click Here

After submitting the FIR form online or at the police station, keep a record of the FIR number for tracking and download a copy of the e-FIR for future reference.

Need more information? Contact Bihar Police Control Room:

Address: Bihar Police HQ,
Bihar Police DGP Headquarters,
Sardar Patel Bhawan, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Sheikhpura, Patna, Bihar 800023.
Phone No: +916122294318, +916122294323

Note: If there is no response after filing an FIR with the local/divisional police station, contact the District Superintendent of Police (SP). If still not addressed, escalate the case to the Inspector General of Police (IG) of the Range.

Further, you can contact the Director General of Police (DGP), Bihar Police or Headquarters.

4. E-Services

Access online services from the Police, including character verification, arms licenses, RTI requests, arrest information, event permissions, and more.

Online Services & Forms:

E-Services, Bihar Police Request/Apply
Apply Arms license online Apply Now
Character certificate Apply now
RTI Application File an RTI

5. District Superintendent of Police (SP)

If a case or complaint is not handled to your satisfaction at the local police station or involves complex or serious criminal or civil matters including corruption charges, you can escalate your case to the Superintendent of Police (SP), Bihar Police in your respective district headquarter.

Note: If the citizen services or complaints are not addressed within the given timeframe by the respective department of Bihar Police, then you may lodge a public grievance online to the Home Department under the Bihar Public Grievance Redressal Act, 2016 through “Lok Shikayat (Govt. of Bihar)“, an Integrated Grievance Redressal System.

Contact details of District SP:

1. Central Range, Patna:

SP, District Phone Number & Email
SP, Patna Phone: +916122214318
SP, Nalanda Phone: +916112235207

2. Magadh Range, Gaya:

SP, District Phone Number & Email
SP, Gaya Phone: +916312225901
SP, Nawada Phone: +916324214389
SP, Aurangabad Phone: +916186222200
SP, Jehanabad Phone: +916114223108
SP, Arwal Phone: +916337228121

3. Sahabad Range, Dehri:

SP, District Phone Number & Email
SP, Rohtas Phone: +916184253204
SP, Bhojpur Phone: +916182221320
SP, Kaimur Phone: +916189223211
SP, Buxar Phone: +916183222030

4. Tirhut Range, Muzaffarpur:

SP, District Phone Number & Email
SP, Muzaffarpur Phone: +916212217797
SP, Sitamarhi Phone: +916226250526
SP, Vaishali Phone: +916224272100
SP, Sheohar Phone: +916222257345

5. Saran Range, Chhapra:

SP, District Phone Number & Email
SP, Saran Phone: +916152232306
SP, Siwan Phone: +916154242060
SP, Gopalganj Phone: +916156224669

6. Champaran Range, Bettiah:

SP, District Phone Number & Email
SP, West Champaran, Bettiah Phone: +916254242563
SP, East Champaran Phone: +916252232684
SP, Bagaha Phone: +916251227363

7. Mithila Range, Darbhanga:

SP, District Phone Number & Email
Sr.SP, Darbhanga Phone: +916272245206
SP, Madhubani Phone: +916276223486
SP, Samastipur Phone: +916274222034

8. Purnea Range, Purnea:

SP, District Phone Number & Email
SP, Purnea Phone: +916454242508
SP, Araria Phone: +916453222050
SP, Kishanganj Phone: +916456222338
SP, Katihar Phone: +916452230601

9. Koshi Range, Saharsa:

SP, District Phone Number & Email
SP, Saharsa Phone: +916478224556
SP, Supaul Phone: +916473223061
SP, Madhepura Phone: +916476222004

10. Eastern Range, Bhagalpur:

SP, District Phone Number & Email
Sr. SP, Bhagalpur Phone: +916412400103
SP, Banka Phone: +916422422306
SP, Naugachhia Phone: +916421223285

11. Munger Range, Munger:

SP, District Phone Number & Email
SRP, Munger Phone: +916344222406
SP, Jamui Phone: +916345222302
SP, Lakhisarai Phone: +916346232707
SP, Sheikhpura Phone: +916341223339

12. Begusarai Range, Begusarai:

SP, District Phone Number & Email
SP, Begusarai Phone: +916243223015
SP, Khagaria Phone: +916244222086

13. Railway Range, Patna:

SRP, District Phone Number & Email
SRP, Patna Phone: +916122219239
SRP, Muzaffarpur Phone: +916212213064
SRP, Jamalpur Phone: +91634243223
SRP, Katihar Phone: +91652222592

Level 2: Range Inspector General of Police (IG), Bihar Police

At level 2, the Bihar Police has appointed a Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) for each Range in Bihar to oversee and coordinate law enforcement operations across the districts within the respective Range. If your concern is not resolved by the District Superintendent of Police (SP), you may escalate the case to the Range Inspector General of Police (IG).

Contact details of Range IG:

IG/ADG, Range Phone Number & Email
IG Central Range, Patna Phone: +916122219717
IG Madadh Range, Gaya Phone: +916312223085
DIG Shahabad Range, Dehri Phone: +916184253262
IG Tirhut Range, Muzaffarpur Phone: +916212210077
DIG Saran Range, Chhapra Phone: +916152232738
DIG Champaran Range, Bettiah Phone: +916254242685
IG Mithila Range, Darbhanga Phone: +916272245384
IG Purnea Range, Purnea Phone: +916454243126
DIG Koshi Range, Saharsa Phone: +916478223488
DIG East Range, Bhagalpur Phone: +916412400102
DIG Munger Range, Munger Phone: +916344222815
DIG Begusarai Range, Begusarai Phone: +916243264445
ADG, Rail Phone: +916122292176
Email: adgrailbih

Level 3: Director General of Police (DGP), Bihar Police

The Director General of Police (DGP) of Bihar Police supervises significant cases, especially those related to police administration, which are not addressed at the Range Inspector General of Police (IG) level. In cases where your complaints or issues are not resolved at the initial level or the Range IG level, they should be escalated to the relevant department at the DGP Headquarters, Patna. Contact DGP using below details.

1. State Police Control Room, Bihar Police (DGP HQ):

Designation Director General of Police (DGP), Bihar Police
Phone Number +916122294301, +916122294318
Address Bihar Police DGP Headquarters, Sardar Patel Bhawan, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Sheikhpura, Patna, Bihar 800023.

2. Contact Director General of Police (DGP) Office:

Designation, Department Phone Number & Email
DGP, Headquarters (Patna) Phone: +916122294301
ADG (Hqr.), Headquarter and Budget Division Phone: +916122294303
ADG (L&O), Headquarters and Budget Division Phone: +916122294317
ADG, Modernization, Crime Records and Provision Division Phone: +916122294310
IG (HQ), Headquarters and Budget Division Phone: +916122294308
DIG (Admin) Addl charge DIG ( HR), Headquarter and Budget Division Phone: +916122294324
DIG, STF, Operations Division Phone: +916122294171
ADG, Traffic, Traffic Division Phone: +916122294196
ADG, CID, CID and Weaker Section Division Phone: +916122294152
DIG (Anti Dacoity), CID and Weaker Section Division Phone: +916122294160
SP (Weaker Section& Woman Cell), CID and Weaker Section Division Phone: +916122294163
ADG (EOU), Economic and Cyber Crimes Division Phone: +91612222217829
SP, Economic and Cyber Crimes Division Phone: +916122294893
Control Room, Special Branch, Intelligence and Security Division Phone: +916122294122

Still not resolved or dissatisfied with the responses of Bihar Police? Kindly refer to the guidelines provided by Bihar Police and reach out to the control room at the Director General of Police’s office. Additionally, you may consult a legal expert, such as a lawyer, for guidance.

Note: As per the rules of the Bihar Public Grievance Redressal Act, 2016, you may also call 18003456284, email, or lodge a public grievance online to the Grievance Cell of the Home Department of Govt. of Bihar through the Lok Shikayat platform.


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