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HMWSSB: How to File a Water Complaint to Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board?


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Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (

Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) is an organization responsible for water supply and sewerage management in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Area. HMWSSB ensures the availability of safe drinking water to the citizens of Hyderabad and Secunderabad City.

It also provides bulk water supply to surrounding municipalities, cantonment boards, Osmania University, MES, railways, and industrial units.

Notice - Be alert! Don't share the financial or banking details and don't share OTP to customer care executive. Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams. Report to Cyber Crime Bureau or Call 1930 as soon as possible to protect your earnings and others.
  • Sewerage System Management: The board is also responsible for planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, operating, and managing sewerage and sewerage treatment works including disposal of sewage and treatment of wastewater.

Have water supply or sewerage complaints in Hyderabad? You can call the toll-free water helpline number, email your concerns, or file a complaint online to HMWSSB through the grievance form.

The major types of complaints related to water supply that consumers have lodged with the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board include:

  1. Polluted Water: Issues regarding the quality of water, such as contamination, discolouration, or the presence of foreign substances.
  2. Tanker Complaints: Concerns related to water tanker services, including delays, irregularities, or tanker water quality.
  3. Supply Interruptions: Complaints about disruptions or inconsistencies in the water supply.
  4. Billing Issues: Disputes over billing amounts, incorrect meter readings, or billing errors.
  5. Sewerage: Complaints about sewerage maintenance, cleanliness, and other sewage water treatment problems.
  6. Connection Problems: Difficulties with obtaining new connections, illegal connections, or issues with existing connections.

Here, we have provided guidelines for lodging a water/sewerage complaint with HMWSSB. You can also escalate the unresolved grievance to higher authorities.

Please note; If you are facing any violation of consumer rights by HMWSSB, you may file an informal consumer complaint to the National Consumer Helpline (NCH).

Level 1: File a Water Complaint to HMWSSB

According to the citizen charter of HMWSSB, you can file a water supply complaint to the Water Works or Hyderabad Water Board through these available communication methods:

Want to lodge a water grievance with your municipal corporation? Register your complaint to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

Required details for registering a water complaint:

  • Consumer CAN Number (Connection)
  • Type of grievance
  • Nature of complaint
  • Description of the issue with facts and supporting evidence and documents, if any.

Before lodging your complaint, must register your mobile number or send an SMS to “9223166166 as HW REGMOB <CAN> <Latest Bill No>” to update and change your mobile number with HMWSSB.


Steps for lodging a complaint online:

  1. Visit the HMWSSB website
  2. Navigate to “Services” -> “Register Grievances” under “Customer Services“.
  3. You’ll need your Consumer Account Number (CAN) to register online.
  4. Provide details about your complaint, such as the nature of the issue, location, and contact information.
  5. Submit the complaint, and it will be recorded for further action.
Online Grievance Form of Hyderabad Water Board
Online Grievance Form of Hyderabad Water Board

Don’t forget to note down the reference/acknowledgement ID to track the status. Additionally, you may also use it to escalate unresolved matters to higher authorities.

Level 2: Escalate the Grievance to Higher Officials, HMWSSB

If your lodged complaints are not resolved by the customer care center, local officials, or other regional offices of HMWSSB, escalate the grievance to the Deputy/Chief General Manager of the respective circle office.

Further, you can write a grievance letter to the Managing Director (MD) of the Hyderabad Electricity Board.

In your grievance, must include the reference/ticket ID of previously lodged complaints and a copy of supporting documents.

 Contact Details:

Designation Managing Director (MD), HMWSSB
Phone Number +914023442881, +914023442882, +914023433933 (Office)
Address Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, Administrative Building, Khairatabad, Hyderabad – 4, Telangana.

If still not resolved, escalate the complaint to the pubic grievance cell of the urban development department of the government of Telangana.

Level 3: Appeal to Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department, Telangana

If your previously escalated complaint to MD or higher officials is not resolved to your expectations or within the given resolution period (which may vary between 7 to 15 days), you can lodge a public grievance to the Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department of the Government of Telangana.

For this, you can use the “Prajavani, a Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS)” portal to lodge your grievance online to the appointed Nodal Officer of the Urban Development Department.

In your grievance, must provide the reference/acknowledgement ID of a previous complaint or attempted resolution methods with HMWSSB.

Still, not satisfied? You may further, appeal to the Chief Minister’s Office or lodge a consumer complaint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can I file a water or sewerage complaint with HMWSSB?
A. You can call the Water Complaint Number at 155313 or the Sewerage Helpline at 14420; send an email to; or file your complaint online at the HMWSSB website under “Register Grievances” in the “Customer Services” section. Additionally, you can use WhatsApp number +919154170968 for communication.

Q.2 What details are required to register a water complaint with HMWSSB?
A. To register a complaint, you need your Consumer Account Number (CAN), type of grievance, and a detailed description of the issue, including any relevant facts and supporting evidence or documents.

Q.3 How can I escalate an unresolved water or sewerage complaint with HMWSSB?
A. If your complaint remains unresolved, you can escalate it to the Deputy/Chief General Manager of the respective circle office or even to the Managing Director of HMWSSB using the provided contact details. If necessary, further escalation can be directed to the Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department through the “Prajavani” portal.

Q.4 What should I do before lodging a complaint to HMWSSB?
A. Before filing a complaint, make sure to register or update your mobile number by sending an SMS to “9223166166” with the format “HW REGMOB <CAN> <Latest Bill No>“. This will ensure that your contact details are up to date with HMWSSB.

Q.5 Where can I track the status of my complaint lodged with HMWSSB?
After submitting your complaint, you’ll receive a reference or acknowledgement ID. You can use this ID to track the status of your complaint on the HMWSSB website. Additionally, this ID is useful for escalating the complaint if it remains unresolved.


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