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Delhi Police Logo
Delhi Police (source –

Delhi Police, a significant law enforcement agency responsible for safeguarding the National Capital Territory of Delhi, has administrative supervision of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Established in 1861 during the British Raj, it evolved into an integral part of the Indian Police Service following India’s independence in 1947.

Subsequent reforms, including the adoption of the Police Commissioner System in 1978, further modernized the force, enhancing its efficiency and coordination. It collaborates closely with other premier agencies like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Intelligence Bureau (IB), and National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Notice - Be alert! Don't share the financial or banking details and don't share OTP to customer care executive. Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams. Report to Cyber Crime Bureau or Call 1930 as soon as possible to protect your earnings and others.

Motto: SHANTI SEVA NYAYA (शांति सेवा न्याय)

Moreover, the Delhi Police houses several specialized units, such as:

  • The Crime Branch
  • Special Cell
  • Economic Offences Wing
  • Traffic Police, and Security Wing

Delhi Police is one of the world’s largest metropolitan police forces, surpassing cities like London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo, with exceeding 83,000 officers.

In need of assistance from Delhi Police or looking to report an incident? Certainly! You can reach out to Delhi Police through various channels: Dial the toll-free helpline number, contact the local police station, or file an online complaint or e-FIR with all the necessary details related to the incident.

Delhi Police offers a range of Citizen Services, including:

  • Report: Lost Property or Mobile Phones
  • E-FIR/Complaint
  • Motor Vehicle Theft (E-FIR)
  • Missing Persons/Children Registration
  • Character Verification
  • Domestic Help/Tenant Registration
  • Request NOC or License
  • Unidentified Persons/Dead Bodies Found
  • Unclaimed/Seized/ Stolen Vehicle Search
  • Report Economic Offences
  • Arrested Person Information
  • Event Permissions
  • 66 DP Act Requests
  • Jamatalashi/Supardari Claims

These services are accessible to all residents of Delhi. In case of emergencies, you can directly dial the national helpline number 112 or the regional police number.

Note: If you need to file a formal FIR/NCR (Non-Cognizable Report), visit your nearest police station. Report civil or criminal incidents with appropriate information and any available evidence. If your complaint isn’t addressed initially, you can escalate the matter to higher police authorities or appellate officers for further assistance. For more detailed information, refer to the instructions provided below.

How to File an e-FIR or Complaint to Delhi Police?

The Delhi Police, much like the Uttar Pradesh Police, offers an integrated system to cater to the needs of citizens in reporting incidents and seeking assistance through the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS), Delhi Police. You can register complaints or file e-FIRs for both cognizable and non-cognizable offences through the CCTNS platform.

Note it, the e-FIR facility is available only for unknown accused or Non-SR (Non-Special Report) cases. Before filing a complaint or e-FIR, know how you can interact with the force and understand the difference between complaints and FIRs.

  • Police Complaint: A complaint is an allegation, made orally or in writing by any person, accusing someone of an offence. It can be for both cognizable and non-cognizable crimes, with no prescribed format. The Magistrate may inquire, but no immediate police investigation occurs.
  • FIR (First Information Report): An FIR is initial information, orally or in writing, about cognizable offences. It can be filed by anyone in a defined format. FIRs are registered with the Officer-In-Charge for cognizable offences. Police investigate, and the Magistrate may take action based on their report, but only after the FIR is reported by the police.

Now that you know the difference between an FIR and a police complaint, in Delhi, when you make a police complaint, it can cover both cognizable and non-cognizable offences. The police officer will decide what action to take, whether it’s registering an FIR, a less serious report called NCR, or closing the case if it’s resolved.

If you have a serious case to report, contact your local police station or higher rank Police Officers. Remember, according to the citizen charter of Delhi Police, it’s important to know your rights as a citizen and protect yourself from unusual situations or police misconduct.

Grievance Redressal

Delhi Police’s Three-Tier Grievance Redressal Mechanism ensures citizens’ concerns are heard and resolved effectively. Based on the case, begins with local police station engagement and further to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), escalates to Joint Commissioners of Police (JT. CP) for complex cases, and finally to the Special Commissioner of Police (SPL. CP).  Also, citizens can lodge an online complaint using the CCTNS – Delhi Police platform.

Complaint Filing:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Resolution Period As per the rules defined by Delhi Police, read citizen charter)
FIR Filing Immediately at the Police Station
Copy of FIR Free of Cost

Methods for Lodging a Complaint or Filing an FIR with Delhi Police:

  • CCTNS, Delhi Police (Online):
    • 112 Delhi Police (Only in an Emergency)
    • Police Complaints
    • E-FIR (theft)
    • Online crime against women or cybercrime
    • Mobile App: 112 India, Tatpar Delhi Police, Traffic Sentinel
  • Police Station (Offline):
    • Visit the local Police Station
    • Call the regional/zonal police office
    • Submit a written complaint or FIR (based on the incident or offence)

Tips: Always note down or download the reference or acknowledgement receipt after submission of your online complaint or e-FIR. Also, must get a copy of the FIR or information/application filed at the police station.

3 Levels of Escalation:

If the case is not addressed within the given time limit as prescribed by Delhi Police, you may escalate the matter to:

  1. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)
  2. Joint Commissioner of Police (JT. CP)
  3. Special Commissioner of Police (SPL. CP)

You can approach the concerned Police Officer of the respective Department to escalate the pending complaints or cases.

Level 1: File a Complaint or FIR, Delhi Police

To initiate an investigation by Delhi Police, you have to lodge a complaint or file an FIR (First Information Report). At the initial level, Citizens can initiate the process at their local police station by meeting with the Station House Officer (SHO). According to the category of issue, report an incident using offline or online methods.

Online citizen services of Delhi Police to lodge a complaint.
Online citizen services of Delhi Police to lodge a complaint (source –

1. 112-Delhi (For Emergency)

In the event of an emergency, whether you’re a resident of Delhi or situated elsewhere but require assistance from Delhi Police within the National Capital Territory, you can reach out to the National Helpline Number 112 (Delhi 112) or dedicated helpline numbers for women, traffic, etc.

Delhi 112 helpline operates 24×7 and is your gateway to report emergencies related to Police, Fire, Medical, or GRP (Government Railway Police) services.

Emergency Police Helpline Numbers:

Office/Department, Delhi Police Helpline Number
Toll-Free Emergency Helpline Number (PCR) 112
Women Helpline 1091
Special Cell (North-Eastern States) 1093
Vigilance (Anti-Corruption Helpline ) 1064, +919910641064 (WhatsApp)
Report cybercrime complaints 1930
Traffic Police 1095, +911125844444
Report Missing Persons 1094, +911123241210
Eyes and Ears 14547

2. Lodge a Police Complaint

To initiate investigations in general cases (civil or non-criminal), lodge a complaint with the concerned Delhi Police station or online through CCTNS Delhi. Additionally, access online services like appeals, certifications, requests, and verifications.

To file a police complaint, provide:

  • Your details: Name, address, and ID.
  • Accused info (if any): Name, address, contact.
  • Incident: Location, type, timing, and documents (images, videos, etc.).
  • Police Station: Choose or specify.
  • Complaint: Detailed description with facts.
  • Attach relevant documents in .txt or supported format

You can submit this complaint form online or offline at your police station. After submission, keep a record of the reference or acknowledgement number.

1. Lodge a complaint to Delhi Police:

Register online complaint to the Delhi Police File a complaint
Track complaint status Track now
Email (Corruption)
Mobile App Tatpar Delhi Police
Android | iOS
Twitter @DelhiPolice

2. Report an incident or case to Delhi Police:

Report lost articles Report now
Report online missing person/child Click to report
Find a missing person Zipnet (Search)
Search Missing/Stole Phones Click Here
Economic Offences Wing, Delhi Police Contact EOW
Email (Crime)
Email (traffic)

Note: If your filed complaint isn’t addressed or receives no response within 7 days (from application submission) by the relevant Police Station, please escalate it to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in your region.

3. File an FIR

To report an FIR (First Information Report) to Delhi Police, use one of two methods:

  • Offline: Visit the nearest Police Station and orally or in writing report the incident (civil and criminal cases).
  • Online (e-FIR): File an e-FIR (for unknown accused and non-SR cases only) with Delhi Police via CCTNS Delhi.

Required details to file an FIR with Delhi Police:

  • Complainant: Name, current & permanent address.
  • Incident: Date, location, details.
  • Description: Explain the incident.
  • Victim: Personal info, address, statement.
  • Stolen Property: Type (jewellery, electronics, etc.).
  • Motor Vehicle Details (if applicable): Vehicle number, model, registration.
  • Attach supporting documents, images, or videos.

CCTNS – Delhi Police:

Theft e-FIR to the Delhi Police File an FIR
Motor Vehicle Theft e-FIR MV e-FIR
View filed FIR View/track
Contact your Police Station Click Here

After submitting the FIR form online via CCTNS Delhi Police, make sure to record the FIR number for tracking. Additionally, download a copy of the e-FIR for future reference and proof.

  • Address: Delhi Police HQ, Delhi Police Headquarters, Jai Singh Road, New Delhi – 110001.

Tip: If you’ve filed an FIR at your local Police Station, be sure to obtain a copy of the FIR along with an acknowledgement receipt.

Note: If you don’t get a response after filing an FIR with Delhi Police, first contact the District Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP). If issues persist, escalate to the Joint Commissioner of Police (JT. CP).

For further concerns, reach out to the Special Commissioner of Police (SPL. CP) or the Commissioner of Police (CP) Cell.

4. E-Services

Delhi Police offers a range of e-services for streamlined access and convenience. These services include obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate, securing Character Verification Reports, registering senior citizens, documenting domestic help or tenants, acquiring NOCs and licenses, and filing Right to Information (RTI) requests.

Citizens can also obtain information about arrested individuals, seek permissions for processions and rallies, submit requests under the 66 DP Act or feedback on citizen services, and facilitate claims for Jamatalashi and Supardari.

Need more information related to Delhi Police? You may file an RTI online (Right to Information) to Delhi Police and seek information from the concerned department (if required).

These online services enhance efficiency and accessibility for the public, aligning with the Delhi Police’s commitment to modern policing.

5. Report Cybercrime

To file a cybercrime report with Delhi Police, the necessary documentation varies based on the specific incident or complaints related to:

  • Email: A written complaint, a copy of the alleged email, and its complete header (both hard and soft copies).
  • Social Media: Copies/screenshots of the contested content/profile and screenshots of content URLs (both hard and soft copies).
  • Mobile Apps: Screenshots of the malicious app, the victim’s bank statement (if applicable), and digital copies of all documents.
  • Business Emails: A concise incident description, financial details, and associated documentation.
  • Data Theft: Copied stolen data, a copyright certificate, particulars about the suspected employee, and relevant document copies.
  • Ransomware: Details about the ransom demand and screenshots with full email headers (when relevant).
  • Net Banking/ATM: Bank statements, SMS copies, and identification/ address verification.
  • Scams & Frauds, Bitcoin, Cheating, or Online Transactions: Bank statements, SMS copies, and identification/address verification.

Submitting these documents to the Cybercrime Cell of the concerned police station of Delhi Police to address your cybercrime complaint.

  • Report a Cybercrime to Delhi Police: You can file a cyber complaint online through the Cyber Cell of Delhi Police and the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (
  • District Cyber Police: You may also visit the nearest District Cyber Cell to report the incident offline with appropriate information. For more details, contact the respective cell using the below information.

District Cyber Police Station, Delhi Police

Email, contact number, and address of Cybercrime Cell of District Cyber Police Station, Delhi:

District, Delhi Phone, Email, and Address
East Phone: +916828401137
Address: Cyber Police Station, Pandav Nagar, Near Trilokpuri Sanjay Lake Metro Station, Delhi-110091
North East Phone: +918750870788
Address: Cyber Police Station, 1st Floor, PS-Jyoti Nagar, New Delhi, 110093
South Phone: +918750870864
Address: Cyber Police Station, 2nd Floor, PS- Saket, New Delhi-110017
South East Phone: +916828401537
Address: Cyber Police Station, 2nd Floor, PS-Badarpur, New Delhi-110044
South West Phone: +916828402537
Address: Cyber Police Station, Safdarjung Enclave, Opposite Rajendra Dhaba, New Delhi-110029
West Phone: +911125123432, +918750871174
Address: Cyber Police Station, IInd Floor, PS Hari Nagar, New Delhi – 110064
Outer Phone: +916828401837
Address: Cyber Police Station, Mangolpuri, Patthar Market, Outer Ring Road, Pitampura, Delhi-110086
Central Phone: +911128210885, +916828401937
Address: Cyber Police Station, Kamla Market, Old Building, Central District, New Delhi-110002
North Phone: +911127666436, +916828402037
Address: Cyber Police Station/North ACP Operations Cell Office Complex, Behind Daulat Ram College, Maurice Nagar, Delhi-110007
North West Phone: +916828402137
Address: Cyber Police Station, 2nd Floor, PS Model Town, Near Model Town Metro Station, Delhi-110009
Shahdara Phone: +916828401337
Address: Cyber Police Station, 2nd Floor, PS Shahdara, New Delhi-110032
Rohini Phone: +911120879316
Address: Cyber Police Station, Sector -17, Rohini, New Delhi-110089
New Delhi Phone: +911123361880
Address: Cyber Police Station, PS Mandir Marg, New Delhi-110001
Dwarka Phone: +918287513200
Address: Cyber Police Station, 1st Floor, PS Dwarka North, Sec-17, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075
Outer North Phone: +911120875607, +917065036388
Address: Cyber Crime Police Station, Outer North District, Bawana, Delhi-110039

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Delhi Police

If the issue or complaint is not satisfactorily resolved at the local police station or if it involves more complex or serious criminal or civil matters, citizens can escalate their concerns to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Delhi Police of their respective district.

Contact details of DCP of concerned districts:

DCP, Delhi Police Contact Information
DCP East Phone: +911121210501, +911122232106
DCP North-East Phone: +911122829325, +911122829331
DCP Shahdara Phone: +911121210801, +911121210804
DCP South Phone: +911126857726, +911126858366
DCP South-East Phone: +911126825544, +911126825822
DCP West Phone: +911125453992, +911125166508
DCP New Delhi Phone: +911123747777, +911123347184
DCP South-West Phone: +911126140002, +911126140003
DCP Dwarka Phone: +911128042990, +911128042984
DCP Outer Phone: +911127034874, +911127034873
DCP North-West Phone: +911127229835, +911127462222
DCP Outer North Phone: +911121710102, +911121710103
DCP Rohini Phone: +911127579001, +911127579004
DCP Central Phone: +911123261377, +911123341727
DCP North Phone: +911123817012, +911123811770
DCP HQ-I Phone: +911123473547
DCP HQ-II Phone: +911123473560
DCP HQ-III Phone: +911123473529
DCP Legal Division Email:

Level 2: Joint Commissioners of Police (Jt. CP), Delhi Police

Moving to the second level, the Delhi Police has appointed Joint Commissioners of Police (Jt. CP) for each Range in Delhi. They are responsible for coordinating and overseeing law enforcement efforts across their designated geographic ranges in Delhi. Jt. CP can also initiate an investigation of the case that started at the first level.

If your problem or case isn’t solved by the district police station, then send it to the next level, where the Joint Commissioners of Police (Jt. CPs) can take over and make sure it gets resolved properly.

Contact Joint Commissioners of Police (Jt. CP):

JT. CP, Delhi Police Phone Number and Email
JT.CP, HQ Phone: +911123473512, +911123473712, +911120818732
JT.CP, GM DPHC Phone: +911123473414
JT.CP, Eastern Range Phone: +911122304085
JT.CP, Southern Range Phone: +911126852500
JT.CP, Central Range Phone: +911123490005
JT.CP, Northern Range Email:
JT.CP, New Delhi Range Phone: +911126183265
JT.CP, Western Range Phone: +911125500211
JT.CP, Spl Cell Phone: +911123469516, +911123469716
JT.CP, Crime Phone: +911123469518, +911123469718
JT.CP, Transport Range Phone: +911123469539, +911123469739
JT.CP, Cyber & Mod Phone: +911123469540, +911123469740
Addl.CP, HQ Phone: +911123473555

Level 3: Special Commissioner of Police (SPL. CP)

The Special Commissioner of Police (SPL. CP) handle very important cases and problems, especially ones that are not addressed at the level of Joint Commissioners. If your case is still not resolved, or if it’s severe and affects, escalate to the SPL. CP. of the concerned zone of Delhi Police.

If you’ve tried to get help at Level 1 and Level 2 and your case or complaint is still not addressed by the designated officials, don’t hesitate to bring it to the SPL. CP.

Contact Special Commissioner of Police (SPL. CP):

SPL. CP, Delhi Police Phone Number / Email
SPL. CP, Vigilance, Public Transport, Safety Division Phone: +911123469507, +911123469707
SPL. CP, L&O Zone 2 New Delhi Range, Southern Range, Western Range Phone: +911123469504
SPL. CP, L&O ZONE 1 Eastern Range, Northern Range, Central Range Phone: +911123469504, +911123469704
SPL. CP, CRIME EOW Phone: +911123469506, +911123469706
SPL. CP, Spl. Cell Phone: +911123469512, +911123469712
SPL. CP, AP Division & MD-DPHC Phone: +911123469511, +911123469711, +911120818624
SPL. CP, Intelligence Division Phone: +911123469513, +911123469713, +911120818032
SPL. CP, Protective Security Phone: +911123469509, +911123469709
SPL. CP, Traffic Management Division Phone: +911123469514
SPL. CP, Licensing & Legal Division Phone: +911123469510
SPL. CP, Traffic Management Division/Zone-I Phone: +911123469514
SPL. CP, Traffic Management Division/Zone-II Phone: +911123469515, +911123469715
SPL. CP, Provisioning & Finance Division , (P&L,P&I & GA) Nodal Officer SPUNER Phone: +911123473503, +911123473703

Note: Need more help? You may contact the Commissioner of Police, Delhi Police to escalate your cases or complaints.


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