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Karnataka State Police – How to Lodge an Online FIR or Police Complaint to Karnataka Police?


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Karnataka State Police (source:

The Karnataka State Police is the law enforcement agency of the state of Karnataka, headed by the Director General of Police (DGP). It is headquartered in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka. The Karnataka Police works under the Department of Home Affairs, Government of Karnataka, and is responsible for maintaining law and order, preventing and detecting crime, and enforcing various laws and regulations.

Some of the major departments and units are:

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  • Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
  • Intelligence Wing
  • Law and Order
  • Crime & Technical Services Wing
  • Traffic Police

Some other specialized units are the Police Computer Wing, Women and Child Protection Cell, Karnataka State Industrial Security Force, Home Guards and Civil Defence, and Forest Cell.

The administrative structure of the Karnataka Police is divided into 6 Police commissioners, headed by the Commissioner of Police (CP) and 7 Ranges, headed by the Inspector General of Police in Karnataka. Further, ranges consist of 31 districts, each headed by the Superintendent of Police (SP).

Need help or want to report an incident to the Karnataka Police? Instantly get help or report incidents to Karnataka Police through the toll-free helpline number, email, or by filing an online e-FIR/complaint. Visit the nearest police station to formally file an FIR/NCR (Non-Cognizable Report) for civil/criminal offences in Karnataka. In case of unresolved cases, you may escalate the matter to higher police authorities.

Have emergency? Dial 112 (Emergency Response Support System) for immediate assistance from Karnataka Police. Additionally, for police aid, call 100.

How to File an e-FIR or Police Complaint to the Karnataka State Police?

Karnataka Police has an integrated Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) and an online citizen-centric portal for citizens to report incidents. By using this, lodge police complaints or file online e-FIRs for cases involving unknown accused or Non-SR (Non-Serious Report).

Before proceeding, understand the difference:

  1. Police Complaint: This can be oral or written, accusing someone of an offence, applicable for both cognizable and non-cognizable crimes without a specific format.
  2. FIR (First Information Report): Initial information, submitted orally or in written format on plain paper, about cognizable offences (civil/criminal) to the police station.

Note that the FIR must be registered with the officer in charge or SHO of the Police Station, initiating a police investigation. Based on the FIR, the Magistrate may take subsequent action.

Please note: You can also call 112 and register a police complaint about public nuisances such as eve-teasing, smoking in public places, drunk people creating nuisances, loud sound systems at night parties, or illegal activities including gambling and betting.

For serious cases, reach out to your local police station or higher-ranking officers. Be aware of your rights and protect against misconduct by police officials, as defined in the “citizen charter” of the Karnataka Police.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

in accordance with Home Department regulations, the grievance redressal mechanism of Karnataka Police has a three-tiered structure within each administrative hierarchy. Begin at the local police station and, if necessary, escalate the matter to the District Superintendent of Police (SP). Further, the matter can be escalated to Range Inspector General (IG), and finally, to the Director General of Police (DGP).

Administrative structure of Karnakata State Police
Administrative structure of Karnakata State Police (

In the Commissionerate system of Karnataka Police, the City Commissioner of Police (CP) and the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) at the City Police Headquarters hold positions as higher authorities.

Filing a Complaint:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Resolution Period As per the rules defined by Karnakata Police (read citizen charter or code of conduct)
FIR Filing Immediately at the Police Station
Copy of FIR Free of Cost (mandatory)

Methods of Lodging an FIR/Complaint with Karnataka Police:

  1. Online: Submit complaints/FIRs online through the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS), Citizen Centric Portal. You may also use social channels or the Karnataka State Police App for filing complaints.
  2. Offline: Dial 112 for Emergency Response and report incidents, call on the helpline number, or visit local police stations to file FIRs or make complaints in person.

3 Levels of Escalation:

  • Superintendent of Police (SP), District
  • Inspector General of Police (IGP), Range
  • Director-General & Inspector General of Police (DG & IGP), Karnataka State Police Headquarters

To escalate pending cases, communicate with the designated Police Officer of the respective department in Karnataka.

Level 1: File an e-FIR or Complaint, Karnataka Police

In Karnataka, citizens can request for investigation for general cases, be they civil or criminal, by submitting a complaint or registering an FIR at the local police station. For non-serious cases, whether civil or non-criminal, the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) platform can be used to lodge an online e-FIR or Police Complaint.

When filing an online FIR or police complaint, ensure to include the following details:

  1. Complainant Details: Name, address, and contact information of the person filing the complaint.
  2. Incident Details: Nature of the incident, Information about the victim, accused (if known), and Date and time of the incident.
  3. Stolen Property or Motor Vehicle Details (if applicable)
  4. Supporting Documents: Include any supporting documents, identification cards, or media files of evidence that can help in the investigation.
  5. Specify the preferred Police Station where you would like the FIR to be registered or the complaint to be addressed.

When submitting the FIR, you may use plain paper and use a simple application format that includes the mentioned information. There is generally no specific format required for the FIR/complaint application.

1. File an FIR

Register an e-FIR (Non-SR cases):

Lodge Online FIR to Karnataka Police File an FIR
Track FIR Status Click to Search
Local Police Station Click to contact (
DGP Police Headquarters
File your complaint

For technical problems related to CCTNS – Karnataka, while registering a complaint, send an email to the Nodal Officer at or call at +918022943781 / +918022943072.

Want to file a case? File a case online by e-filing to District/High Courts.

Emergency tip: In emergency situations, you may “request help” from the 112 Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) in Karnataka, providing your location.

Citizen Helplines:

Police Helpline Number 112, 18004250100, +918022942111
DGP Police HQ Control Room +918022211777, +918022942337
Other Helplines 1090 (Women), 1098 (Child)
Traffic Police Control Room
+918022943131 (East), +918022943030 (West), +918022943663 (Central)
Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) +918022342101, +918022342103

Report a cybercrime: Call 1930 or file a complaint online through the  National Cybercrime Reporting Portal. Additionally, send an email detailing the cybercrime to the Cyber Crime Department at

2. Lodge a Police Complaint

Register a police complaint (Civil or Criminal) with Karnataka State Police about the incident:

Register Online Police Complaint File a Complaint
Report lost document/article Click to Report
Email (Police HQ)

Police Control Room:

Important: For more detailed information about the Karnataka Police, you can file an online RTI (Right to Information) request with the department.

3. E-Services

Karnataka Police offers a range of e-services for citizens, facilitating online access to certificates and licenses through Seva Sindhu. These services include online applications for Police Clearance Certificates, traffic challan payments, character verification, and verification for domestic help or tenants.

You can apply online or download forms for these services:

1. License:

  • Temporary License for Sale of Crackers
  • License for Amplified Sound Systems
  • License for Amusement

2. Application:

  • Clearance and No Objection Certificate (High rise Building)
  • NOC for Petrol Pump, Hotel, Gas Agency, Passport etc
  • NOC for Setting up for Petroleum, Diesel and Naphtha Sale and Transport
  • Police Clearance Certificate for going abroad/Foreign Nationals
  • Police Verification Certificate (PVC) for Domestic servants, tenants, or Paying Guests

3. Application for Other Services:

  • For police antecedent verification certificate (Sindhutva – G2G)
  • For Locked home registration
  • Permission for Peaceful Assembly and Procession
  • Complaint registration for citizen services

Access these citizen services online and download the necessary forms through the “Seva Sindhu – Karnataka State Police” portal of the Govt. of Karnataka.

Police Commissionerates, Karnataka State Police

If citizen complaints are not resolved at the local police station, contact the Police Control Room of the respective City Police Commissionerate of the Karnataka State Police. Each City Commissionerate is headed by the Commissioner of Police (CP).

Contact details of concerned Police Commissionerates:

Commissionerate Contact Details
CP, Bengaluru City Phone: +918022942222, +918022942215
CP, Mysuru City Phone: +918212418339, +918212418300
CP, Mangaluru City Phone: +918242220800, +918242220801
CP, Hubballi-Dharwad City Phone: +918362233555, +918362233500
CP, Belagavi City Phone: +918312405233, +918312405279
CP, Kalaburagi City Phone: +918472228112, +918472248500

District Superintendent of Police (SP)

If your complaint is not addressed at the local police station, particularly for criminal, serious, or corruption-related cases, you should escalate it to the Superintendent of Police (SP) in your district.

Please note: If your citizen service complaints persist without resolution or if you have grievances regarding the functioning of the police, you can submit a complaint online through the “Janaspandana – Integrated Public Grievance Redressal System (IPGRS)” to the Appellate Officer for Karnataka Police at the Home Department of the Government of Karnataka.

Contact respective district SP:

SP, District Contact Information
S.P. Mysuru Phone: +918212520040, +918212418612
S.P. Kodagu Phone: +918272229000, +918272228330
S.P. Mandya Phone: +918232224500, +918232224888
SP Hassan Phone: +918172268410
SP Chamarajanagar Phone: +918226222243
SP, Dakshina Kannada Phone: +918242220503, +918242220500
SP, Uttara Kannada Phone: +918382226233, +918382223093
SP, Udupi Phone: +918202534777, +918202526444
SP, Chikkamagaluru Phone: +918262230403, +918262235608
S.P. Chitradurga Phone: +918194222781, +918194222782
SP Haveri Phone: +918375232800, +918375237368
SP Shivamogga Phone: +918182261400, +918182261413
S.P Davanagere Phone: +918192253400, +918192259100
SP Tumkur Phone: +918162272451, +918162277222
SP Kolar Phone: +918152243060, +918152243066
SP Bengaluru Phone: +918022264350, +918022256767
SP, Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) Phone: +918153274291, +918153274743
SP, Chikkaballapura Phone: +918156277210, +918156277211
SP Ramanagar Phone: +918027273700, +918027271100
SP Belagavi Phone: +918312405204, +918312405231
SP Vijayapura Phone: +918352250152, +918352250751
SP Dharwad Phone: +918362233200, +918362233201
S.P. Bagalkot Phone: +918354235077, +918354235079
SP Gadag Phone: +918372236260, +918372220509
S.P Kalaburagi Phone: +918472263602, +918472263604
SP Bidar Phone: +918482226700, +918482226704
SP Yadgiri Phone: +918473253730, +918473253778
SP, Ballari Phone: +918392258300, +918392258100
S.P Raichur Phone: +918532235001, +918532235100
S.P., Koppal Phone: +918539230111, +918359230100
SP Vijayanagar Phone: +918394224933

Level 2: Range Inspector General of Police (IGP), Karnataka Police

At level 2, the Inspector General of Police (IG) is head of the Range to oversee district law enforcement. If a case remains unresolved despite the efforts of the District Superintendent of Police (SP), it should be escalated to the respective Range IGP in Karnataka.

Contact Range Inspector General of Police (IGP):

IGP Range Contact Information
IGP Ballari Range Phone: +918392254400, +918392255009
IGP Central Range, Bengaluru Phone: +918022264412, +918022942598
IGP Eastern Range, Davangere Phone: +918192237830, +91819237829
IGP Northern Range, Belagavi Phone: +918312405201, +918312405200
IGP North Eastern Range, Kalaburagi Phone: +918472263601
IGP Southern Range, Mysuru Phone: +918212421200, +918212418602
IGP Western Range, Mangalore Phone: +918242220501

Level 3: Director General of Police (DGP), Karnataka Police

The Director General & Inspector General of Police (DG & IGP) functions as the principal administrative authority, overseeing police matters across all jurisdictions under the Range Inspector General of Police (IG) and the Karnataka Police. If you have unresolved complaints or cases at lower levels, you have the option to escalate them to the DGP’s office for further review and resolution.

Contact Director General of Police (DGP) Office:

Designation, KSP Contact Information
DG & IGP, Karnataka State Police Phone: +918022942999, +918022942882
ADGP, Law & Order Phone: +918022942103, +918022211834
DGP, CID, Special Units & Economic Offence Phone: +918022254789, +918022942211
ADGP Anti-Corruption Bureau Phone: +918022342101
ADGP, CR & TS Phone: +918022942102
ADGP, CTRS Phone: +918022942106, +918022238000
IGP, HQRS Phone: +918022942102, +918022942282
AIGP, Crime Phone: +918022211845
DIGP, Railways Phone: +918022102659
IGP, Forest Cell (CID Office) Phone: +918022288600, +918022942234
CID Civil Control Room Phone: +918022942444, +918022094498
Bengaluru City Control Room Phone: +918022942222, +918022943400
Railway Control Room Phone: +918022942666

Need more help? For department-specific assistance in Karnataka, follow the defined procedures by the Karnataka Police. Contact the Control Room of the Director General of Police for guidance. If urgent, visit the nearest police station. Further, you may take help from a professional, like a lawyer, for additional legal advice.


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