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Tamil Nadu Police – How to Register an FIR or Complaint to Tamil Nadu Police?


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Tamil Nadu Police is the primary law enforcement agency of Tamil Nadu, India. It is headquartered in Chennai, the state capital city of Tamil Nadu. TN Police is headed by the Director General of the Police under the administration of the Home Department, Government of Tamil Nadu.

The administrative structure of the Tamil Nadu Police is divided into 9 City Police Commissionerates headed by the Commissioner of Police (CP), 4 zones each headed by an Inspector General of Police (IG), and 11 ranges headed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG).

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The departments and special units of the TN Police are:

  • Law and Order
  • Criminal Branch (CID)
  • Intelligence Bureau
  • Traffic
  • Cybercrime
  • Economic Offences Wing
  • Prohibition and Enforcement

Other Special Units are Tamil Nadu Special Police Squad, armed police, coastal security group, commando/rapid action force, and railway police.

Need assistance from the Tamil Nadu Police or want to report an incident? You can call the toll-free helpline number for immediate support, send an email, visit the nearest police station to report the incident in person or file a complaint/e-FIR online. Please provide detailed and accurate information when using these channels for reporting incidents.

Tamil Nadu Police offers various citizen services including:

  • Report: Lost/stolen items
  • e-FIR (Non-SR)
  • Complaints (civil/criminal)
  • Report lost documents
  • Missing persons/children
  • Search/track FIR
  • Report economic offences
  • Search Arrest/wanted persons
  • Police verification certificates
  • e-Application and tenant registration
  • NOC and licenses
  • Event permissions
  • Citizen-friendly police stations

In case of emergencies, you can directly dial the 112 or call on the local police station number.

Please note: To report a civil or criminal incident in Tamil Nadu, visit the nearest police station to file a formal FIR/NCR (Non-Cognizable Report) with evidence. If the initial complaint is not addressed, escalate the case to higher police authorities or appellate officers. Refer to the provided instructions for detailed guidance.

How to File an e-FIR or Complaint to Tamil Nadu Police?

The Tamil Nadu Police provides an integrated online system for citizens to report incidents and complaints through the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS). You can register complaints or file e-FIRs for unknown accused or Non-SR (Non-Special Report) cases.

It’s important to understand the difference between complaints and FIRs before filing:

  • Police Complaint: A complaint can be made orally or in writing, accusing someone of an offence, for both cognizable and non-cognizable crimes without a specific format.
  • FIR: An FIR (First Information Report) is the initial information, orally or in writing, about cognizable offences submitted to the police station. It must be registered with the officer in charge. Police investigate, and the Magistrate may take action based on the report.

For severe criminal/civil cases, contact your local police station or higher-ranking Police Officers. Understand your rights as a citizen and protect yourself from unusual situations or police misconduct, as defined in the “citizen charter” of Tamil Nadu Police.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

According to the rules and guidelines of the Home Department, the grievance redressal mechanism of the Tamil Nadu Police is divided into 4 levels in each administrative hierarchy. Starting at the local police station, cases can be escalated to the Superintendent of Police (SP) and further to the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) of the Range and the Zonal IG. Finally, the case can be presented before the Director General of Police (DGP).

In the case of the Commissionerate system, the higher authority is the City Commissioner of Police (CP). Further, you may approach the DCP at TN Police HQ.

Complaint filing:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Resolution Period As per the rules defined by Tamil Nadu Police (read citizen charter)
FIR Filing Immediately at the Police Station
Copy of FIR Free of Cost (mandatory)

Methods for filing a complaint/FIR:

  • Online: CCTNS – Tamil Nadu Police, social channels, and mobile app (DIGICOP, Kaaval Uthavi, and TN Police Citizen Services)
  • Offline: Dial 112 (in an emergency), call the police helpline number, or visit local police stations to file written complaints or FIRs.

4 Levels of Escalation:

If your case is not addressed within the given period, escalate it to the following levels:

  • Level 1: Superintendent of Police (SP) at District
  • Level 2: Deputy Inspector General of Police (IG), Range Office
  • Level 3: Inspector General of Police (IG), Zonal Office
  • Level 4: Director General of Police (DGP), HQ

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the designated Police Officer in the respective department to escalate your pending complaints or cases.

Level 1: File an e-FIR or Complaint, TN Police

Citizens can initially submit a complaint or register an FIR with the Tamil Nadu Police at the local police station to start an investigation in general cases (civil or criminal). Additionally, if the case is non-serious (civil or non-criminal), lodge an online e-FIR or Police Complaint through CCTNS.

To file an online FIR or complaint with the Tamil Nadu Police, provide the following details:

  • Complainant Information: Name, current and permanent address, and ID (if not registered)
  • Incident Details: Date and time, location with specific address, and detailed description of the incident/case
  • Victim’s Information (if applicable): Personal details, address, and statement
  • Stolen Property Details (if applicable): This can be jewellery, vehicles, mobiles, electronics, etc.
  • Motor Vehicle Details (if applicable): Vehicle number, model, and registration details
  • Accused Information (if known): Name, address, and contact number
  • Documents and Media: Attach supporting documents, images, or videos related to the incident in supported formats.
  • Preferred Police Station: Choose or specify your local police station

1. CCTNS – Tamil Nadu Police

Register an FIR or Complaint:

Online FIR or Complaint to TN Police File an FIR/Complaint
Track Complaint Status Click to Status

For technical problems related to CCTNS while registering a complaint, send an email to or

Citizen helplines:

Ensure all relevant information is provided accurately when filing the online FIR or complaint with the Tamil Nadu Police.

Tip: In case of an emergency, “request help” from the 112 Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) – Tamil Nadu with your location.

You can either submit the complaint or e-FIR form (Non-SR) online or visit the nearest police station to lodge a formal FIR (civil/criminal). After successful submission, don’t forget to keep a record of the acknowledgement ID or FIR Number.

Please note: In case of no response after filing an FIR with the Tamil Nadu Police, contact the District Superintendent of Police (SP). If the issue persists, escalate the case to the Inspector General of Police (IG) of the Range.

For additional information related to the Tamil Nadu Police, you can file an RTI online (Right to Information) with the department. This allows you to request specific information from the concerned department if necessary.

2. Report an Incident

You may send an email or contact the respective departments or special units of the Tamil Nadu Police to report an incident or offence that is not actively addressed.

Please note: If you want to complain about a ragging incident, call the Anti-Ragging Squad at 18001805522 or send an email to with basic details.

3. E-Services

Tamil Nadu Police provides e-services like Police Clearance Certificates, traffic challan payments, Character Verification, E-Pay Finger Print Bureau, and domestic help/tenant documentation.

Citizens can access forms for licenses and verifications online such as:

  • Arms License
  • Gymnasium License
  • Browsing Center License
  • Video Library License
  • TENANT Verification / Information Form

To access these citizen services, use “”, an integrated CCTNS portal of Tamil Nadu Police.

Police Commissionerates, Tamil Nadu Police

For unresolved complaints, contact the Police control room or email the respective City Police Commissionerate of TN Police.

Contact details of concerned Police Commissionerates:

Commissioner of Police, City Contact Information
Avadi Phone: +914426371800
Chennai Phone: +914423452320
Coimbatore Phone: +914222300250, +914226542222
Madurai Phone: +914522533005
Salem Phone: +914272221100, +914272224000
Tambaram Phone: +914424502525
Tirunelveli Phone: +914622902696
Tiruppur Phone: +914212245000
Trichy Phone: +914312332566

District Superintendent of Police (SP)

If your complaint is not resolved at the local police station in Tamil Nadu, especially for criminal, serious, or corruption-related cases, escalate it to the Superintendent of Police (SP) in your district.

Note: If citizen service complaints remain unresolved, lodge a grievance online through the Integrated and Inclusive Public Grievance CM Helpline Management System (IIPGCMS) to the Appellate Officer for Tamil Nadu Police at Home Department of Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

District SP Contact Details
SP, Ariyalur Phone: +914329222106
SP, Chengalpattu Phone: +914429540555
SP, Coimbatore Phone: +914222300600
SP, Cuddalore Phone: +914142284330
SP, Dharmapuri Phone: +914342230000
SP, Dindigul Phone: +919498101234
SP, Erode Phone: +914242261200
SP, Kallakurichi Phone: +91944463394
SP, Kancheepuram Phone: +914427237720
SP, Kanyakumari Phone: +914652220047
SP, Karur Phone: +914324255500
SP, Krishnagiri Phone: +914343239601
SP, Madurai Phone: +914522539477, +914522539466
SP, Mayiladuthurai Phone: N/A
SP, Nagapattinam Phone: +914365248777
SP, Namakkal Phone: +914286280791
SP, Nilgiris Phone: +914232223839
SP, Perambalur Phone: +919498100690
SP, Pudukkottai Phone: +914322265613
SP, Ramanathapuram Phone: +914567290113
SP, Ranipet Phone: +919445452219
SP, Salem Phone: +914272274747, +914272402399
SP, Sivagangai Phone: +914575240427
SP, Tenkasi Phone: +9146333212455, +914633299516
SP, Thanjavur Phone: +914362277110, +91436227190
SP, Theni Phone: +914546254100
SP, Thirupathur Phone: +919498140141
SP, Thoothukudi Phone: +914612330111, +914612340200
SP, Tirunelveli Phone: +914622568020
SP, Tiruppur Phone: +914212970010
SP, Tiruvallur Phone: +914427666555
SP, Tiruvannamalai Phone: +914175233431
SP, Tiruvarur Phone: +914366250377
SP, Trichy Phone: +914312333603, +914312333609
SP, Vellore Phone: +914162232999
SP, Viluppuram Phone: +914146222172
SP, Virudhunagar Phone: +914562252300


Designation Contact Details
SP, Chennai Railways Phone: +914428364338 Email:
SP, Trichy Railways Phone: +914312472033, +914312471933

Level 2: Range Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), TN Police

At level 2, the Tamil Nadu Police appoints a Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) for each Range to oversee district law enforcement. If issues aren’t resolved by District SP, escalation to Range DIG is possible.

Contact Range Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG):

Range DIG Contact Information
DIG Kancheepuram Phone: +914427239009
DIG Villupuram Phone: +914146223620
DIG Vellore Phone: +914162232602
DIG Coimbatore Phone: +914222215000
DIG Salem Phone: +914272400900
DIG Trichy Phone: +914312333909
DIG Thanjavur Phone: +914362277577
DIG Dindigul Phone: +914512411800
DIG Ramnad Phone: +914567290780
DIG Tirunelveli Phone: +914622908037
DIG Madurai Phone: +914522531317

Level 3: Zonal Inspector General of Police (IG), TN Police

At Level 3, each zone has an Inspector General of Police (IG) who supervises law enforcement activities in both the range and its districts. If local issues cannot be resolved by the District Superintendent of Police (SP), escalate the concerns to the Zonal Inspector General (IG).

Contact Zonal IG:

Zonal IG Contact Details
IGP North Zone Phone: +914422324232
IGP West Zone Phone: +914222223585
IGP Central Zone Phone: +914312333755
IGP South Zone Phone: +914522522596

Level 4: Director General of Police (DGP), Tamil Nadu Police

In Tamil Nadu, the Director General of Police (DGP) is the administrative head overseeing police matters unresolved at the Zonal Inspector General of Police (IG) level. Complaints unresolved at lower levels can be escalated to the DGP’s office.

 Contact Director General of Police (DGP) Office:

Designation Contact Details
DGP Phone: +914428448000, +914428447701
Fax: 044-28447703
ADGP Admin Phone: +914428447705
ADGP Hqrs. Phone: +914428447706

Special Police Units:

Designation, Special Unit Contact Information
ADGP, Crime Branch CID Address: NO.220, Pantheon Road, Eqmore, Chennai-8.
Phone: +914428512501
ADGP, Cyber Crime Wing Address: No.3, Dr. Natesan Road, Police Training College Campus, 3rd Floor, Cyber Crime Wing, Ashok Nagar, Chennai-600083.
Phone: +914428447749
ADGP Crime Address: Crime Unit, No.220, Pantheon Road, Egmore, Chennai-600008.
Phone: +914428511580
ADGP, Economic Offence Wing Address: Police Training College No.2, Natesan Salai, 2nd Floor, Ashok Nagar, Chennai.
Phone: +914422501307
IGP, Traffic Address: Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai-600004.
Phone: +914428442400
ADGP, Railways Address: Old Commissioner Office, 4th Floor, Egmore, Chennai.
Phone: +914428513656
ADGP, Coastal Security Guard Address: Office of the DGP, New Building, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai-600004.
Phone: +914428447747
ADGP, Armed Police Address: Office of the ADGP, No.10 Armed Police Lotus Garden, Kilpauk, Chennai-600010.
Phone: +914425322233

Need assistance with a specific department? Follow Tamil Nadu Police guidelines and reach out to the Director General of Police’s control room. Alternatively, visit your nearby police station or seek advice from a legal expert, like a lawyer, for additional legal support and guidance.


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