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KDMC, Thane: How to Register a Complaint to Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation?


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Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC), source:

Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) known as Kalyan Dombivli Mahanagarpalika (कल्याण डोम्बिवली महानगरपालिका), established on October 1, 1983, is an urban local governing body of the Kalyan and Dombivli regions in Thane District, Maharashtra. With a population of 1,518,762 as per the 2011 Census, KDMC’s administrative area of the city is 116.04 sq. km. The corporation is divided into Kalyan and Dombivli Divisions with 122 wards to provide citizen services, public utilities, and build infrastructure & public facilities.

Departments of KDMC:

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  • Accounts & Audit
  • Additional Commissioner Office
  • Administration
  • Disaster Management & Fire
  • Education
  • Municipal Election
  • Environment Pollution Control
  • Estate & Encroachment
  • Garden & Parks
  • Health & Solid Waste Management
  • Legal & Law
  • Property Tax & Mutation
  • Public Works & Engineering
  • Slum & Social Welfare
  • Sports
  • Town Planning
  • Transport & Vehicle
  • Vigilance And Quality Control

Also, the smart city project is managed by the Smart Kalyan Dombivali Development Corporation Ltd (SKDDCL) department of the municipal corporation.

To address concerns related to civic services of Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation, residents are encouraged to report issues pertaining to public utilities and civic amenities, including garbage collection, road and drainage maintenance, water/sewerage connections, as well as trade, business, and tax-related matters.

Want to lodge a complaint to KDMC? You can submit your concerns through the toll-free citizen helpline number, email, or the online grievance redressal platform. If the problem persists, escalate the grievance to the Deputy Municipal Commissioner or HOD (Head of Department) of the respective department.

Is it not resolved to your satisfaction? Further, escalate the grievance to the Public Grievance Cell or the Municipal Commissioner/Mayor of Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation.

How to Lodge a Civic Complaint to Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC)?

As per the citizen charter of Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation, the grievance redressal process is divided into three levels. If your initially submitted complaint remains unresolved, escalate it to the designated nodal officer at the next level for further resolution.

Grievance Redressal:

Registration fee No Charges (0)
Resolution Period Up to 30 days (May vary, read citizen charter of Kalyan Dombivli Mahanagarpalika)
Refund Period As per the charges/tax refund rules of the municipal corporation

3 Levels of Complaint Resolution:

  • Level 1: Designated Officers, Kalyan Dombivli Mahanagarpalika:
    • Toll-free citizen helpline number
    • WhatsApp/Email
    • Online Grievance Redressal (Online form)
    • Written complaint letter (Zonal office/headquarters)
  • Level 2: HOD or Deputy Municipal Commissioner, KDMC
  • Level 3: Municipal Commissioner or Public Grievance Cell (Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation)

Note: Still not resolved to your satisfaction by KDMC? Lodge a public grievance through Aaple Sarkar to the State Appellate Authority of the Ministry of Urban Local Bodies, Govt. of Maharashtra.

Level 1: Designated Officers, KDMC

If you encounter issues related to services of Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation, such as administration, civic problems, and public services like water, roads, electricity, or waste management, then you can register a complaint with the designated officers of the relevant departments.

Alternatively, you may draft a formal complaint letter and dispatch it to the municipal corporation’s headquarters. Include the following details in the letter:

  • Name and current address
  • Nature of complaint
  • Concerned department (if known)
  • The exact location of the issue
  • Describe the issue in detail, including relevant dates, times, and ward names (if available).

KDMC Citizen Helpline Number

Residents of the Kalyan Dombivli region of Thane can easily lodge complaints about civic services by reaching out to the centralized toll-free helpline number provided by the Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation. Additionally, you can also report problems to KDMC through the emergency control room in zonal offices or via WhatsApp/Email to get redressal.

KDMC Helpline Number:

KDMC Helpline Number
KDMC Citizen Complaint Number +912512206206
Septic Tank Helpline No. 14420
Email (MC)
Email (Online Payment)

Note: Not resolved or dissatisfied with the final response of officers? Escalate the complaint to the Head or Deputy Municipal Corporation of the concerned department.

KDMC Department

Lodge a Civic Complaint to the Concerned Department:

Designation, Department Phone No. & Email
Executive Engineer, Water Supply (Kalyan Div) Phone: +912512206206
Executive Engineer, Water Supply (Dombivli Div), AMRUT Phone: +912512206206
Executive Engineer, Electrical Phone: +912512206206
Chief Accounting and Finance Officer, Accounts Dept Phone: +912512200390
Municipal Chief Auditor, Audit Dept Phone: +912512201168
Assistant Director, Asst Director of Town Planning Phone: +912512203621
Municipal Secretary, Municipal Secretary Dept Phone: N/A
Executive Engineer, SWM Projects Phone: +912512206206
Executive Engineer, Transport, Education, Water Supply Phone: +912512206206

Additionally, don’t forget to file your complaint online to get faster redressal without going to the KDMC Headquarters and easily track the submitted grievances online.

File a Complaint Online

To lodge a complaint online with Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC), you can use email, social media platforms, or the online complaint portal.

Online grievance registration form of KDMC
Online grievance registration form of KDMC (source:

Include in your complaint form:

  • Personal Information: Provide your full name, email, and contact number to register (if not registered)
  • Address: Nearby Location, Division, Ward, and Residence ID (UID/Election ID)
  • Details of the Complaint: Category, Property/ Connection No., and Description of Issue
  • Attachments: If you have any supporting documents, photos, or other evidence (up to 5MB pdf, png, jpg file size)

Tip: After submitting your complaint, ensure to note down the reference number provided. If you submit a written complaint, request an acknowledgement receipt from the designated officer or the reception at the Head Office of KDMC.

Complain online to Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation:

Register online complaint to KDMC File your complaint
Track submitted complaint Track status
X (Twitter) @KDMCOfficial
Mobile App KDMC 24X7
Android | iOS

Note: Dissatisfied with the final response or not resolved? You can escalate the submitted complaint to the First Appellate Officer or Deputy Municipal Commissioner of the respective department of the Municipal Corporation.

Sexual Harassment Cell for Women, KDMC

If you encounter any incidents of sexual harassment involving individuals employed within Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation, please report the incident to the Internal Complaints Committee of the Sexual Harassment Cell for Women in KDMC within three months of the incident.

Note: You are encouraged to share any relevant videos, pictures, or other evidence you may have with the designated members within the cell. Further, you may register the complaint to the National Commission for Women (NCW), Govt. of India.


Access Kalyan Dombivli Mahanagarpalika’s e-services to apply for new water and sewerage connections online. Also, make online payments for property tax, apply for trade licenses, request building approvals, obtain NOCs, download forms, and access other civic services.

KDMC Citizen Services:

Tip: According to the Right to Public Services Act, 2015 of Govt. of Maharashtra, if the citizen services are not delivered within a given timeframe then you may lodge a grievance to the appointed First and Second Appellate Officer of KDMC through the online grievance portal or Aaple Sarkar, an Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS).

Level 2: Deputy Municipal Commissioner, KDMC

If your submitted complaint to Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation at level 1 is not resolved to your satisfaction, then you can escalate the grievance to the Deputy Municipal Commissioner (First Appellate Officer) of the respective departments. This can be done by reopening the previous complaint or writing a grievance letter to the KDMC Head Office.

Must include within the grievance form:

  • Detail of previously submitted complaint, including any reference number or acknowledgement receipt.
  • Reason for dissatisfaction (if received a response)
  • Expected relief or resolution
  • Attach supporting documents (if any)

Note: You can also lodge a public grievance online through Aaple Sarkar (IGRS), Govt. of Maharashtra to Appellate Officers of the Kalyan Dombivli Mahanagarpalika.

Contact or write to:

Designation Deputy Municipal Commissioner, General Admin. (KDMC)
Phone Number +912512206175
Address Public Grievance Cell – Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation, KDMC Head Office, Shivaji Chowk, Kalyan – 421301

Note: If your submitted grievance is not resolved to your satisfaction by the respective Head of Department then escalate the disputed matter to the Second Appellate Officer of Public Grievance Cell or Municipal Commissioner/Mayor, KDMC.

HOD or Deputy Municipal Commissioner of Respective Department:

Designation, KDMC Department Phone No. & Email
Deputy Commissioner, Encroachments, Rehabilitation, and Renovation Phone: +912512211367
Deputy Commissioner, SWM, Govt Project, Vehicle and Mechanical Department Phone: +912512206206
Deputy Commissioner, Parimandal -1 Store, and Local Body Tax Department Phone: +912512206206
Email: N/A
Deputy Commissioner, Sub State Circle -2, Computer, Education, and Sports & Cultural Phone: +912512206206
Deputy Commissioner, Estate Management, Market and Licensing, and Vigilance/Quality Department Phone: +912512205619
Email: N/A
Deputy Commissioner, Property Tax Phone: +912512200924
Transport Manager, Transport Department Phone: +912512206206
City Engineer, KDMC Head Office Phone: +91251220612

Level 3: Municipal Commissioner, Kalyan-Dombivli Mahanagarpalika

If you’re dissatisfied with the final resolution of your submitted complaint by the concerned HOD or Deputy Municipal Commissioners of Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation, then you can escalate the grievance to the Municipal Commissioner (Second Appellate Officer) or Mayor of the corporation.

To escalate the disputed matter, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Write a complaint letter or re-open the submitted online complaint.
  • Step 2: Provide previous complaint details, reference number, expected resolution, and any supporting documents, images, or videos.
  • Step 3: Alternatively, reopen your online complaint using your grievance ID through Aaple Sarkar (IGRS), Maharashtra.
  • Step 4: Submit this grievance letter to the Municipal Commissioner via post, email, or in person at the Head Office.

Tip: Must receive an acknowledgement receipt as proof of submission.

Escalate your complaint to:

Designation Municipal Commissioner/Mayor, KDMC
Phone Number +912512203621
Address Attn: Municipal Commissioner or Mayor – Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation, KDMC Head Office, Shivaji Chowk, Kalyan – 421301.

NoteDissatisfied with the final resolution of KDMC? You may lodge a public grievance to the State Appellate Authority of the Ministry of Urban Local Bodies, Govt. of Maharashtra under the RTPS Act, 2015.

Tip: Has action not been taken for corruption charges against the officers/employees? You should file a complaint to Lokayukta, Maharashtra for corruption/bribery.

Appellate Authority: Ministry of Urban Local Bodies, Maharashtra

According to the Right to Public Services Act, 2015, If you are not satisfied with the final decision or your submitted complaints are not resolved by Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation, then escalate the disputed matter by filing a public grievance with the Nodal Officer (State Appellate Authority) of the Ministry of Urban Local Bodies (ULB), Government of Maharashtra.

Ways to file your complaints to the Ministry:

  • Aaple Sarkar (IGRS), Maharashtra: Lodge your public grievance to the Department of Urban Local Bodies (ULB) against the final decision of the Second Appellate Officer (MC), Kalyan-Dombivli Mahanagarpalika.

Note: Dissatisfied with the decision made by the concerned department (ULB) of the Government of Maharashtra? Consider seeking guidance from a legal expert to know available legal remedies. Further, you may appeal to the concerned judicial court for a resolution.

Types of complaints

The list of issues that can be resolved by the respective department of the Kalyan-Dombivli Mahanagarpalika are listed below.

  • Birth & Death Department
  • Drainage Department
  • Encroachment/ Unauthorized Construction
  • Employee Complaint
  • Encroachment on Road/Footpath/Other Public Spaces
  • Footpath
  • General Administration
  • Hospital
  • License Department
  • Marriage Registration Department
  • Noise Pollution
  • Playgrounds/Gardens
  • Private Hospital
  • Property Tax Department
  • Public Health Department
  • Public Toilet
  • Repairs To Municipal Properties
  • Road & Traffic Related
  • Solid Waste Management (Garbage)
  • Storm Water Drainage
  • Street Light
  • Tree Authority
  • Underground Drainage(Chambers/ Manholes Under Road)
  • Water Supply Department


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