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ECI Voter Helpline Number: Register Online Complaint to Election Commission of India


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The Election Commission of India (ECI) is a permanent constitutional body that conducts and manages the elections of the President, Vice President, Members of the Parliament, and state assemblies in India.

ECI issues and manages the voter IDs for citizens above the age of 18. It also manages the list of eligible voters, can apply for new Voter Ids and conducts fair elections in the different constituencies and polling booths.

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Voters want to raise their concerns and issues about the elections, voter registration, EPICs, political parties, etc. You may register a complaint to ECI on the national grievance services and National voters service portal.

Some Election/Voter Issues You May like to Raise:

  • Voter/Citizen Related: EPIC (Electors Photo Identity Card), Photo on voter slip, a new application for voter id, correction/updation of details, electoral roll, delay in services/generation of EPIC, Aadhar linking, and other election issues.
  • Political Parties/Candidates: Election expenditure, symbol allotment, candidate application, registration, party recognition, issues with code of conduct, etc.
  • Election Related: Model code of conduct, polling day or polling station issues, EVM and VVPAT status, election expenditures, corruption, unethical practices, District Election Officer (DEO) related, and other complaints about elections of state assemblies and parliament.

You can get help or file a complaint on the toll-free voter helpline numbers of ECI. Also, citizens can register a grievance on the online national grievance services and NVSP. Further, you can write a complaint application to your regional election office (District Election Officer).

Let us find out all the official helplines and ways to raise a complaint about the issues related to Voter services, electoral, elections, and polling booths. Follow the instructions and steps to register your grievance to the Election Commission of India (ECI). This will help you to get faster and the right redressal of the complaints.

File a Complaint to the Election Commission of India (ECI)

The Election Commission of India has provided a national grievance service portal and voter facilitation center for the citizens where you can raise your issues and also can file an online complaint about the elections, voting, political parties, and conducts of the election.

ECI Grievance Redressal Process Flow:

voter complaint redressal process chart flow
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You may also register a complaint on the Voter Helpline number of NVSP, ECI about the Voter Id, EPICs, and other voter registration issues. Citizens have the right to vote with the conduct of fair and transparent elections in their constituencies.

ECI Grievance Registration Fee and Redressal Time Limit:

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Registration Fee: No Charges (₹0)
Redressal Time Limit: Up to 30 working days
To know more, visit the official website –

For this purpose, you can lodge grievances about unethical practices, corruption, failure of administration at the polling booth, issues with the political parties, and violation of the code of conduct. Follow the official grievance redressal system and helplines of ECI.

ECI Voter Helpline Number

Every citizen can call on the toll-free voter helpline number of ECI to raise their complaints or queries about elections, voting dates, electoral roll, EPIC, online NVSP services, new voter registration, and other issues related to elections.

NVSP also has provided a helpline number for queries and issues with the online services on the National Voter’s Services Portal. If you are facing any issues while online registration for a new voter id, approval of the application, document verification, correction/changes or address updation issues, etc. then call this election/voter complaint number.

Voter/Election Helpline Numbers of ECI and NVSP Services:

ECI Voter Helpline Number 1950
NVSP Helpline Number 1800111950
Example: ECI 1234579
ECI Office Contact Numbers/directory Click Here

Follow Steps:

  • Click and call on 1950 voter helpline number of ECI.
  • Select a language – Hindi or English.
  • Choose the option to register a complaint.
  • Provide the required details and a description of the issue.
  • After successful registration of the complaint don’t forget to note down the complaint id/reference number.
  • Visit the link from the table below to track the status of the grievance.

Note – If you are not satisfied with the final resolution or your complaint is not redressed by ECI within the time limit, you may approach the regional election offices (ERO, DEO, or CEO).

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Helpline Numbers of Election Commission of India

Register a complaint on the helpline numbers of the Election Commission of India in the control room of the office (If your issue is not resolved on the toll-free helpline number). First, you should lodge a grievance to the Public Grievance Redressal Officers (PGROs) of your concerned states.

Helpline Numbers and Contact Details of ECI and PGROs of States & UTs:

ECI Control Room Helpline Numbers 01123052220; 01123052221
Address of ECI Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
New Delhi 110001
Official Contact Numbers of CEOs View CEOs Contacts
PGROs (Public Grievance Redressal Officers) Contact Numbers View/Download

Register an Online Complaint

The National Grievance Services Portal is an online public grievance redressal system of the Election Commission of India (ECI). Citizens can register an online complaint or can give suggestions/information about the election activities on this portal.

You may raise an online grievance for election expenditure, election-related complaints, EPIC (Voter) cards, model code of conduct, photo voter slip, electoral roll, etc. Other issues like political parties related, poll day (unethical activities, bribery, or unfair practices), and other general complaints can also be raised.

cVIGIL and the Voter Helpline mobile app of ECI are available on Android and iOS devices where you may use these apps to register your complaint about the elections. On the cVIGIL app, you can raise the issues about unethical practices and bribery on polling day to the Vigilance office of ECI.

The Voter Helpline app is dedicated to the voters and citizens filing a complaint online about the election, EPIC, electoral roll, political parties, and other issues related to elections in state/UTs assemblies and parliament.

Links to File an Online Complaint to the Election Commission of India:

Register a Complaint Online to ECI Register Now
Track Complaint Status Track Now
File Online Complaint on Voter Portal File Complaint
Chief Electoral Officers (CEO) of UTs/States View List
PGROs Contact List of ECI View/Download

Alternative Options:

Voter Helpline App Android iOS
cVIGIL App Android iOS
Login/Register on cVIGIL Portal Visit cVIGIL
Social Media Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

Note – Unsatisfied or not resolved complaints? Visit the office and contact ERO, DEO, PGROs, or CEOs of your state/UTs to lodge a grievance by physical/written application.

Tips – Citizens may file an RTI to the Election Commission of India to seek information about elections and disclosable details.

Complaint Registration Procedure on National Grievance Service Portal, ECI:

Citizen guidance to register grievance to ECI
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  • Visit the link to register an online complaint to ECI.
  • Sign up or log in using the mobile number.
  • Click the register complaint option from the submenu of the complaint.
  • Choose the complaint type and other relevant options.
  • Provide a brief description of the voter/election issues.
  • Upload proof and supportive documents (JPG/JPEG format/ 200KB).

Finally, submit it and note down the reference/complaint number to track the grievance status of ECI.

Steps to Register Complaint on the Voter Portal:

Guidance to lodge complaint on Voter Portal, ECI
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  • Visit the link to file an online complaint on the Voter Portal.
  • Login or register using your mobile number.
  • Click the lodge a complaint option from the submenu of complaint in the menu.
  • Select the nature of the complaint – Voter related, electoral roll, against the official, polling station, or feed/suggestions.
  • Fill out the required information on the complaint form.
  • Submit the online voter complaint form and note down the reference number.

You can use this reference/complaint number to track the status of the grievance on the Voter portal of ECI.

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Useful Online Voter/Election Services of the Election Commission of India

The National Voters’ Services Portal (NVSP), Electoral Search, and Voter Portal of ECI are useful online portals of the Election Commission of India for online voter services. You can apply for the new voter (EPIC) registration, correction/ updation, download an e-EPIC card, and other online election services.

Important Links for the Online Election/Voter Services:

NVSP Online Voter Registration/Service Click
Voter Portal of ECI (Online Voter Services) Register on Voter Portal
Track Online Application Status (NVSP) Track Status
Download Voter Registration Forms View/Download
Electoral Search for Voter Information Search Here

Some other important online election services are – Political Parties Registration Tracking Management Systems (PPRTMS), Observer portal/helpline, Pwd App for people with disabilities citizens, Election results, Electoral search, and ECI SVEEP for the awareness of voters.

Other Online Election Services of ECI:

Political Parties Registration Tracking Management Systems Visit PPRTMS
View Election Results View Results
ECI SVEEP for Voter Education/Electoral Participation Visit SVEEP
PwDs App of ECI Android iOS

Citizens, voters, and electoral candidates may use these useful election services and helplines of the Election Commission of India.

Observer Helpline Number and Online Portal of ECI:

Observer Helpline Number 01123052202
Login on Online Observer Portal Click Here

Observers can visit the links above to log in to the ECI portal and also call or e-mail to get help from the support team of the Election Commission of India.

Types of Election/Voters Issues

These are some issues related to elections and voters for which you can complain to ECI or the regional office:

  • Voter Issues: Voter id related complaints like non-delivery or wrong EPIC, correction/updation, pending requests, new voter registration, etc.; Electoral roll issues (name not found, photo voter slip, or voter list not available); e-EPIC download and other online voter services of ECI.
  • Election Related: Complaint against officials (ERO/ AERO/ DEO or BLO); Report unethical practices or corruption activities; Complaint against facilities in the polling stations (EVM and VVPT); Party-related complaints, and other election issues and suggestions.
  • Political Parties Related: Registration of the party; symbol allotment issues; Election expenditure complaints; corrupt behavior of the candidates of a party; violation of model code of conduct.
  • Model Code of Conduct Related: Money gift or coupon distribution, defacement of property (posters and hoardings); Liquor, tobacco/drug distribution; misuse of government vehicles, media advertising, and other complaints.
  • Contesting Candidates Related: Application/nomination filing issues, rejection or non-approval of application; Symbols issue with Individual candidates, candidate affidavit not available on time, and other related complaints.
  • Poll Day related: Obstruction to voter/polling agents, booth capturing/false voting, booth jam, clash outside the polling station, malfunctioning of EVM, micro-observer not available, or other complaints.
  • Polling Agent and Law & Order Related: Agent drove out/threatened/not present from the polling station, violation of the secrecy of voting, Voter card snatching, misbehavior of polling agent, CAPF/Armed Forces not deployed at the polling station, complaint against police authority, movement of armed goons, and other law & order complaints.


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