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XpressBees: Register a Complaint about Delivery or Logistics Services of XpressBees


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XpressBees, Busybees Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (source:

XpressBees is an Indian technology-enabled logistics and delivery service provider, owned by Busybees Logistics Solutions Private Limited. It offers B2B, B2C, cross-border, and 3PL (Third Party) logistics solutions for e-commerce sellers and enterprises.

Major logistics services of XpressBees include courier deliveries, warehousing, fulfilment, and tracking services. Along with India, the company has a presence in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.

Notice - Be alert! Don't share the financial or banking details and don't share OTP to customer care executive. Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams. Report to Cyber Crime Bureau or Call 1930 as soon as possible to protect your earnings and others.

Regional Office Locations of XpressBees in India:

  • Pune (Head Office)
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi
  • Kolkata
  • Guwahati
  • Hyderabad
  • Bangalore
  • Gurugram

Have complaints about the logistics & shipment services of XpressBees? You can raise your concerns to the customer executives by calling the toll-free customer care number, sending an e-mail, or filing your complaint online to XpressBees for a faster resolution.

Report these issues to XpressBees:

  • Booking: This includes booking for parcels, couriers, freight, cargo, B2C Xpress, 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) or B2B shipments, and related services.
  • Delivery: Issues such as delayed deliveries, damaged or lost packages, cargo shipments, and concerns about charges or fees.
  • Cross-Border Logistics: Problems related to delayed international shipments, tracking issues, and other matters concerning international (cross-border) logistics and courier services.
  • Payments: Assist with refund requests, transaction failures, booking cancellations, and other payment-related concerns for shipments.
  • Partner Relations: Issues about business clients of XpressBees, including billing problems related to delivery or E-Commerce parcels.
  • Other Concerns: Complaints related to industry solutions, business, and e-commerce, including claims for lost or damaged products during shipment or other logistics services.

Still, not resolved? You may escalate the unresolved complaint to the Customer Service Head (CS) or contact the regional office of XpressBees. Further, lodge a grievance to the appointed Grievance Officer, Busybees Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

How to File a Logistics Complaint of XpressBees?

According to the service policy of XpressBees, the complaint resolution process is divided into 2 levels. For B2B or industry logistics service disputes, clients can directly reach out to the appointed officer of the Business department within the company. If not resolved at the first level, then escalate it to the next level.

Grievance Resolution Mechanism:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Resolution Period 15 days (May vary, read the XpressBees service policy to know more)
Refund (cancellation) As per the cancellation & refund policy of the company

Levels of Lodging complaint:

  • Level 1: Customer Service, XpressBees
    • Toll-free customer care number
    • Email
    • Online complaint registration
  • Level 2: Escalate the complaint to the Grievance Officer for XpressBees, Busybees Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

You may also request customer executives to escalate the unresolved complaints at level 1 to the CS Head of XpressBees.

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Not satisfied with the final resolution provided by XpressBees? You may file an informal consumer complaint with the National Consumer Helpline of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs (MoCA) for the violation of consumer rights.

Level 1: Customer Care, XpressBees

To address complaints related to delay, cancellation of delivery, shipment, logistics, or freight (goods), including booking and payment refunds for logistics services with XpressBees, you may call the customer support team, email, or register an online complaint.

Make sure to provide the following details:

  • AWB (Airway Bill) Number
  • Tracking/Booking ID

After successfully registering your complaint, ensure you obtain a reference or ticket number to track the status which can be used to escalate the grievance at Level 2.

Contact Details of XpressBees Customer Service:

Tip: Beware of scams, don’t share bank/personal details; use only the official XpressBees platform for help. Stay safe!

Level 2: Grievance Officer, XpressBees

As Per the IT Act 2000, Busybees Logistics Solutions Private Limited has appointed a Nodal/Grievance Officer for XpressBees to redress the disputes related to privacy/intellectual rights and logistics services.

In specific situations where your complaint about delivery, shipment, or logistics services is not resolved to your satisfaction by customer care executives, then escalate the complaint to the appointed Grievance Officer. To do this, you can send an email or write to the corporate/head office of the company.

Include the following information in the grievance form:

  • Reference/Ticket Number of the Previous Complaint
  • AWB (Airway Bill) or Order ID
  • Expected Relief or Compensation

To lodge your grievance, send an email to XpressBees at For complaints related to XpressBees services, you can contact the Head Office of Busybees Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. at:

Designation Grievance Officer, XpressBees
Phone Number +912049116100, +912049111900
Address Grievance Officer for XpressBees, Busybees Logistics Solutions Private Limited – Unit 1A & 501A, Building B-1, Cerebrum IT Park Kalyani Nagar, Vadgaonsheri Pune – 411014.

Not resolved to your satisfaction by the Grievance Officer or CS Head of XpressBees? You may complain to respective authorities or take legal action.

Legal Authorities

If your complaints submitted to the grievance officer or head office of XpressBees are not resolved to your satisfaction, you may approach these legal authorities:

1. For Consumer Disputes:

2. For B2B or B2C Disputes:

  • Internal Arbitration: Opt for internal arbitration with XpressBees to resolve the dispute through mutual agreement with the company.

3. Take Legal Action:

  • If you remain dissatisfied with XpressBees’ resolution even after initiating internal arbitration, seek advice from a legal expert to understand available legal options.
  • Depending on your case, you can consider taking legal action against XpressBees in a tribunal, judicial court, or higher legal authorities.

However, it is important to take legal advice to know specific laws and regulations applicable to your disputes. This ensures you are well informed about your rights and options before proceeding with any legal action.


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