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Amazon India – Helplines Details & Online Complaint to Amazon about E-Commerce Shopping & Other Service Issues/Problems


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Amazon India is a leading & largest E-commerce company in India. It provides the platform to sell products online, entertainment services, cloud & hosting services, e-book reader platforms, and many more online services in India and the world.

Many users and customers of Amazon face issues with the services of e-commerce, delivery, amazon pay, and other below-listed services of Amazon in India. But some customers don’t know where they should register their complaints or what is the right procedure.

Notice - Be alert! Don't share the financial or banking details and don't share OTP to customer care executive. Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams. Report to Cyber Crime Bureau or Call 1930 as soon as possible to protect your earnings and others.

Be Aware – Customers have to request a call back from the Amazon India web portal or shopping app but the international customer care number is available, you can check from below official details.

Due to the complicated system of Amazon, we are providing some official customer care details, procedures to register online complaints and instructions about the services. Read the list of services below and follow the procedure and details to resolve your complaint about the issues of e-commerce or entertainment services of Amazon.

Complaint Redressal Fee & Time by Amazon:

Complaint Redressal Fee No Fee (Nil)
Grievance Redressal Time Up to 15 Days
Payment Refund Time up to 7 Days

Tips – If the complaint is not resolved within the given time. Know, how customers can approach the national consumer helpline/consumer commission to get redressal of their issues or can demand monetary compensation for their loss or damage.

How to Register Complaints about E-Commerce Shopping and Other Service Issues of Amazon?

Amazon has provided two ways to register complaints about issues or problems with the E-commerce shopping items, delivery, refund, or any other related services.

Amazon complaint registration options

Two Ways to Register Complaint to Amazon:

  1. Call Back Request (Customer Care Executive)
  2. Instant Chat (Chatbot)
  3. Call the Customer Care Number of Amazon

Amazon Customer Care Number and Helpline Details

Amazon Customer Care & Complaint Number 180030009009
WhatsApp Number +916364853635
Support E-mail
Twitter Support (Help) @AmazonHelp
Amazon Mobile App Android | iOS
Social Media Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

Portals/Links of Amazon Services:

Prime Video Open Now
Audible Listen Now
Prime Music Open & Listen
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Click Here
Amazon Business Apply Now
AbeBooks Open to Read
Shopbop Open e-Shop

Procedure to Register Complaint about Amazon Services

Step 1Visit – Register now complaint (Call back request or Chatbot) to Amazon

Step 2: Login by entering your registered mobile no., e-mail, and password, also have to complete the challenge of two-step verification.

Step 3: Two categories will appear with the heading ‘ Want to chat now’ and ‘Get a call from us?’. The options are:

  1. Chat Right Now – Instant help and always available.
    • Click ‘Continue Chat’ from earlier and select the given options in the chatbot as categories are given in the above section.
  2. Have us Call You – Call you right back after a request.
    • Click’ Call Me’ and then categories and sub-categories will be available to select the issue (As listed above).

Step 4: Follow the procedure below to request a call back to Amazon to talk to a customer care executive to register your complaints about the issues with the services.

  1. Select the category in ‘ What can we help you with?’
  2. Select the sub-category in ‘tell us more about your issue.
  3. Select Language in ‘How would you like to contact us?’.
    Choose the desired language from the Recommended language.
  4. Click the ‘Phone’ button and request a call back from the Amazon customer executive.

Step 5: Please note down the complaint reference number to use the future uses.

Note – If your complaint is not resolved or unsatisfied with the final redressal of Amazon. First, you can lodge a grievance to the Grievance Officer, Amazon, and then make a complaint against the shopping order & booking, devices, or other services to the National Consumer Helpline Forum of India.

Categories & Sub-categories of the Complaints about E-commerce & Other Amazon Issues:

  • Orders and Bookings: If you have any questions about your orders and bookings, you can find help with tracking, updating, cancelling, and returning orders, managing your flight, bus, or movie bookings, payment methods, cashback or promotions, installation process, and seller or delivery issues.
  • Devices: For queries related to your devices, the Amazon support team can help you with Kindle e-readers, Echo & Alexa-enabled Amazon devices, and Fire TV devices.
  • Digital Content: For digital content-related queries, we can help you with Kindle eBooks, Prime Video, miniTV, Amazon Music, Appstore for Android, Alexa voice services, and gaming benefits with Prime.
  • Amazon Pay services: If you have any queries related to your Amazon Pay services, managing your Prime subscription, Prime Video, Amazon Music, Prime Reading, password or account settings, website features, giving Amazon feedback, or if you received a suspicious email, get help from the support team as mentioned above.

The Grievance Officer, Amazon India

If your complaint is not resolved within the given time limit or not satisfied with the redressal of the issue then you can lodge a grievance to the appointed Grievance Officer, Amazon. As per the IT Act, 2000 it is compulsory for every e-commerce company to appoint a compliance officer to redress the issues of the customers about the serviced services.

Provide the reference number of previously registered complaints and a description of the issue in the written application in e-pdf format. Attach the pdf and send it to the grievance officer of Amazon.

The E-mail, and Address of the Grievance Officer:

  • Address: Amazon Seller Services Private Limited (9O),
    Nos. 1401 to 1421, 14th Floor Block – E, International Trade Tower,
    Nehru Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110019.
  • E-mail:
  • Fax No: 040–39922887

Read More: Privacy Notice by Amazon

Procedure to Lodge Complaint to National Consumer Disputes Redressal Helplines of India

Detail of Grievance Fee & Redressal Time by NCDRC:

Grievance Fee by NCDRC No Fee (Nil)
Disputes Redressal Time 45 – 90 Days
Monetary Cases Limit up to 5 lakh rupees

Step 1: Click: Register an online complaint to the national consumer helpline

Step 2: Call on toll-free customer care numbers 180011400014404, and 1915 (08:00 AM To 08:00 PM, except holidays).

For complaints about the quality of packed or open food items, you can lodge a grievance to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and get redressal of your issue.

Step 3: Customers can approach the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRM) to file petitions for cases up to 5 lakh rupees within 30 days of the issue occurring.

Follow the steps below to file the case against the products and services of Amazon

  1. Visit: Register online grievance to NCDRM
  2. Fill out the details to open an account and then log in.
  3. Follow the instructions and procedures of NCDRM to file the first petition.
  4. After successful registration of your case, note down the reference number or case no. to track the status of your case

Visit the Links to Know the Official Details of State & Districts Consumer Commissions

  1. Official details of States Consumer Disputes Redressal Commissions
  2. Official details of District Consumer Commissions

These are the available options to register complaints about the consumer services and products of Amazon. You can use these methods in a sequence.

Note – First you must register a complaint to the Amazon grievance system and then approach the consumer grievance redressal forum.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Services of Amazon?

Q. What is the customer care number of Amazon?
Amazon does not provide any toll-free customer care numbers. However, Amazon has provided an online chat (Chatbot) option and call-back requests to register complaints.

Q. Where can I register a complaint against Amazon services?
A. If your issue is not resolved by Amazon within 7 or 15 days, you can approach the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC). Read the above section to know the procedure and details of NCDRC.

Q. How many days does Amazon take to refund the deducted amount due to a failed transaction or after cancelling the product order?
A. Amazon pays back a refund within 7 working days in your transacted bank account or wallet. If you do not get a refund even after 7 working days, register a complaint to Amazon and then NCDRC using the above information.


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