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AMC – How to Register a Complaint to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation?


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Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) was established in July 1950 under the Bombay Provincial Corporation Act of 1949 for the civic infrastructure (basic & structural), development, and administration of Ahmedabad city.  It is an autonomous and self-governing urban body recognized as a metropolitan local government (tier-3).

The motto of the corporation is “Handwork Self-Reliance Service” along with the vision of a “Vibrant, productive, harmonious, sustainable and environmentally friendly, clean and livable city having a responsive local government offering its citizens a good quality of life” for the sustainable and faster growth of the Ahmedabad city and its citizens.

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The administration of the municipal corporation of Ahmedabad is divided into 7 zones and further 48 Wards. The total jurisdiction area is extended up to 450 sq. km. within the city with a population of about 7 million.

Map of AMC, Ahmedabad
Map of AMC, Ahmedabad (

Administrative Zones and Wards of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation:

  • Central Zone:
    • Wards – Shahpur, Asarva, Dariapur, Shahibaug, Khadia, and Jamalpur.
  • North West Zone
    • Wards – Gota, Chandlodia, Ghatlodia, Bodakdev, and Thalatej.
  • South West Zone
    • Wards – Maktampura, Vejalpur, Sarakheja, and Jodhpur.
  • South Zone:
    • Wards – Lambha, Bahrampura, Danilimaḍa, Maninagar, Isanpur, Vatava, Khokhra, and Indrapuri.
  • East Zone:
    • Wards – Vastral, Ramol Hathijan, Bhaipura Hatkeswar, Odhav, Nikol, Gomtipur, Amraiwadi, and Virat Nagar.
  • West Zone:
    • Wards – Paldi, Vasana, Naranpura, Navarangpura, SP Stadium, Ranip, Nava Vadaja, Sabarmati, and Chandkheda.
  • North Zone:
    • Wards – Saraspur, Bapu nagar, Thakkarbapa Nagar, India Colony, Sardarnagar, Naroda, Kubernagar, and Sajipur Bogha.

The major citizen-centric, public utilities, and civic body services of AMC are health facilities, libraries, parks, education, city transport, community halls, etc. Some other services that citizens can access are birth & death registration, property tax payment, building approvals, water & drainage connection, streetlights, road maintenance, etc. If you have any problem with these services then file a complaint on the available helplines of the corporation.

The Departments of AMC for Major Civic Services:

  • Town Planning and Development Department: to apply for building permission, NOC for buildings, and planning for the development of public infrastructure.
  • Engineering Department: to apply for the water & drainage connection, maintenance & repair of municipality roads and drainage system, and building or repairing of new bridges.
  • Health Department: for health & hospital services, birth & death registration, immunization, Swachh Bharat Mission, public toilets management, etc.
  • Environment Services: for solid waste management (garbage), water operation (electrical & mechanical), drainage, etc.
  • Road and Transport: for road & bridge projects, lights (traffic & streetlights), traffic management, and Bus Rapid Transit System.
  • Urban and Poor Housing: for development of the urban community, public amenities, housing & slum networking projects, etc.
  • Other Services: for example cattle nuisance control, heritage department, garden & park management, or fire department.

Residents of the city may register a complaint about the issues related to these public utilities and civic body services by using the toll-free citizen helpline numbers of the municipal corporation of Ahmedabad. You may also file an online complaint via the portal or AMC mobile app.

If you desire, may write a grievance application to the head of the concerned department and submit it at the reception or public relations counter of the headquarters (office) building of Amdavad Municipal Corporation.

Note – If not satisfied with the responses of the officers or issues are not redressed within the timeline as per the citizen charter then citizens may lodge a grievance to the Public Grievance Cell, AMC or write to the zonal commissioner or commissioner of the municipal corporation.

How to File a Complaint to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation?

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation ensures the citizens of the city transparent and faster civic body services without any hurdle, issue, or interruption. If you have any issues or want to report problems related to the civic & public utility services then use the Comprehensive Complaint Redressal System (CCRS) of AMC.

Complaint Registration Fee and Redressal Timeline:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Redressal Time Limit Immediately or up to 30 days (depending on the issue as per the citizen charter of AMC

To know more about the timeline, read the citizen charter of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

The issues will be resolved by the respective departments of the municipal corporation within the given timeline in the citizen charter. You may file a complaint on the toll-free citizen helpline numbers, e-mail, or WhatsApp concerns.

The helpline numbers of the control room of zonal offices can also be used to report the issues. Citizens may also lodge an online complaint on the grievance registration portal and official mobile app.

The Ways to File a Complaint to AMC:

  • AMC Helpline Number
  • Online Complaint Registration
  • Public Grievance Cell, AMC – for unresolved complaints
  • Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO), AMC – for unethical & corrupt practices

If citizens desire may also submit a written complaint application to the nodal officers or head (joint commissioners) of the concerned departments of the Amdavad Municipal Corporation. In the application, you may mention your name, subject of the issue or complaint, description of the issue with hints of evidence & proof, and attach copies of the supporting documents or other proof (if any).

The written application should be submitted to the grievance counter/reception by visiting the head office or respective departments of AMC. You may also visit the ward office or zonal head office to report concerns related to public services within your area. After submission of the application, take the acknowledgement receipt as proof.

If you or any citizen is facing any form of harassment, threats, or violation of laws/misuse of power,  asking bribe or unethical or corrupt practices are being conducted by any employee/officer then instantly report to the Vigilance Officer of the municipal corporation with evidence like image, video, or any documents.

Sexual Harassment Cell for Women, AMC – Any employee or officer of the municipal corporation who is facing any form of sexual harassment by the member, employee, or officer of the Ahmedabad municipal corporation or its administrative wards then write a complaint or report to designated members of the Internal Complaint Committee of Sexual Harassment Cell for Women, AMC within 3 months after the last incident. If not satisfied with the remedies or actions taken by the committee then you may approach the higher designated authority or may take any legal action (if applicable).

Note If not satisfied with the final remedies/action or responses or the complaint is not resolved within the timeline then citizens may lodge a grievance to the citizen grievance authority of the Public Grievance Cell of AMC or to the administrative head of the offices (zonal commissioners or commissioner of head office of the corporation).

AMC Helpline Number

The residents of the Ahmedabad Metropolitan City can use the toll-free citizen helpline numbers that operate 24×7 to get support for any emergency, report any issue, or register a complaint about the civic body services like water supply, streetlights, sewerage & drainage problems, road maintenance, etc. You may also use the zonal control room helpline and contact numbers to report the issue to the zonal or Ward officers.

Citizens may call the representative officers of the respective departments and provide the following details to file a successful complaint:

  • Name, address, and contact number (if asked by the officer)
  • Description of the issue with location and also provide hints of evidence (if any)
  • Reference number (if the complaint is registered to Ward or zonal office).

After successful registration of your complaint, ask for the reference number to track the status and as proof of submission. You may use it for future purposes (if issues are not resolved).

The Citizen Helpline Numbers of the Amdavad Municipal Corporation to File a Complaint:

Toll-Free Citizen Complaint Number of AMC 155303
WhatsApp Number +917567855303
Housing Cell Department Contact Number +917925391811
SMS Helpline Number
AMC Officers Contac Numbers Click to contact

Note – Report to the AMC by calling on toll-free number 14420 about unsafe/open or uncleaned septic tanks/sewerage or if these are not cleaned properly.

Centralized Control Room Helpline Numbers of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation:

AMC Control Room Helpline Number
Main Control Room – Tagore Hall +917932982457, +917932982458
Central Office – Danapith +917925353858, +917925353717
Zonal AMC Helpline Numbers View/Download

Helpline Number & E-mail for Complaints Regarding Online Payment to AMC:

Payment Type Helpline Number & E-mail
AMC Property Tax +917927556182, +917927556183
Professional Tax +917927556184, +917927556187
E-mail Support

Note If your issues are not resolved by the concerned department or not satisfied with the final redressal then lodge a grievance by written form or e-mail to the Public Grievance Cell of the head office or the zonal commissioner/commissioner of the AMC.

Other Important Helpline Numbers in Ahmedabad City:

Categories/Service Helpline Number
AMC Heritage (Tourism) Helpline +917925391811
AMTS (Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service) 18002330881
BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) 18002332030
AMTS Officers’ Contact numbers Click Here

You may also use the centralized toll-free citizen helpline of AMC as mentioned above to get support or report any incident within the Ahmedabad city.

Helpline Number of AMC Zonal Office Control Room

The helpline numbers of the zonal office (Wards) control rooms of Amdavad Municipal Corporation where local residents or any person may report issues related to public services or public properties:

AMC Zone/Wards Helpline Number
South Zone – Rambagh +917925465255, +917925465344
North Zone – Memko +917922801182, +917922842926
North West Zone – Memigar +917940052233, +917940052293
West Zone – Usmanpura +917927550910, +917932943182
East Zone – Viratnagar +917922970422, +917932981339
All AMC Wards and Zonal Helpline Numbers View/Download

You may directly contact the ward office by calling these helpline numbers and registering your concern to the designated officer of the ward/zone. Ask or not down the reference number of your submitted complaint.

Administrative Officers of AMC: Contact Details

The contact number, e-mail, and official address of the administrative officers (commissioner, joint/zonal commissioner, and member of council) of the municipal corporation of Ahmedabad to report any critical or serious unresolved complaints.

I. Municipal Commissioner, AMC:

Phone Number +917925352828, 07925354638 (fax)
Address Commissioner Office, Amdavad Municipal Corporation, Mahanagar Seva Sadan, Sardar Patel Bhavan, Danapith, Ahmedabad – 380001, Gujarat.

II. Zonal Deputy Municipal Commissioner, AMC:

Office Address: Deputy Municipal Commissioner of [ Zone_Name] Office, Amdavad Municipal Corporation, Mahanagar Seva Sadan, Sardar Patel Bhavan, Danapith, Ahmedabad – 380001, Gujarat.

Deputy Commissioner Zone Phone Number
West Zone +917927552586, +917925353252
East Zone +917925391841, +917922970500
North West Zone +917926841201, +917925354989

Tips – Contact to Deputy commissioner or commissioner, only when any serious issues/problems are not redressed or not satisfied with the final responses of the registered complaints to the head of the departments of AMC

Note Before approaching these nodal officers, you should file an online complaint to the concerned department and further you may approach the PG cell of AMC.

Register an Online Complaint

The citizen can use the online portal of the comprehensive complaint redressal system (CCRS) or the AMC Seva 311 mobile app of Amdavad Municipal Corporation to file an online complaint about issues related to various public and civic body services. You may also reopen your unredressed complaints through the CCRS portal.

Links to file an Online Complaint to AMC:

Register an Online Complaint to AMC File a Complaint
Track Status of the Complaint Track Status
Reopen Registered Complaint Click Here

If you are sending your complaint by e-mail then mention the name, mobile number, and problem/issue that should be resolved with the location of the incident.

Alternative Options:

Mobile App Android | iOS
Social Media Twitter | Facebook

Note If not satisfied or issues are not resolved then you may lodge a grievance to the Public Grievance Cell, AMC and further to the Department of Urban Development of the Government of Gujarat.


Follow the instructions and steps to file an online complaint on the CCRS portal of the municipal corporation:

Step 1: Visit the link of the CCRS portal to open the online complaint form of AMC.

AMC online complaint form guide
AMC online complaint form guide (

Step 2: Fill out the following mandatory information in the online form:

Online complaint registration to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation guide
Online complaint registration to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation guide (
  • Complaint Details – Select the problem with the concerned ward, and enter the address of the locality.
  • Personal Details – Enter your name, contact number, email, etc.
  • Upload Document/image – Select the type of file (document/image/video), enter the title of the file, and attach the relevant documents or file as proof or any other evidence.

Step 3: Finally, submit the online complaint form to AMC. After successful submission, note down the appeared reference/ticket number to track the status of redressal of the issue.

Step 4: If your registered complaints are not resolved or not satisfied then reopen the complaint or escalate it by a written application to the Public Grievance Officer of the respective departments.

Online Civic Services for Citizens

Some important online citizen-centric civic body services and public utility services like birth/death certificates, payment of bills and taxes, building approvals, vendor registration, etc. can be used by the citizens to save effort and time.

Pay Online Bills/Taxes to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation:

Important Online Citizen-Centric Services of AMC:

Apply online for birth & death registration, NOC from the fire department, new water & drainage connection, the license of shops and establishments, hall booking, and permission & approval of buildings (Town planning department) by using the Citizen portal of AMC as mentioned below.

Citizen Portal of AMC Login/Register
Download Offline Forms for Registration View/Download

If you want to access all services of the Amdavad Municipal Corporation then read the guidelines for how to use online services at the official portal.

Public Grievance Cell, AMC

The Public Grievance Cell of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is the nodal authority where citizens can lodge a grievance about the unredressed/unresolved or unsatisfactory resolution of the previously registered complaints to the respective departments.

For this, you may write a grievance application to the zonal commissioners of the concerned zones, the deputy commissioner of the respective departments, or the commissioner of the municipal corporation.

Mention the following information within the written grievance application:

  • Name, contact details, and address of the complainant
  • The subject of the issue/problem
  • Reference/ticket number of the previously registered complaint
  • Description of the issue with the hints of listed evidence/document proof.
  • Copies of supporting documents and responses of the officers (if any).

Submit it to the head of the respective department at the reception/grievance counter of the head office or send it to:

  • Address: Municipal Commissioner, AMC, Amdavad Municipal Corporation, Mahanagar Seva Sadan, Sardar Patel Bhavan, Danapith, Ahmedabad – 380001.
  • Phone No: +917925352828
  • E-mail:

After submission of your grievance form at the counter, ask for the acknowledgement receipt as proof of the submitted application. If submitted by post then wait for 5-7 days.

Note – If not satisfied with the final order then you may lodge an online grievance to the Urban Development and Urban Housing Department, Chief Minister Office (CMO) of Gujarat. Further, you may take legal advice from any legal expert for any available options.

Tips – You may also seek information from the departments of AMC by filing an RTI to know the services, action taken on any complaint, or any other information.

Vigilance Office, AMC

The Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of Amdavad Municipal Corporation keeps surveillance and protects the citizens by taking action against the officers/employees who conduct any form of unethical and corrupt practices like demanding bribery, spreading corruption activities, misuse of power, harassment, threatening, etc.

Citizens may report to the CVO, Vigilance Department these unethical practices by using the contact number or writing an application anonymously (without revealing their name) or with contact details.

Write an application to the Vigilance Officer and send it to:

  • Address: Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO)/Director, AMC, Vigilance Department, Amdavad Municipal Corporation, Mahanagar Seva Sadan, Sardar Patel Bhavan, Danapith, Ahmedabad – 380001.
  • Phone No: +917925391811, +919374514290
  • E-mail:

Within the application mention, the incident with some hints of evidence and also attach supporting documents, images, or links to the videos as proof.

Departments and Issues Related to Civic Services

The list of departments and issues related to the civic body services of the respective departments of the municipal corporation:

1. Bal Bhavan:

  • Report if not available or delay in providing or issuing any reading materials on time or issues related to the library opening and closing timings.

2. Cattle Nuisance Control Department:

  • Request to capture rabid/stray dogs for sterilization and vaccination or stray cattle like a cow, and report if treatment of ill/sick animals is required.

3. Engineering:

  • Complaints related to the inadequate water supply or low inflow pressure, any leakage in the main pipeline or problems with the timing of the water supply. Report the issues related to the water quality (polluted water), no supply of Water, illegal tapping-motoring by someone, or rejection/delay in sanctioning a new water connection.
  • Any complaint related to the drainage and manholes like drain blockage/choking on TP road, overflowing of mainline/distribution line, no cover on drainage manhole, and other issues of drainage/sewerage system.
  • Report the issues related to the road and footpath like potholes or patches on public roads, and deep pits or large settlements of road. Request for the removal of waste/dust lying on both sides of the road and if footpath repair is required within the metropolitan city.
  • Report if any water logging due to rain in your area, no water supply in any public building within Ahmedabad city, or if other maintenance like Hospitals, Ward offices, Health centers, Creche, Doss House ( Rain Basera ), Municipal Schools, etc. File a complaint to AMC if the contractor had not disposed of the manhole silt properly within your area, or raised/lowered the manhole cover & catch pit.
  • Report the issues related to the public toilets and urinals of the city like the requirement of repairing doors/ tiles or sheets/ windows, blockage of drainage/sewerage lines, or Choking of toilets, water, and electricity supply is not available in the toilets or request for cleaning of water tank/broken tank cover.

4. Estate:

  • Report the issues related to parking in commercial buildings, request for the removal of unauthorized advertisements from municipal/ personal properties, and the demolition of unsafe buildings.
  • Contact the Estate department for issues related to the removal of encroachments from roads, building permits, and other forms of encroachment/possession on public/municipal property.

5. Garden:

  • Complaints about the issues related to gardens like hollow ground, need for levelling, watering is not done regularly, required repairing of fountains/Amusement Park equipment, or security guard is not available in the parks or garden.
  • Issues related to the gardens in the traffic circle, Central Verge, required tree trimming for inclined/bent trees towards the road or trees/branches at Central Verge. Report the falling of trees and non-availability/non-burning of lights or toilet-related issues in the garden.

6. Gymnasium:

  • Complaints about the Gymnasium and its management like coaches are not available or irregular, delays in the approval of entry, management of the sports complex, lack of equipment or tool management, or any requirement for new apparatus or maintenance of its parts.

7. Health:

  • Report problems or concerns related to birth/death/marriage certificates like any error in the entry form, correction required, delay in issuing certificates by the concerned authority/department, or other issues.
  • Issues related to the maintenance of the crematorium, request for collection of water samples of your area or report the contaminated/dirty water that causes Mosquito reproduction in your ward or zone.
  • Complaints of food poisoning cases, inferior quality/ stale food by vendors/ restaurants/ hotels, illegal business without any license, or delay in issuing any license by the authority.
  • Other issues or complaints about the management of municipality hospitals, non-availability of doctors, nursing homes/public clinics, prevention from Malaria/Dengue/Insects, or requirement for spraying of insecticides/fogging.
  • Report the coronavirus infection, related to Corona Food, or contact with positive cases to the health department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

8. Kankaria Lakefront:

  • Report complaints about the services and management of the Kankaria Lakefront like Unhygienic foods & beverages or charging higher prices than MRP at the food court & entry gates by the vendors, anything lost or report the theft of your belongings, or other issues like any prohibited contents – Cigarettes, pan masala, prohibited drinks/drugs, tobacco, etc.
  • Other complaints about the waste management and cleanliness at the lakefront like plastic bottles or any waste found in the lake, lack of cleanliness of the lake, or non-availability of public facilities like toilets (or not cleaned), restrooms, etc.
  • Report if staff behave rudely or lack of maintenance of equipment, parking, and facilities of the lakefront.

9. Library:

  • Any issue related to the management and functioning of the public library, non-availability of books or study materials, behaviour of the staff, or irregular opening and closing times of the library.

10. Light:

  • Complaints related to the street streetlights like non-burning at night or burning of streetlights in the daytime, broken/fallen poles, etc. Management of lights in chawls, societies, and streets.

11. Light Building:

  • Issues related to the availability of light or required maintenance in auditorium halls, public hospitals, dental hospitals, community halls, Crematorium, swimming pools, etc.

12. Mid-Day Meal:

  • Report if lunch is not serviced in the schools or irregular distribution of food, found the inferior quality of meal or food is not as per the standard menu.

13. Night Round:

  • Complaints related to the night rounds of public transport (BRTS), parks & gardens, garbage cleanliness, security, drainage management, general hospitals, shelter houses, etc.

14. Solid Waste Management:

  • Issues related to cleaning public toilets, removing dead animals, emptying dustbins, or picking up solid waste/garbage from colonies or houses. Request for the cleaning of cow dung, burning of solid waste, or report if found spitting or urination in public places.
  • Other complaints about the garbage picking vehicle, sweeping of roads, picking up of solid waste from the roads, etc.

15. Smart Toilets:

  • Report the problems related to the Smart Toilets like non-availability of water, auto flush/automatic door not working, or toilets not cleaned.

16. SVP Hospital:

  • Request for management and maintenance of basic infrastructure in SVP Hospitals or report issues like water supply, plumbing, wall/furniture fixture, electric plug replacement, light fixture, etc.

17. Swimming Pool:

  • Report if coaches are not available or irregular, issues of water availability in the swimming pool or quality of water, or require any maintenance or repair of equipment or basic amenities.

18. Urban Health Centre and Community Development:

  • Report if any issue in the shelter house, the name is not available, or request changes in the BPL list, etc. Report if the treatments are not given by the doctors/staff on time, or not providing the health benefits as per the guidelines of the government.

19. Zoo, Kankaria:

  • Complaint if found any problem in the zoo, Kankaria, or issues related to the butterfly park, Bal Vatika, Naginawadi, Rasala Nature Park, One Tree Hill Garden, or the Zoo.

Frequently Asked Questions about AMC

Q. What is the citizen helpline number of the Amdavad Municipal Corporation?
A. The toll-free citizen helpline number of AMC is 155303 and e-mail to file a complaint about the citizen-centric public services.

Q. Where can I approach if my complaints are not resolved within the given timeline by AMC?
A. You may lodge a grievance to the Public Grievance Cell of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. If you desire, may write an application to the Zonal/Deputy Commissioner, of the respective departments, or Commissioner of AMC. You may further lodge an online grievance by CMO Gujarat portal to the Department of Urban Development and Urban Housing, Government of Gujarat.


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