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SBI Life Helpline Number: File an Online Complaint to SBI Life Insurance Company Limited


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SBI Life Insurance Company Limited is one of the most trusted and largest insurance companies in India and a subsidiary of the State Bank of India. It serves millions of families and individual policyholders under the SBI Life products which include insurance for protection, pension, health, and savings.

The vision of this company is “Liberate individuals to pursue their dreams, by securing the needs & aspirations of their loved ones.” with brand values of ” Transparency, Humility, Integrity, Innovation, and Sustainability.”

Notice - Be alert! Don't share the financial or banking details and don't share OTP to customer care executive. Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams. Report to Cyber Crime Bureau or Call 1930 as soon as possible to protect your earnings and others.

But, due to uncertain conditions, policyholders have to face some unrecognized or official hurdles with the insurance policies of SBI Life. These issues include reimbursement, claim settlement, delay in payment/refund, unethical (corrupt) practices, and other insurance products & services.

SBI Life ensures the policyholders the higher standards of customer satisfaction as its mission. For this, it has an excellent, accessible, and responsive mechanism to redress the grievances of consumers.

Where should complain? Policyholders should follow the grievance redressal mechanism of SBI LIFE, which consists of 3 levels. First, you should initiate the complaint to the customer support team. In this stage, call the toll-free SBI Life customer care number, e-mail, or file an online complaint. Policyholders may also report to the customer service desk of the nearest SBI Life Office of the location.

Second, In level 1, escalate the unresolved or unsatisfactory complaint to the Regional Director. Third, in level 3, if not satisfied at level 1, further escalate the grievance to the Corporate office. Fourth, in final level 4, You may approach the IRDAI and Insurance Ombudsman.

Insurance Issues:

  • Insurance Claims & Reimbursement: Delay in settlement of the claim (death or life benefits), the issue with reimbursement of the insured policy or other problems related to claims, payment, etc.
  • EMI, Payment, and Policy: Issues related to insurance policies like health, pension, family, saving, child plans, business, accident insurance, or other life insurance, and problems regarding the EMI, premium, payment or refund of deposit (failure of transactions), etc.
  • Unethical Practices: Unfair business practices by agents of SBI Life or corrupt/misleading activities of official members/employees.

Let us find out more information to know all the ways that policyholders can use to get redressal of the complaints related to SBI Life Insurance. Follow the instructions to get faster and safer resolution of your problems.

How to File a Complaint to SBI Life?

SBI Life has an integrated mechanism for the fair redressal of customer grievances and to protect the interests of Policyholders. You can raise a complaint for the issues that may originate due to a gap between the actual product and service offered (incomplete/ misinformation), failure of delivery of service, or perceived misselling or unfair business practices.

Complaint Registration Fee & Redressal Time Limit:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Redressal Time Limit Within 2 weeks (read grievance redressal policy of SBI Life
Max. Resolution Period 30 days

As per the Grievance Redressal Policy of SBI Life, the complaint resolution system is divided into 3 levels in SBI Life Insurance. Each level has appointed higher nodal officers from the Regional to Corporate Office. Customers can initiate the grievance from level 1.

The Grievance Redressal Levels:

  • Level 1 – Customer Care Number, E-mail, Local GROs, or Online Support.
  • Level 2 – Regional Branch Director
  • Level 3 – SBI Life Corporate Office
  • If not satisfied – Insurance Ombudsman

Have you any doubts? Let us understand the mechanism in an explained way. In Level 1, policyholders have many choices as per the available facilities to raise a concern to the SBI Life authorities.

First, you can call the toll-free customer care or helpline number. Second, e-mail or lodge an online complaint via the portal or SBI Life/Yono mobile app. Third, write a complaint letter to the local Grievance Redressal Officer (GRO) of the nearest SBI Life office. Also, contact the CRM (Customer Relation Manager) of the regional office.

You may also initiate a complaint about insurance via the IGMS (Integrated Grievance Management System) of IRDAI and the National Consumer Helpline (NCH).

Not satisfied or pending more than 2 weeks? In Level 2, escalate the grievance to the designated Director of the Regional SBI Life Branch by using the reference/ticket number. Policyholders may write, e-mail, or lodge an online grievance.

Yet not resolved or dissatisfied with level 2? In Level 3, escalate this disputed caste to the Head of Corporate Officer. If the submitted grievance is not resolved within 30 days (total days from level 1 to 3) or not get a satisfactory resolution then you may approach the higher authority – the Insurance Ombudsman.

Tips Finally, policyholders or customers of SBI Life may file a petition or case of disputed matter against SBI Life. Provide all the relevant information of the insurance settlement or other dispute to represent yourself more strongly.

SBI Life Customer Care Number

As mentioned above, to initiate a complaint to get redressal of the issues related to the Life Insurance Policies and other policies, you may contact the customer care or support team of SBI Life. The medium to raise the grievance can be online or offline as per the comfortability and availability of policyholders.

What are these grievance mediums? As per the Grievance Redressal Policy, you can register a complaint to the SBI Life customer executive by calling the toll-free customer care number or e-mailing your concerns with some details about the problems pertaining to the insured product or service.

You may also submit the grievances via the toll-free helpline number of the National Consumer Helpline (NCH) or the IGMS portal of IRDAI. If you desire, a written complaint letter can also be submitted to the appointed Grievance Redressal Officer (GROs) of the nearest SBI LIFE Branch Office of your region.

Provide the Following Details:

  • SBI Life Policy Number
  • Communication details like phone number, and name (don’t share personal or sensitive details).
  • A brief description of the issue with insurance policy or other concerns.

Alert Don’t share any sensitive information like password, customer-id, date of birth, credit card number, or other financial details with any person, even the trusted authorities like your insurer, IRDAI, Income Tax Department, Bank, Credit Card Company, etc.

SBI Life Customer Care Number and Helpline to Submit a Complaint:

Toll-Free SBI Life Complaint Number 18002679090
WhatsApp Opt-In (Give a Missed Call) +919029006575
SMS (“Solve”) 56161
Request a Call Back Click Here
Local Branch GROs Contact Numbers & E-mail View/Download

After the successful submission of your grievance, note down the unique Service Request number (SR). If not provided, ask the customer care executive. It can be used to track the status as well as to escalate the unresolved/unsatisfactory dispute to the higher authority of levels 2 and 3.

Lodge SBI Life Complaint on National Consumer Helpline (NCH):

National Consumer Helpline number 1800114000
NCH SMS Number +918130009809

Successfully submitted? Ask for the reference or Service Request (SR) number and keep it safely to yourself. As mentioned earlier, this SR number is compulsory to track the status as well as to escalate the complaint.

SMS and Missed Call Service

Important SBI Life Numbers to Give a Missed Call for Specific Life Insurance and Policy Services:

Request for SBI Life Service Give a Missed Call
Know Fund Value +912262458501
Get Premium Paid Certificate +912262458504
Talk to a Representative for Offline Product Purchase +912262458508
If Policy Not Received +912262458502
Know Renewal Premium Payment +912262458511
Update Personal Details +912262458512
Get E-Policy Bond +912262458513

Send an SMS to know the status of specific services of SBI Life Insurance products by using the following shortcodes. Every SMS of this facility should be sent to these numbers – 56161 or +919250001848.

SBI Life Insurance Service SMS Short Code
Know Policy Status POLSTATUS<<space>> (Policy Number)
Get New Policy Dispatch Details NEWPOL <<space>> (Policy Number)
Know Premium Details RENDET <<space>> (Policy Number)
Get the Latest Fund Value or Policy Value FV<<space>>(Policy Number)
Know Last Fund Switch Transaction Details SWTR <<space>> (Policy Number)
Register or Update E-mail ID MYEMAIL<<space>> (Policy Number)<<space>><<New Email id>>
Update your PAN Number PAN<<space>> (Policy Number) <<space>><<PAN number>>

*Note – SMS charges will be applicable as per your telecom operator recharge plan.

Write a Grievance Letter

Want to write a complaint letter to GROs? Definitely, Policyholders can write a grievance letter to the Manager or Grievance Redressal Officer (GRO) of the nearest SBI Life Branch Office. Also, may seek redressal by writing to the Head (Client Relationship) of the Central Processing Centre, SBI Life Company Ltd.

Provide the Following Information in the Letter:

  • The subject of the issue
  • Short summary of the problem or dispute
  • Communication details – Name, e-mail, and mobile number.
  • Policyholder name and policy number.
  • Copies of the documents or any proof pertaining to the grievance.

Send e-mail or submit this written grievance letter to the GROs/Manager of the Regional/Local Branch or CRM (Client Relationship Manager) of the Corporate Office of SBI Life at:

  • Address: SBI Life Insurance Company Limited, Central Processing Center, 7th Level (D Wing) & 8th Level, Seawoods Grand Central, Tower 2, Plot No R-1, Sector – 40, Seawoods, Nerul Node, Navi Mumbai – 400706.
  • E-mail:
  • Regional Office: SBI Life Branch Offices

The acknowledgement receipt will be sent to the complainant (policyholder) within 3 working days containing the information on the grievance redressal period, authorized official, and nature of the complaint.

Note – If the registered complaints are not resolved within 2 weeks or if dissatisfied with the response of SBI Life, escalate the disputed grievance to the Heads of Regional and Corporate Office within 8 weeks unless will be deemed to be closed.

File an Online Complaint

The easiest and most transparent method for the registration of a grievance is the online grievance portal. Interested in filing an online complaint? Obviously, you can lodge an online complaint to the customer support team of SBI Life or its appointed grievance redressal officers. For this, policyholders can access the online portal or SBI Life mobile app.

Tips – Also, can use the online portal of the National Consumer Helpline Portal and the IGMS of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) to raise concerns related to insurance policies.

SBI Life Online Complaint Form - Guide
SBI Life Online Complaint Form – Guide (

Required Information:

  • Personal Detail – Name, E-mail Id, and Mobile Number.
  • Policy/Proposal Number
  • The subject of the complaint
  • Description of grievance.
  • Mention the list of relevant supporting documents (if required).

File an Online Complaint to SBI Life Regarding Insurance Products & Services:

SBI Life Online Complaint Form File a Complaint
Existing Customer Service Portal Click Here
Contact Smart Care SBI Life Click Here


SBI LIFE App Android | iOS
Social Media Twitter | Facebook

Have you submitted the grievance? Yes! As expected, you might have noted down the unique Service Request (SR) number. If not, do it now. This number can be used to track the status as well as to escalate the unresolved matter to the higher authorities.

Note Dissatisfied with the final decision or not resolved? You should escalate the grievance to the authorized officers of levels 2 and 3.

Claims and Maturity

Initiate an online claim after the maturity of the insurance policy of SBI Life. Also, request for the settlement of individual or group death claims and living benefits policies like individual maturity, pension maturity, Annuity (individual or group), survival benefits, etc.

3 Steps of the online claim settlement process:

  • Online Claim Intimation:
  • Document submission
  • Decision and settlement

Details to Initiate an Online Claim Request to SBI Life:

File Claim Online to SBI Life File Claim
Download Claim Forms View/Download
Via E-mail (for death claim) (for living benefits)
By Post SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd, 8th level Seawoods Grand Central, Tower 2, Sector 40, plot No.R-1, Seawoods, Nerul, Navi Mumbai- 400706.

The final decision and settlement of the claim will be done within 30 days by SBI Life after receiving the valid documents. If not settled or have any complaint, policyholders may use the toll-free helpline number or initiate an online grievance by following the procedure as mentioned earlier.

Grievance Officer: SBI Life Regional and Head Office

In case of unsatisfactory responses or unresolved complaints, where should complain? SBI Life has appointed Grievance Officers in Regional Branches and Corporate Offices to redress such disputed complaints.

If a complainant is not satisfied with the final order or the registered complaint is not resolved within 2 weeks, escalate this insurance grievance to the authorized Regional Director of your branch and further to the Head of the Corporate Office.

Note The escalation of grievances must be done within 8 weeks after receiving the response from authorized officials of SBI Life unless it will be treated as closed.

If you desire, may also escalate the grievance via the Bima Bharosa, an Integrated Grievance Management System (IGMS) of IRDAI.

Policyholders can escalate the disputed matter by e-mail, post, or online portal (log in). The matter includes payment, premium, policy issues, claims of insurance (rejection/delay), maturity, or other insurance grievances. Provide the following mandatory information in the grievance form:

  • Unique Service Request (SR) Number
  • Name, E-mail, and Phone Number.
  • The subject of unsatisfactory redressal of complaint
  • Description of the grievance (reason of dissatisfaction).
  • Attach copies of relevant documents (if required).

Contact Details of SBI Life Head (CRM) of Corporate Office to Escalate a Grievance:

  • Address: The Grievance Redressal Officer, SBI Life, SBI Life Insurance Company Limited, Central Processing Center, 7th Level (D Wing) & 8th Level, Seawoods Grand Central, Tower 2, Plot No R-1, Sector – 40, Seawoods, Nerul Node, Navi Mumbai – 400706.
  • Phone No: +912261910000
  • E-mail:

Note – Have registered complaints been not resolved within 30 days? As a policyholder, customers of SBI Life can file a complaint to the

Insurance Ombudsman

As per the regulatory guidelines and rules of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI), the submitted complaints related to disputes of insurance policies and products must be resolved within 30 days by the insurer companies.

If not resolved or dissatisfied with SBI Life Insurance Company Limited, then Policyholders have the right to file a petition to the Insurance Ombudsman, Council for Insurance Ombudsman (CIO) under the Insurance Ombudsman Rules, 2017. To lodge a grievance and know the procedure & required documents, visit the link below.

Click: File an Online Grievance to Insurance Ombudsman

You may also e-mail the Ombudsman at to seek help regarding the resolution of the disputed matter of insurance policy, products, and services of the SBI Life which are not resolved within 30 days or if not satisfied with the final redressal of the Grievance Redressal Officer as mentioned before.

Frequently Asked Questions about SBI Life

Q. What is the customer care number of SBI Life?

A. The toll-free customer care number of SBI Life is 18002679090 and National Consumer Helpline Number is 1800114000. Policyholders can use these helplines to register a complaint about insurance policies and unethical practices.

Q. Where can I register a complaint if complaints are not resolved by the customer support team of SBI Life?

A. You can escalate the unresolved or unsatisfactory complaint to the higher grievance redressal authorities within 8 weeks by visiting the nearest SBI Life Branch Office or may e-mail, write to the Central Processing Center of Head Office, or lodge an online grievance by consumer portal of SBI Life Smart Care.

Q. Where can I file a complaint against SBI Life Company Limited?

A. If your registered complaints are not resolved within 30 days by any designated grievance redressal official of SBI Life or not satisfied with the final decision of the authorities or claim committee, in this case, file a petition to the Insurance Ombudsman with relevant documents.


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