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Assam Police: How to Register an Online FIR or Complaint to Assam Police?


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Assam Police Logo
Assam Police (Source:

The Assam Police is the law enforcement agency for the state of Assam. It is administered under the Department of Home and Political Affairs, Assam, and is headed by a Director General of Police (DGP). The Force is responsible for maintaining law and order, preventing crimes and illegal activities, investigating, and protecting citizens from unlawful and criminal/civic incidents.

Some major departments and special units are:

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  • Bureau of Investigation (Economic Offenses): To investigate cases related to economic crimes, such as fraud, forgery, cheating, money laundering, etc.
  • Special Branch: Collects, collates and disseminates intelligence related to security and law and order issues, such as public agitation, subversive activities, militant groups, etc.
  • Criminal Investigation Department (CID): For cases related to serious and sensational crimes, such as murder, rape, kidnapping, robbery, etc.
  • Assam Police Border Organization: Responsible for guarding the inter-state and international borders of Assam and preventing infiltration, smuggling, trafficking, etc.

Other special units are Radio, Village Defense, and River Police organisations, Traffic Police, Railways, Directorate of Forensic Science, and a commando group known as the “Black Panthers” for anti-terrorist operations and VVIP protection.

Administrative Structure:

  • DGP Office HQ: Headquartered in Guwahati and headed by the Director General of Police (DGP). All Departments and Field Departments come under the DGP Office.
  • Range: Headed by an Inspector General of Police (IG) or a Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), in 6 ranges.
  • District: Headed by the Superintendent of Police (SP), in 35 police districts. Further, divided into sub-divisions, circles, and stations, headed by a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), an Inspector, and a Sub-Inspector, respectively.
  • City Commissionerate: Headed by the Commissioner of Police (CP), in Guwahati City.

Want to register a complaint with the Assam Police or need help? You can do so by contacting your nearest local police station or calling the toll-free police helpline number. Additionally, lodge your complaints or e-FIRs online through the CCTNS platform, especially non-cognizable offences. Please refer to the comprehensive guidelines and information provided below for detailed instructions on connecting with the Assam Police.

How to File an Online FIR or Complaint to Assam Police?

In Assam, citizens can report criminal or civil incidents to the police by two methods. Firstly, they can use the online citizen grievance portal (CCTNS). Alternatively, visit the nearest local police station. Residents can file an online FIR/complaint using the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) of the Assam Police.

The difference between a Police Complaint and an FIR:

  • Police Complaint: This is an informal method to report an incident (criminal/civil) to the Police, which can be submitted orally or in writing. It applies to both cognizable and non-cognizable crimes.
  • FIR (First Information Report): This is a formal report submitted to the police containing initial information about cognizable or non-cognizable offences, whether criminal or civil. To lodge an FIR, a person must approach the designated officer at the local police station.

Tip: To learn more about FIR, read “Cognizable or Non-Cognizable Offence: How to file an FIR to Police?

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

As per the citizen charter of the Assam Police, the grievance redressal mechanism for citizen services and administrative complaints is divided into 3 levels in each administrative division (Local Police Station to District and District to DGP Office). In cases where a police complaint remains unresolved, escalation to higher police authorities.

A person can use various channels, including calling the emergency helpline number, sending an email, or using the online complaint filing system (Assam Police Seva Setu) provided by the police department to address concerns related to law & order, emergency, or corrupt activities.

Police Complaint or FIR Fee:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Resolution Period As per the rules defined by Assam Police (read citizen charter)
FIR Filing Immediately at the Police Station
Copy of FIR Free of Cost (mandatory)

The grievance redressal mechanism of Assam Police has 3 levels within each administrative division:

  • Level 1: Superintendent of Police (SP), District
  • Level 2: Inspector General of Police (DIG/IGP), Range
  • Level 3: Director General of Police (DGP), Assam

Note: If your complaints regarding citizen services or police functioning, including matters related to corruption, misuse of power, and harassment, are not satisfactorily addressed, you can file an online grievance through the “Assam CM Grievance Redressal System (PGRS).” This grievance will be forwarded to the Appellate Officer for the Assam Police under the Department of Home Affairs within the Government of Assam.

Register a Police Complaint or FIR

To initiate a police investigation for a civil to criminal case in Assam, you have two options: If the matter is a cognizable offence, you should visit your nearest local police station in person to file a complaint or an FIR; For non-cognizable offences, you can lodge an online e-FIR or police complaint through the Assam Police Seva Setu (CCTNS).

Online complaint or e-fir registration and citizen services at Assam Police Seva Setu
Online complaint or e-fir registration and citizen services at Assam Police Seva Setu (Source:

Emergency Help:

Reporting Cybercrime:

1. Police Helpline Number

Citizen Helpline Numbers of Assam Police:

Department, Assam Police Helpline Number
Emergency Helpline Number (PCR) 112100
Child Helpline 1098 
WhatsApp Number +919132699735
Women Help +919345215029, +913612521242
Police Recruitment Helpdesk +918822408541, +919954239213, +917002272995
State Police HQ +913612526189, +913612524383
Email (HQ)

2. Lodge a Police Complaint

To file an online police complaint with the Assam Police, you’ll need to provide the following details:

  1. Complainant Information: Your name, address, and ID proof (if necessary).
  2. Incident Location: Specify the district and the exact location of the incident.
  3. Complaint Type: Such as Crime (Civil/Criminal), Incident, Cyber, Harassment/Corruption, or Miscellaneous.
  4. Subject of the Complaint
  5. Detailed Description: Provide a comprehensive description of the incident, including relevant facts of the case.
  6. Documents: Attach any photos, videos, or copies of documents related to the case.
  7. If required, attach a scanned copy of your written application with your signature/thumb impression.

After successful registration, must print out or take a copy of the e-complaint with an acknowledgement receipt.

For Online Police Complaint:

Complain to Assam Police File a complaint
Track complaint status Track now
Report Lost/Found Property Click Here (
Report Missing Person Click to report
Email (HQ)
X/Twitter @assampolice
Mobile App Assam Police
Android | iOS

If your previous complaints have not been resolved within the specified period, you may escalate the case to the divisional/circle/district police headquarters.

3. File an FIR

To lodge an FIR to the Assam Police, you have two options:

  1. Visit the Nearest Police Station (for both civil and criminal cases)
  2. File an Online e-FIR on the Assam Police Seva Setu Portal

Details Required for Filing an FIR:

  1. Complainant’s Name and Address
  2. Incident Details: Include the date, location, and a detailed description of the incident along with associated facts.
  3. Victim Information and Statements
  4. Stolen Properties (if any): Such as jewellery, mobile phone/vehicle, luggage, or other properties.
  5. For Stolen Vehicle Incidents: Provide the vehicle number, model, or RTO registration details.
  6. Attach Documents, Images, or Videos: If available, attach relevant documents, images, or videos to provide additional context for a detailed FIR report.

Please note: After successfully submitting your FIR, must obtain a copy of the FIR (free of cost) and details of the acknowledgement/FIR number (if not available in the FIR copy). This documentation is important for your records and any future reference.

File an e-FIR using the below details:

Online e-FIR to Assam Police File an FIR
Track/Download FIR Click to track
Contact your Police Station Click Here
Email (CCTNS tech support)

Need more information related to Assam Police? You may file an online RTI (Right to Information) request to the respective Police Department.

4. E-Services

Assam Police offers various e-services for citizens, including:

  • Police Verification/Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  • Private Employment Verification
  • Tenant / PG/ Domestic Help Verification
  • Missing Person’s/Children Complaint
  • Permission for Cultural/Political/Sports Events
  • Application for the Hotel/Guest House License
  • Appeal for Arms License

To avail of these services, visit the Assam Police website at “Assam Police Seva Setu (” and apply individually or download the associated forms.

Level 1: District Superintendent of Police (SP), Assam Police

If your submitted complaint or case is pending without any resolution at the local police station or divisional office more than the specified timeframe, especially in criminal or corruption cases, it is advisable to escalate your complaint to the District Superintendent of Police (SP) within the Assam Police.

Contact District SP:

SP, District Contact Details
SP, Kamrup Phone: +913612684402
Fax: +913612684403
SP, Barpeta Phone: +913665236254
Fax: +9136652359595
SP, Jorhat Phone: +913762320021
Fax: +913762320190
SP, Sivasagar Phone: +913772222124
Fax: +91377225603
SP, Dibrugarh Phone: +913732324424
Fax: +913732326065
SP, Dhubri Phone: +913662230014
Fax: +913662231100
SP, Goalpara Phone: +913663240161
Fax: +913663240353
SP, Cachar Phone: +913842245866
Fax: +913842231525
SP, Nagaon Phone: +91367235624
Fax: +91367237939
SP, Karimganj Phone: +913843262371
Fax: +913843263396
SP, Sonitpur Phone: +91371230593
Fax: +91371233914
SP, Darrang Phone: +91371322214
Fax: +91371322198
SP, Lakhimpur Phone: +91375222302
Fax: +913752242599
SP, Golaghat Phone: +913774285233
Fax: +913774285107
SP, Nalbari Phone: +913624220466
Fax: +913624222031
SP, Tinsukia Phone: +913742331468
Fax: +913742333642
SP, Dhemaji Phone: +913753224396
Fax: +913753224024
SP, Hailakandi Phone: +913844222242
Fax: +913844222580
SP, Morigaon Phone: +913678240238
Fax: +913678240766
SP, Bongaigaon Phone: +913664230898
Fax: +913664230996
SP, Dima Hasao (N.C. Hills) Phone: +913673236325
Fax: +913673236332
SP, Karbi-Anglong Phone: +913671272254
Fax: +913671273821
SP Hamren (West Karbi-Anglong) Phone: +913677230213
Fax: +913677230213
SP, Kokrajhar Phone: +913661270725
Fax: +913661270597
SP, Chirang Phone: +913664243189
Fax: +913664243131
SP, Baksa Phone: +913624234681
Fax: +913624234681
SP, Udalguri Phone: +913711225117
Fax: +913711225117
SP, Biswanath Chariali Phone: +913715230094
Phone: +91222123012
Phone: +913715230082
Phone: +913715230083
SP, Hojai Phone: +913674284100
Fax: +913674284200
SP, Majuli Phone: +913775273410
Fax: +913775274412
SP, Sadiya Phone: +913756244005
Fax: +913756244005
SP, South Salmara Phone: +913662286614
SP, Charaideo Phone: +913772256015
SP, Bajali Email:
SP, Tamulpur Email:

City Commissionerate, Guwahati

If you are a resident of Guwahati or the complaint belongs to the Guwahati city that is not resolved by the regional police station or officials, you may escalate the case to the Commissioner of Police (CP) or City Police Headquarters.

Contact Details of Guwahati CP:

Designation Phone Number and Email
Commissioner of Police, Guwahati Phone: +913612540278
I/C, Joint Commissioner & Dy. Commissioner of Police(Ops), Guwahati Phone: +918011100011, +916026903394
Dy. Commissioner of Police(West), Guwahati Phone: +919101728488
Dy. Commissioner of Police (East), Guwahati Phone: +913612220124, +919999927249, +916026900541
Dy. Commissioner of Police (Crime), Guwahati Phone: +913612730056, +919435154075

Level 2: Range Inspector General of Police (IGP)

If your cases or citizen service grievances lodged at the district SP headquarters are not addressed within the specified period, you can escalate the disputed case to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) at the respective Range Office of the Assam Police. Must include acknowledgement number or case/FIR ID as a reference of the previously submitted complaints.

Contact Range IGP:

IGP, Range Contact Details
DIGP(SR), Silchar Phone: +913842263911
Fax: +913842262248
IGP(CR), Nagaon Phone: +913671272962
Fax: +913671271394
DIGP (CWR), Guwahati Phone: +913612523674
Fax: +913612523674
DIGP(NR), Tezpur Phone: +913712230854
Fax: +913712230854
IGP (WR) Phone: +913664237888
Fax: +913664237888
IGP (NER), Tinsukia Phone: +919435027744

Level 3: Director General of Police (DGP), Assam State Police

In the Assam Police, the Director General of Police (DGP) is the administrative Head and holds authority over all police matters/jurisdiction in Assam, including the regions under the Range Inspector General of Police (IGP) and other police departments. If there are any unresolved complaints or cases or complaints regarding bribery, misconduct, or harassment by the police officers, it is recommended to escalate the matter to the DGP Office.

Contact Assam DGP Office:

Department, Assam Police Phone Numbers and Email
Director General of Police (DGP), Assam Phone: +913612450555, +913612455126, +913612525397
Spl. DGP (HQ), & Director, Fire & Emergency Service Phone: +913612526189+913612549328
IGP(L&O), Phone: +913612526601
IGP(Admn.) Phone: +913612521703
AIGP (L&O) Phone: +913612451870
ADGP (CID Phone: +913612529157, +913612462480
IGP(CID) Phone: +913612524494
Spl. SP (CID) Phone: +913612529935
ADGP (SB) Phone: +913612381582, +913612383002
IGP (Border) Phone: +913612450448, +913612450454
DIG (STF/Admn) Phone: +913612453913, +913612453937

For any help related to specific situations or incidents, you can contact the police control room or DGP Office (HQ) of the Assam Police. Citizens can also read and follow the guidelines established by the relevant department under the Citizens Rights and Charter of the Police Department.

Further, you may visit the nearest police station or district headquarters to register your case, as specified in the above sections. If the disputed matter involves any kind of criminal or civil offence, you should consult with a legal professional or lawyer who can help to take legal action or understand the applicable laws with the respective case. Also, you may consult to know the alternative remedies to settle the disputes with the other party (Only for civil cases).

Note: Want to file a case in the court: Know, “how to file a case online by e-filing to District/High Courts?

For more information, please refer to the below resources.


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