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Madhya Pradesh Police – Lodge an Online FIR and Complaint to MP Police


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Madhya Pradesh Police (source:

Madhya Pradesh Police is the law enforcement agency for the state of Madhya Pradesh, headed by the Director General of Police (DGP). The MP Police Department is headquartered in Bhopal. It is responsible for maintaining law and order, preventing and detecting/investigating crime, enforcing laws and regulations, providing disaster relief, and protecting the rights of the citizens in the state.

Motto: Desh Bhakti – Jan Seva (देश भक्ति – जन सेवा)

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The DGP is responsible for the overall administration of the department and reports to the Home Department and Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Division of the police administrative structure in MP:

  • MP Police HQ Office: Headed by the Director General of Police (DGP)
  • Zone/Range: Divided into 16 zones/ranges, each headed by the Inspector General of Police (IGP)/ Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG).
  • Districts: The ranges are further divided into 52 districts, each headed by a Superintendent of Police (SP).
  • Commissionerate: Divided into 2 police commissioners, Bhopal and Indore each headed by the Commissioner of Police (CP).

The districts are further divided into subdivisions, circles, and police stations, each headed by a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), an Inspector, and a SubInspector, respectively.

Major departments of the MP Police:

  • Crime Investigation Department (CID)
  • General Administration
  • Intelligence Department
  • Special Armed Force (SAF)
  • Railway Police
  • Traffic Police
  • Vigilance Bureau

Other special units are the AntiTerrorism Squad (ATS), Special Task Force (STF), Disaster Management, Economic Offences Wing (EOW), Cyber Cell, Women Safety Branch, and Home Guards and Civil Defence.

Need help or want to report an incident to the Madhya Pradesh Police? Call the toll-free helpline number, send an email or submit an online e-FIR/complaint to the Police. To officially register a complaint or file an FIR/NCR (NonCognizable Report) for civil or criminal offences, it is recommended to visit the nearest police station.

If the case is not addressed within the timeline, escalate the matter to higher police authorities.

Emergency? Dial 112, the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS), for immediate help from the Madhya Pradesh Police. Call the police helpline number 100 to communicate directly.

How to File an e-FIR or Police Complaint to the Madhya Pradesh Police?

The Madhya Pradesh Police has an integrated Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS) for citizens to report incidents or access police services. Citizens in Madhya Pradesh can register police complaints or file online e-FIRs (noncriminal) cases (for unknown accused) or NonSR (Serious Reports).

Difference between a Police Complaint and an FIR:

1. Police Complaint: This can be either oral or written, accusing someone of an offence or reporting an incident. It is applicable for both cognizable and non-cognizable crimes without any specific complaint format.

2. FIR (First Information Report): Initial information, submitted orally or in a written format on plain paper, about cognizable offences (civil/criminal) to the police station.

  • The FIR must be registered with the officer in charge or SHO of the Police Station for a police investigation.
  • The magistrate may take action based on the FIR.

Citizens need to be aware of their rights and protect against misconduct such as corruption or harassment by police officials. These rights are defined in the “citizen charter” of the Madhya Pradesh Police.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Adhering to the regulations defined by the Home Department, the grievance redressal mechanism of the Madhya Pradesh Police is divided into a three-tiered format. Initially, register a concern at the local police station. Further, escalate the grievances to be brought to the attention of higher authorities.

Administrative structure of the MP Police
The administrative structure of the MP Police (source:

Grievance Redressal:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Resolution Period As per the rules defined by MP Police Police (read citizen charter)
FIR Filing Immediately at the Police Station
Copy of FIR Free of Cost (mandatory)

3 Levels of Escalation:

  1. Superintendent of Police (SP), District
  2. Inspector General (IG)/Deputy Inspector General (DIG), Range Office
  3. Director General of Police (DGP), Madhya Pradesh Police

In the case of the Police Commissionerate, approach the Commissioner of Police (CP) of the city and then escalate to the DGP Office.

Ways to Lodge an FIR/Complaint with MP Police:

  • Online: File complaints/e-FIRs through the CCTNS, social channels, or the MPeCOP App.
  • Offline: Dial 112 for emergencies, use District/City Police HQ helpline numbers, or visit police stations in person.

Level 1: File an e-FIR or Complaint, Madhya Pradesh Police

Citizens can lodge an online e-FIR or Police Complaint through the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) of the Madhya Pradesh Police.

Citizen services of Madhya Pradesh Police to register an FIR or complaint
Citizen services of Madhya Pradesh Police to register an FIR or complaint (source:

When filing an FIR with the MP Police, include the following details:

  • Complainant Details: Name, address, relationship, and contact information of the person filing the FIR.
  • Incident Details: Nature of the incident, the victim (if known), and accused, including their identity, with location and date & time of the Incident.
  • Stolen Property or Motor Vehicle Details (if applicable): Provide information if the FIR pertains to theft or involves a motor vehicle.
  • Supporting Documents: Evidence such as photos or videos of the incident including identity proof, document files, or any other relevant information.
  • Specify the Preferred Police Station: Where you want the FIR to be registered.
  • Description: Detailed description of the complaint or incident with facts.

FIR Application Format:

  • Plain paper for a simple application format.
  • Typically, no specific format is required for the FIR/complaint application.

By including these details, you help the police with FIR registration and initiate an investigation based on the information provided.

1. File an FIR

Register an online e-FIR (NonSR cases):

Lodge Online FIR to MP Police File an FIR
Track FIR Status Click to Search
Local Police Station Click to contact (
DGP Police Headquarters
File your complaint

For technical or citizen services issues, email / or call to +917553501600.

Tip: After filing a complaint at the police station, make sure to get a free copy of the complaint (FIR) and any necessary acknowledgement receipt.

In an Emergency? Request help from the 112 Emergency Response Support System (ERSS)

For public issues like noise, smoking, or illegal activities, call 112 to report to the police.

Want to file a case? File a case online by e-filing to District/High Courts.

Police Helpline Number

Citizen Helplines:

Police Helpline Number 112; +917552443655 (SSR)
DGP Police HQ Control Room +917552501000; +917312522111 (Indore)
Other Helplines 1090 (Women); 1098 (Child)
AntiCorruption Bureau 1064, +917552443940 (EOW)

Report Cybercrime: Call 1930 to report the cybercrime, and lodge a complaint online through the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal.

2. Lodge a Police Complaint

Register a police complaint (Civil or Criminal) with Madhya Pradesh Police:

Register Online Police Complaint File a Complaint
Inform the Police (Tip) Click to Report
Email (Police HQ)

Police Control Room:

Note: You may file an online RTI (Right to Information) request within the respective department of the Madhya Pradesh Police.

3. E-Services

Madhya Pradesh Police provides online services through the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS), allowing residents to easily access certificates and licenses. Thwaw service has made it easy to get required documents and licenses for the citizens of Madhya Pradesh.

Apply online or download the necessary forms for:

  • Tenant/Employee Verification
  • Arms License Application
  • Affidavit for Birth/Marriage Certificate Verification
  • Application for Copy of Police Report or Marg Intimation
  • Application for Copy of FIR (First Information Report) Form
  • Passport Document Verification

You can access all these citizen services online and download the forms through the CCTNS MP Police.

Police Commissionerates, MP Police

To report unresolved complaints or incidents to higher authorities, contact the Police control room and email the respective City Police Commissionerates of Madhya Pradesh Police.

Contact details of concerned Police Commissionerates:

Commissionerate Contact Details
CP, Bhopal Phone: +917552443599
CP, Indore Phone: +917312513344
WhatsApp: +917587600100

District Superintendent of Police (SP)

If your complaint persists without resolution at the local police station, especially in criminal, serious, or corruption-related cases, escalate the issue to the Superintendent of Police (SP) in your district.

Note: If concerns regarding citizen services or police operations are not adequately addressed, take the next step by submitting an online grievance through the “MP CM Helpline (Jan Setu) Integrated Grievance Redressal System” to the Appellate Officer for Madhya Pradesh Police at the Home Department.

Contact details of District SP:

SP, District Phone Number Email
SP, AGAR MALWA +917362259802
SP, ALIRAJPUR +917394233350
SP, ANUPPUR +917659222919 N/A
SP, Ashok Nagar +917543224500
SP, BALAGHAT +917632240021
SP, BARWANI +917290222561
SP, Betul +917141233212
SP, Bhind +917534231777
SP, Burhanpur +917325242100
SP, Chhatarpur +917682241502
SP, Chhindwara +917162242304
SP, DAMOH +917812228882 N/A
SP, DATIA +917522233500
SP, DEWAS +917272226110
SP, DHAR +917292235228
SP DINDORI +917644234184 N/A
SP, GWALIOR +917512445200
SP, GUNA +917542256300
SP, Harda +917577232277
SP Narmadapuram +917574252840
SP Indore Rural +917324270100 N/A
SP, JHABUA +917392244197 N/A
SP, Jabalpur +917612403300
SP, KATNI +917622222786
SP, KHANDWA +917332227355
SP, KHARGONE +917282231004
SP, MANDLA +917642250800
SP, MANDSAUR +917422270270
SP, Morena +917532250786
SP, Narsinghpur +917792230941
SP, Neemuch +917423223058
SP, NIWARI +917683245096
SP, Panna +917732252146
SP Raisen +917482223204
SP, Rajgarh +917372255522
SP, REWA +917662258800
SP, Ratlam +917412270460
SP SAGAR +917582267745
SP, SATNA +917672222125
SP, SEHORE +917562227000
SP, SEONI +917692226689
SP, Shahdol +917652245100
SP, Shajapur +917364226432
SP, Sheopur +917530222400
SP, SHIVPURI +917492233600
SP, Sidhi +917822252209
SP, Singroli +917805234601
SP, Tikamgarh +917683242350
SP, Umariya +917653222164
SP, Ujjain +917342527130
SP, Vidisha +917592234710

Level 2: Range Inspector General of Police (IGP), MP Police

At level 2, the Madhya Pradesh Police has appointed an Inspector General of Police (IG) for each Range in the state to oversee law enforcement activities within the districts of their respective Range. If your case remains unresolved by the District Superintendent of Police (SP), escalate it to the Range Inspector General (IGP) at this level.

Contact Range Inspector General of Police (IGP):

Range IGP Contact Information
DIG, Bhopal Phone: +917552443499
Email: N/A
IG, Balaghat Range Phone: +917632240900
IG, Chambal Range Phone: N/A
DIG, Chhindwara Range Phone: +917162242333
DIG, Chhatarpur Range Phone: +917682245800
ADG, Gwalior Range Phone: +917512445201
DIG, Narmadapuram Range Phone: +917574250200
DIG, Indore Range Phone: +917582231000
ADG, Jabalpur Range Phone: +917612676103
DIG, Khargone Range Phone: +917582231000
DIG, Rewa Range Phone: +917662258100
DIG, Ratlam Range Phone: +917412270270
SPL DG, Railway Range Phone: +917552443621
IG, Sagar Range Phone: N/A
DIG, Shahdol Range Phone: N/A
IG, Ujjain Range Phone: +917342527130

Level 3: Director General of Police (DGP), Madhya Pradesh Police

The Director General of Police (DGP) in Madhya Pradesh serves as the administrative head, with the responsibility of overseeing police affairs across all jurisdictions under the Range Inspector General of Police (IGP) and managing police administration in the state. In the case of any unresolved complaints or cases at lower levels, citizens have the option to escalate the matter to the DGP’s office.

Contact Director General of Police (DGP) Office:

Designation, MP Police Phone No. and Email
DGP, MP Police Phone: +917552443500
ADG, Administration Phone: +917552443515
SPL DG, CID Phone: +917552443551
SPL DG, Complaint Phone: +917552443543
ADG, State Crime Record Bureau Phone: +917552443210
ADG, Selection & Recruitment Phone: +917552443019
ADG, State Cyber Cell Phone: +917552773028

For more assistance with a specific department in Madhya Pradesh Police, please adhere to the guidelines established by the department. You can reach out to the Director General of Police’s control room for further guidance.

Alternatively, you may consider visiting your nearest police station or consulting with a legal professional, such as a lawyer, for additional advice and legal action.


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