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CESS Ltd, Sircilla – Helplines of Electricity Board, CESS to Register Electricity Complaint with Co-operative Electric Supply Society Limited


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Co-operative Electric Supply Society Ltd (CESS Ltd), Sircilla was established in 1970 and provides electricity distribution services in some regions of Telangana. It is owned by the cooperative society of Sircilla and the state government of Telangana.

CESS Ltd, Sircilla provides electricity services to food production, agriculture, MSMEs, and rural residents. So, many customers are getting benefits of power supply for their household and industrial purposes.

Notice - Be alert! Don't share the financial or banking details and don't share OTP to customer care executive. Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams. Report to Cyber Crime Bureau or Call 1930 as soon as possible to protect your earnings and others.

Sometimes, customers have to face power supply outages or interruptions, failure of transformer issues, problems with the electricity bill or payment, arrears, and other supply-related complaints. You can register these electricity complaints using the official helpline numbers.

Divisions of Electricity Board, CESS Ltd for Electricity Supply in Sircilla (Telangana):

  • Vemulawada
  • Boinpally
  • Chandurthy
  • Konarao Pet
  • Ghambiurao Pet
  • Yellareddy Pet
  • Musthabad
  • Sircilla
  • Ellanthakunta

You can register electricity complaints using the toll-free customer care numbers, verified helpline numbers, e-mail, and online complaint registration portal of CESS Ltd, Sircilla.

Complaint Redressal Time Limit and Registration Fee:

Complaint Registration Fee of TSECL No Charges (0)
Time Limit for Redressal of Grievance Immediate (24×7) or up to 60 days (depending on the issue

Tips – If your electricity complaint is not resolved within the time limit or dissatisfied then lodge a grievance to the CGRF Forum of CESS Ltd (Sircilla), further you can approach the Electricity Ombudsmen, Telangana.

Customer Care Helplines for the Electricity Complaints of Co-operative Electric Supply Society Ltd (CESS Ltd), Sircilla

The customers of the Co-operative Electric Supply Society Ltd (CESS Ltd), Sircilla have provided many helpline numbers for electricity complaints. You can also register online electricity complaints using the online portals of the Electricity Board.

The toll-Free customer care numbers, e-mail, verified helpline numbers, and regional office complaint numbers are available where you can call and register your grievance.

Toll-Free Electricity Customer Care Numbers, Helplines of CESS Ltd, Sircilla:

CESS Electricity Complaint Numbers 1912
Contact Page Click to contact
Sircilla District Services Click to Access

Register online electricity complaints using these helpline numbers and also lodge an online complaint using the links provided below.

Tips – Unresolved complaints or are dissatisfied with the final response then you have the option to approach CGRF Forum, CESS (Sircilla).

Register Online Complaint to the Electricity Board of CESS Ltd (Sircilla), Telangana

CESS Ltd has provided an online electricity complaint portal where you can fill out the online complaint form to get faster redressal of your issues. So, follow the links below to lodge a complaint and get a faster resolution to your problems from the concerned department of the Electricity Board. Also, track the status of the complaint.

Links to the Portals of CESS Ltd (Sircilla) to Register Online Electricity Complaint with the Electricity Department, Sircilla:

Register Online Electricity Complaint to CESS Register Now
Non-consumer Online Complaint File a complaint
Track Complaint Status Track Now

To report an accident or access all online electricity services, visit the CESS LTD portal.

Tips – If the electricity complaint is unresolved within the time limit or unsatisfied then lodge a grievance to CGRF Forum.

You can apply for the online electricity services of CESS by visiting the links below. Some examples of the services are – online electricity bill payment, new connection applications, solar rooftop schemes and panels, and other online services.

Important Links for Online Electricity Services:

Pay Online Electricity Bill Pay Now
New Connection (LT) Apply Now
Update Mobile number Click to update

Lodge Grievance to Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), CESS Ltd (Sircilla)

The Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) of CESS Ltd (Sircilla) is an authority that is commissioned as per the Electricity (Regulation) Act, 2003. You can approach the CGRF Forum if your electricity complaint is not resolved as per the given time limit or if you are not satisfied with the final order of CESS Ltd.


  • Write an application with the information given below.
  • Provide the following details in the grievance application.
  • Name of the complainant
  • Connection number
  • Docket/complaint number of previously registered complaint
  • Response of the CESS Sircilla by customer care or online portal.
  • The subject of the complaint
  • Description of the complaint
  • Provide your signature and contact details
  • Finally, submit it to the CGRF Forum of your divisional office. Visit the nearest office, submit the grievance form, and take the acknowledgement receipt.

Note – If your electricity grievance is not resolved within 30 to 45 days or unsatisfied with the final order of the CGRF Forum then file a petition to the Electricity Ombudsman, Telangana.

File Petition to Electricity Ombudsman, Telangana

The Electricity Ombudsman is commissioned under the Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission (TSERC) in Telangana to take cases against the orders of the CGRF Forum of CESS Ltd Sircilla.

Any consumer can approach the Electricity Ombudsman and file a petition if the grievance is not resolved by the CGRF Forum within 30 days or unsatisfied with the final order.


  • The Petition must be filed within 30 days after the expiry of the time limit or final order of the CGRF Forum.
  • Attach a copy of the submitted grievance form to the CGRF Forum.
  • Attach the response to the CGRF Forum (If available).


  • Download the petition/representation form:
  • Fill out the required information.
  • Attach the above-mentioned documents and also other supportive docs.
  • Submit it at the official address of the Electricity Ombudsman.

Address and Contact Details of the Electricity Ombudsman (TSERC) in Telangana

Tips – If you are unsatisfied with the final order of the Electricity Ombudsman then you can approach the Appellate Tribunal for Electricity, the High Court of the State, and the Supreme Court of India.

Categories of the Electricity Complaints

The electricity complaints that can be resolved by CESS, are:

  • Billing Related – Meter reading not taken, Wrong billing, Arrears disputes, Online bill payment, Bill not served/issued.
  • Line Related – Snapped, bunched/Twisted, Tree branches touch in.
  • Pole Related – The Pole fell, leaning, rusted/damaged, and current leakage in the pole.
  • Service Wire Related – wire is broken, wire loose connection, wire damaged.
  • Supply failure related – One phase out, Individual power failure, Total area power outage, Agriculture power supply failure.
  • Transformer Related – Oil Leakage, Cable/lugs burnt, Sparking at the pole, Smoke/flames
  • Voltage related – Voltage high/low, Dim supply, Voltage fluctuations.
  • Electricity power theft, streetlight complaints.
  • New electricity connection and online service-related issues.
  • Other complaints

Frequently Asked Questions About Co-operative Electric Supply Society Ltd, Sircilla

Q. What are the electricity customer care numbers of CESS Ltd?
A.  The toll-free customer care numbers of CESS are – 191218004250028 where you can lodge an electricity complaint.

Q. Where can I approach if the electricity complaint is not resolved or unsatisfied?
A. You can lodge a grievance with the CGRF Forum of CESS LTD (Sircilla) and further approach the Electricity Ombudsman, (TSERC) Telangana.

Q. How can I track the power supply outages of CESS Ltd?
A. You can visit the ‘Power Outage information‘ link to know the ongoing or upcoming electricity supply outage.


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