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GCC – How to File a Complaint to Greater Chennai Corporation?


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Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) is the oldest municipal corporation in India and is governed by the Madras Municipal Corporation Act of 1919. GCC is an urban self-governing municipal corporation (constitutional provision under the 74th constitutional amendment of 1992) in Chennai. It ensures that infrastructure (town planning & administration) and facilities of the basic public utilities and civic-body services are available for the residents.

Administrative Structure

The corporation is divided into 15 administrative zones and 200 divisions, covering an area of 426 sq. km in the Coromandel coastal region of Chennai. Approximately 7.1 million residents are served by GCC, benefiting from various citizen-centric services.

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The councillors elect the mayor, who presides over the council meetings and standing committees. Alongside the mayor, a deputy mayor is also elected from among the councillors.

The executive wing is headed by the Municipal Commissioner, who oversees the general administration. There are Deputy Commissioners for various departments such as Works, Health, and Education. The city is divided into three administrative regions—North, Central, and South—each headed by a Regional Deputy Commissioner.

The Vigilance Officer ensures compliance and addresses issues related to corruption or malpractice within the corporation.

Map of GCC

Map of GCC (

Departments of GCC

GCC has various departments that are responsible for different functions and activities for civic and citizen services in Chennai city. Some of the major departments are:

  • Health – For Hospitals, availability of doctors, sanitation, cleanliness, unhygienic foods, birth/death registration, PHCs, cleanliness & hygiene in public toilets, and other health services.
  • Revenue – Property tax payment, any bill or payment for the public utilities or citizen-centric services (vendor, building approval, application, etc.).
  • Education – Maintenance of municipal school building, availability of teachers, water, sanitation & toilet facilities.
  • Town Planning, Buildings and Land & Estates – For infrastructure development, management of roads (repair & build new roads), building approval, an inspection of buildings, planning and management of the town’s physical public infrastructures and buildings, etc.
  • Electrical – Streetlight repair, electricity in municipal buildings and colonies that come under GCC, repair & management of road lights, etc.
  • Roads – maintenance of roads, repair the potholes, construction of new roads, etc.
  • Bridges & Parks – Development and management of parks, building and maintenance of bridges in the municipal regions, cleanliness in parks, managing the basic infrastructure in parks, etc.
  • Solid Waste Management & Storm Water Drain – Management of the solid waste (garbage), to ensure the vehicle is available for the pick up of solid waste, cleaning the roads, and management of drainage system (sewerage) & water flow, etc.
  • Water Supply – To ensure the supply of water, repair the leaks in main pipelines, meter correction, to protect from extra usage of water, water tanks, etc.
  • Others – The departments of Mechanical Engineering, Special Projects, Finance, Legal Cell, and Small Savings.

Public and Citizen Services

Residents of Chennai can access almost all citizen services without any issue. These public and citizen services are:

  • Payment of property tax, professional tax, entertainment tax, water bills, and other application fees
  • Reservation of community halls
  • Access documents, certificates approval, and information
  • Building approvals, land use regulations, and urban development.
  • Issuance and renewal of licenses, (trade, vendor, animals)
  • Register grievances and feedback
  • Utility, road construction, and public infrastructure

Through digital initiatives, the Greater Chennai Corporation provides essential services for its citizens, for active civic engagement, and nurturing a sense of community connectivity.

Register a Complaint to Greater Chennai Corporation

While the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) is dedicated to delivering efficient and transparent public services, residents may encounter occasional challenges. These can include issues related to road maintenance, streetlights, sewage systems, waste management, lack of essential facilities, or corruption or misuse of power by officials.

Contact Details for complaining to Municipal Corporation Chennai
Contact Details for complaining to Municipal Corporation Chennai (

For such complaints, GCC has dedicated citizen helplines and grievance redressal mechanisms for residents to report issues and seek redressal. The contact details of the municipal corporation are as follows:

To submit your complaint online, visit here:

Have complaints related to streetlights? Call +914425384530.

For concerns regarding corruption, harassment, or misuse of power by officials, residents can directly contact (call at +914422321090 or email the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of the state vigilance department.

The GCC has an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) specifically addressing sexual harassment within the corporation. Women facing such issues can report the incident to the ICC officials within three months of the last occurrence.

Unresolved Complaints:

Still, not resolved? Citizens can also write a complaint letter and submit it to the grievance cell at the headquarters office of the municipal corporation:

Designation Municipal Commissioner, GCC
Phone Number +914425619200, +914425381330
Address The Commissioner, Greater Chennai Corporation, Ripon Building, EVR Salai, Chennai-600003.

Further,  you may also email your concerns to the Deputy Mayor at or the Mayor at with reference or acknowledgement of previous complaints.

If the submitted complaints are not resolved as per the expectations, escalate the disputed matter by lodging a public grievance to the Appellate Authority of the Department of Urban Development, through “Integrated and Inclusive Public Grievance CM Helpline Management System (IIPGCMS)” of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Tips – If you want to seek information about any department or services of the GCC then file an RTI to access the required information.

Issues faced by the citizens of Chennai

As Chennai city is the capital of the state, many citizens have to face issues related to urban development, public infrastructure, and civic administration. Some of them are:

Water Stagnation and Monsoon Flooding: Water stagnation is prevalent, particularly during monsoon, leading to mosquito breeding and health hazards. Inadequate drainage systems exacerbate flooding and waterlogging issues.

  • Non-Functional Streetlights and Safety Concerns: Non-functional streetlights contribute to reduced visibility and safety concerns, affecting pedestrian and vehicular movement during nighttime.
  • Solid Waste Management and Disposal: Challenges in solid waste management include improper segregation and disposal. The city faces issues with regular waste collection and the absence of advanced waste processing facilities.
  • Sewage Overflow and Sanitation: Frequent sewage overflow due to ageing infrastructure causes sanitation problems, posing health risks and environmental concerns.
  • Road Maintenance and Infrastructure: Poor road maintenance, including potholes and uneven surfaces, leads to traffic disruptions and accidents. There’s a need for better road infrastructure and repair systems.
  • Storm Water Drainage and Urban Flooding: Inefficient storm water drains are unable to cope with heavy rainfall, resulting in urban flooding and related damages.
  • Power Supply Disruptions and Reliability: Frequent power supply disruptions impact daily life and business operations, highlighting the need for a more reliable electricity infrastructure.

While some residents may unintentionally overlook civic duties like paying taxes or following regulations, the GCC itself faces hurdles like occasional corruption and inefficiency. These factors can create a gap in service delivery, impacting the city’s overall well-being.

To counter these issues, it is imperative for the citizens of Chennai to proactively engage with the GCC by registering complaints and providing feedback on public services and infrastructure.


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I am not able to pay property tax for 24-25 thru' G pay as per the message which says"" Amount not debited The recepiant 's server' is busy. " I have tried umpteen times but failed.GCC - How to File a Complaint to Greater Chennai Corporation?