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TMC – How to Register a Complaint to Thane Municipal Corporation?

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Thane Municipal Corporation Logo
Thane Municipal Corporation (

Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC), established on 1st October 1982, is the urban local administrative body in Thane, Maharashtra. Covering an area of 147 square kilometres and divided into 3 Zones and 46 Wards, it caters to a population of 1,261,517 residents. Positioned with a creek on one side and hills on the other, the city stands 7 meters above sea level.

More than just an administrative entity, the Thane Mahanagarpalika offers essential services such as healthcare, water supply, education, sanitation, public infrastructure, public safety, and traffic management.

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Map of Thane Mahanagarpalika
Map of Thane Mahanagarpalika (source:

Administrative units ward offices of TMC:

  • Majiwada-Manpada
  • Vartak Nagar
  • Lokmanya Nagar – Sawarkar Nagar
  • Wagle
  • Uthalsar
  • Kalwa
  • Mumbra
  • Diva

How to Lodge a Complaint?

According to the citizen charter issued by the Thane Municipal Corporation, the grievance redressal mechanism is divided into 3 levels. At each level, an officer is appointed as nodal officer to redress the submitted civic complaints. If the lodged grievance is not resolved at level 1 then escalate to the next level with reference & required details.

Organization structure of Thane Municipal Corporation
Organization structure of Thane Municipal Corporation (source:

Fees & Resolution Period:

Registration fee No Charges (0)
Resolution Period Up to 30 days (May vary, read the citizen charter of Thane Mahanagarpalika for a specific timeline)
Refund Period As per the charges/tax refund rules of the TMC

3 Levels of complaint resolution:

Still not resolved submitted complaint to your satisfaction by TMC? Lodge a public grievance against Thane Mahanagarpalik through Aaple Sarkar (IGRS) to the State Appellate Authority of the Ministry of Urban Local Bodies, Govt. of Maharashtra.

Thane Municipal Corporation

At level 1, you can directly contact the department responsible for the service problem you’re facing. If you know which department it is, contact or email your concerns.

Alternatively, you can write a letter to the municipal corporation. Make sure to include:

  • Name and Address: Write your name and communication address including ward/zone.
  • Nature of complaint: Clearly describe the problem you’re facing. For example, if it’s about a pothole on your street or an irregular water supply, explain it briefly.
  • Department (if you know): If you know which department handles your issue, mention it. If don’t know, check the list of departments above.
  • Location Details: Specify the exact location with the Ward Number or administrative officer details, where the problem exists. Include nearby landmarks if possible.
  • Details of the Problem: Describe the problem in detail. Please include dates, times, and any other relevant information that could help them understand the issue better.
  • Documents: Attach supporting documents, images, or video links as proof (if available).

TMC Citizen Helpline Number

You can complain through the toll-free citizen helpline number, WhatsApp or Email about the civic services to the Thane Municipal Corporation.

Following are TMC Helpline Numbers to Lodge Civic Complaints:

Thane Municipal Corporation Helpline Number
TMC Citizen Complaint Number +912225331590, +912225331211
Thane Disaster Management Helpline 1800222108
Sanitation/Sewerage Toll-Free Helpline No. 14420
C&D Waste (Garbage) Complaints 18002124530
Thane Municipal Transport (TMT) 1800229901
Email (Pollution Control)

If your lodged complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction within the given resolution period then escalate it to the HOD or Deputy Municipal Commissioner at Level 2.

Thane Transport Depot Complaint Numbers:

Deport, Thane Contact Number
Kalwa +912225425193
Wagle +912225827785
TMT Manager +912225812756

File an Online Complaint

To file a civic complaint online with the Thane Municipal Corporation, you can use email, social media platforms, or the official online citizen grievance redressal portal.

When submitting your complaint, make sure to include the details listed above.

Tip: After submitting your complaint, be sure to make a note of the reference number provided. If you prefer submitting a written complaint, kindly request an acknowledgement receipt from the designated officer or the reception at the TMC Head Office.

Submit a Civic Complaint Online to Thane Municipal Corporation:

Register online complaint to TMC File your complaint
TMC water supply complaints Register
Contact TMC Officers View Contact Number
Email (Streetlight)
X (Twitter) @TMCaTweetAway
Mobile App DigiThane
Android | iOS

Not resolved or dissatisfied with the final resolution at level 1? Escalate your complaint with reference ID to the First Appellate Officer (HOD/Deputy Municipal Commissioner) of the respective department.


Follow these steps to lodge your complaint online with Thane Mahanagarpalika:

Guide to register a complaint online with Thane Municipal Corporation
Guide to registering a complaint online with Thane Municipal Corporation (source:
  • Step 1: Visit the link above.
  • Step 2: Login or register as a citizen on the TMC portal.
    Citizen login and registration guide to lodge a complaint with TMC
    Citizen login and registration guide to lodge a complaint with TMC (source:
  • Step 3: Choose “File a complaint” from the online citizen services menu.
  • Step 4: Fill out the online grievance form with applicant details, complaint details, and location.
  • Step 5: Upload supporting documents, images, or copies of service requests (if any) as proof.
  • Step 6: Submit the grievance form and after successful registration of your complaint, note down the reference number to track status.

Contact TMC Department

Contact details of designated officers of respective departments of Thane Municipal Corporation:

1. Ward Committee Office

Assistant Commissioner of TMC Ward Committee Offices:

Designation, Ward Committee Contact Details
Asst. Commissioner, Majiwada – Manpada Phone: +912225402375
Asst. Commissioner, Vartaknagar – Cluster Cell Phone: +912225885801
Asst. Commissioner, Lokmanya – Sawarkarnagar Phone: +912225804890
Asst. Commissioner, Wagle Phone: N/A
Asst. Commissioner, Naupada – Kopari Phone: +912225384631
Asst. Commissioner, Uthalsar Phone: N/A
Asst. Commissioner, Kalwa Phone: +912225410470
Asst. Commissioner, Mumbra Phone: +912225462092
Asst. Commissioner, Diva Phone: N/A

2. Zonal Deputy Commissioner

Contact Concerned Zonal Deputy Commissioner of TMC:

Designation, Zone Phone No. & Email
Dy. Commissioner, Zone-1 (Kalwa, Mumbra, Diva Prabhag Samittee) Phone: +912225462092
Dy. Commissioner, Zone-2 (Kopri-Naupada, Wagle Prabhag Samittee) Phone: +912225826890
Dy. Commissioner, Zone-3 (Vartaknagar, Lokmanya-Sawarkarnagar, Majiwada-Manpada, Uthalsar Prabhag Samittee) Phone: +912225885801, +912225402375

3. Designated Officer of Departments

Contact details of designated officers of TMC:

Designation, TMC Contact Details
City Engineer Phone: +912225347714
CAFO Phone: +912225332654, +912225430152
Chief Auditor Phone: +912225443805
TMT Manager Phone: +912225812756
Med. Officer of Health Phone: +912225332685
Legal Advisor Phone: +912225336522
Asst. Director Town Planning (Additional Charge) Phone: +912225333715
Dy. City Engineer (TDO) Phone: +912225427020
Dy. City Engineer (Estate) Phone: +912225416056
Dy. City Engineer (Electrical) Phone: +912225376106
Dy. City Engineer (Water) Phone: +912225363580
Dy. City Engineer (Drainage) (Additional Charge) Phone: N/A
Dy. City Engineer (Nalla Construction Project) Phone: N/A
Dy. City Engineer (Workshop) Phone: +912225303593
Chief Fire Officer Phone: +912225331264, +91222544079799
Pollution Control Officer Phone: +912225362916,
Ass. Commissioner – Solid Waste Management Phone: N/A
Education Officer Phone: +912225391703
Manager Swimming Pool Phone: +912225332052
Chief Information Technology Officer (Additional Charge) Phone: +912225440641
Security Officer Phone: +912225360244
Veterinary Officer Phone: +912225475428,
Senior garden Superintendent, Tree Officer Phone: N/A
Nodal Officer, Thane Smart City Limited (Thane Smart City Cell) Phone: +912225331590
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Thane Smart City Limited Phone: N/A

Note: If your lodged complaints are not resolved at this level, escalate the grievance to level 2 officers.

Issues that can be resolved

These are some examples of major issues that can be resolved by the concerned department of Thane Municipal Corporation:

  • Health & Waste Management: Thane faces issues with dirty roads, overflowing garbage, and unclean toilets, causing health problems.
  • Streetlights & Electricity: Many streetlights don’t work, electric poles are damaged, and there are problems with electricity in public places and crematoriums.
  • Drainage & Sewerage: Manholes are broken, drains are leaking, and sewage systems are blocked, causing unpleasant smells and unclean surroundings.
  • Water Supply: If you have problems with dirty and low-pressure water, as well as leaky pipes and broken meters, leading to water wastage.
  • Roads & Bridges: Roads have potholes and get flooded, and there’s a need for speed bumps. Bridges and pavements also need repairs.
  • Building & Encroachment: Some buildings are constructed without permission, causing noise and safety issues. Unauthorized hoardings and explosives storage create dangers.
  • Garden & Public Spaces: Parks and jogging tracks are not well-maintained, and there are problems with trees. Required that municipal departments work together for better public spaces.
  • Civic Complaints: People have problems with taxes, social services, and official registrations. Stray animals are a major concern, and there are general complaints about public services that should be resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the citizen complaint number of the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC)?
A1: You can register citizen complaints with the TMC by calling the Citizen Complaint Numbers at +912225331590 and +912225331211 or email your concerns to

Q2: What should I do in case of emergencies in Thane?
A2: In case of emergencies, such as natural disasters or urgent situations, you can call the Thane Disaster Management Helpline at 1800222108 for immediate assistance and support.

Q3: How do I register complaints about public transportation or sanitation issues in Thane?
A3: To complain about public transportation, you can call the Thane Municipal Transport (TMT) Helpline Number at 1800229901. For sanitation and sewerage complaints, dial the Toll-Free Helpline Number 14420. If your complaint is related to pollution, email your concerns to

Q4: How can I report issues related to garbage collection in Thane?
A4: To report problems concerning garbage collection, please call the dedicated helpline number 18002124530. This helpline of Thane Municipal Corporation is specifically for addressing complaints related to C&D waste (garbage) collection.

Q5: What should I do if my complaint is not resolved or if I am dissatisfied with the response at level 1?
A5: If your complaint remains unresolved or if you are dissatisfied with the initial resolution of Thane Mahanagarpalika at level 1, you can escalate your complaint to level 2. Please provide the reference ID of your initial complaint and escalate the matter to the First Appellate Officer, who is the Head of the Department (HOD) or Deputy Municipal Commissioner of the respective department.


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Overall (2.5 out of 5)
Customer Service (1 out of 5)
Quality of service or product (2 out of 5)
Affordability (4 out of 5)


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