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Faridabad Municipal Corporation (MCF): Administration, Citizen Services and Complaint Registration


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Municipal Corporation Faridabad (MCF) is a constitutional local government body that provides basic infrastructure and services in the urban areas of Faridabad city in Haryana. MCF was established in 1993 under the Directorate of Urban Local Bodies Department, Haryana, which facilitates the working of the urban local bodies in the state. MCF is governed by the Municipal Corporation Act, 1994, and is headed by a municipal commissioner who is appointed by the state government.

Administrative Structure

MCF is divided into four zones, namely North, South, East, and West, for administrative convenience and better service delivery. Each zone is further divided into 10 wards, making a total of 40 wards in the city.

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Each ward is represented by a councillor, who is elected by the voters of the ward for a term of five years. The councillors form the Municipal Council, which is the legislative body of the corporation. The Municipal Council elects a mayor and a deputy mayor from among the councillors for a term of two and a half years.

The mayor is the ceremonial head of the corporation, while the deputy mayor assists the mayor in his or her duties. The municipal commissioner is the executive head of the corporation, who is responsible for the functioning and management of the corporation.

Departments of MCF

MCF has various departments that are responsible for different functions and activities for civic and citizen services in Faridabad city. Some of the major departments are:

  • Engineering: For the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of roads, bridges, buildings, water supply, sewerage, drainage, street lighting, and other public works.
  • Health: For public health and sanitation services, such as solid waste management, vector control, disease prevention, vaccination, and health education.
  • Revenue: Collects various taxes and fees from the citizens, such as property tax, water tax, fire tax, advertisement tax, and license fees.
  • Town Planning: To regulate the land use, development, and building activities in the city, and prepare the master plan, zoning plan, and development schemes.
  • Horticulture: Manages the parks, gardens, nurseries, and green belts in the city, and promotes the beautification and environmental conservation of the city.
  • Education: Runs and maintains municipal schools, libraries, and community centers, and provides quality education and learning opportunities to the citizens.
  • Fire: For fire fighting and rescue services, and conducts fire safety audits and awareness programs.
  • Legal: To handle the legal matters and disputes related to the corporation, and represents the corporation in the courts and tribunals.

Public and Citizen Services

Residents of Faridabad can access almost all citizen services without any issue. These public and citizen services are:

  • Online payment of water and sewer bills, property tax, and fire tax
  • Verification of certificates, payments, and receipts
  • Check the status of applications and complaints
  • Apply for birth and death certificates, trade licenses, building permissions, and other services
  • Register grievances and feedback
  • Access information and documents related to the corporation
  • Participate in public consultations and surveys

Through such digital initiatives, municipal corporations are not only making it easier for citizens to access essential services but are also promoting greater civic participation and connected community.

Register a complaint to Municipal Corporation Faridabad

Despite its achievements, residents of Faridabad may face several urban challenges, including traffic congestion, pollution, water scarcity, streetlights, sewage, and waste management issues. Unauthorized settlements and slums present additional complexities, necessitating concerted efforts for inclusive development.

Contact Details for complaining to Municipal Corporation Faridabad
Contact Details for complaining to Municipal Corporation Faridabad (

FMC has a dedicated helpline number, email address, and website for the citizens to contact the corporation and register their complaints or civic issues. The contact details of the municipal corporation are as follows:

Citizens can also write a complaint letter and submit it to the grievance cell at the headquarters office of the Faridabad Nagar Nigam.

FMC also has a mobile app called MCF Citizen App, which allows citizens to access online services, pay bills, apply for services, and file complaints.

If the submitted complaints are not resolved as per the expectations, escalate the disputed matter by lodging a public grievance to the Appellate Authority of the Directorate of Urban Local Bodies Department through “CM Window Haryana – CM Grievance Redressal and Monitoring System” of the Haryana Government.

Issues faced by the citizens of Faridabad

As residents know Faridabad is one of the most populous and industrialized cities and faces many challenges and issues related to urban development and governance. Some of the common issues faced by the citizens are:

  • Traffic Congestion and Pollution: Heavy traffic and poor air quality due to the high number of vehicles, industries, and construction activities including lack of adequate public transport, parking facilities, and road infrastructure.
  • Water Scarcity and Contamination: Shortage of water supply and a high level of water contamination due to the overexploitation of groundwater, leakage of pipes, and discharge of industrial and domestic waste. Broken sewerage and drainage systems, lead to flooding and waterlogging.
  • Solid Waste Management: Solid waste is to be segregated, or disposed of properly. Inadequate waste collection and transportation facilities, and lack of scientific landfills and waste-to-energy plants.
  • Slums and Unauthorized Colonies: Disputes regarding slum population and unauthorized colonies, which lack basic amenities and services, such as water, electricity, sanitation, health, and education. TIssues of encroachment, illegal construction, and land disputes.

In many cases, citizens have a low level of civic awareness and participation among the citizens, who often do not pay their taxes, fees, or bills, or do not follow the rules and regulations. The city also suffers from corruption and inefficiency in the administration and service delivery of the municipal corporation.

To resolve these issues, residents should register every complaint about the public services and infrastructure. By doing this, citizens can raise their voices to the authorities of the Municipal Corporation Faridabad to provide the best basic amenities and public infrastructure without any compromise on health, education, and quality of life.


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There are some street dogs in our society South Block sector 91 phase 2 Faridabad H.R. These dogs are biting to ur Ladies and children please look into the matter on priority. Rgds All Residents south block Sector 91 Phase 2 Faridabad H.R


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There are some street dogs in our society South Block sector 91 phase 2 Faridabad H.R. These dogs are biting to ur Ladies and children please look into the matter on priority. Rgds All Residents south block Sector 91 Phase 2 Faridabad H.RFaridabad Municipal Corporation (MCF): Administration, Citizen Services and Complaint Registration