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Nagar Nigam DDN – How to File a Complaint to Dehradun Municipal Corporation?


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Municipal Corporation, Dehradun (source –

Nagar Nigam Dehradun which is also called Dehradun Municipal Corporation (DMC) is the largest urban local self-governing body in the state capital Dehradun of Uttarakhand. The other major government agencies including Dehradun Mussoorie Development Authority, Uttarakhand Urban Sector Development Agency, Smart City Dehradun, and Doon Valley Special Area Development Authority are responsible for the overall urban development of the city.

Dehradun Nagar Nigam was first incorporated on 9 December 1998. Now, the population of the city is about 10 lakhs who reside in the 198.48 sq. km. area of the municipal corporation. It is divided into 100 Wards for the administration and to directly elect the ward members (Parshad) by conducting elections. The Mayor and municipal commissioner are the main official positions who ensure the administration of the Nagar Nigam.

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Map of Nagar Nigam Dehradun with Ward
Map of Nagar Nigam Dehradun with Ward (source –

The List of Wards of Dehradun Nagar Nigam:

  • Ward No. 1 to 10:
    • Malshi, Vijay Pur, Ranjhawala, Rajpur, Dhoran, Doon Vihar, Jakhan, Salawala, Arya Nagar, and Dobhal Wala.
  • Ward No. 11 to 20:
    • Vijay Colony, Kishan Nagar, D.L Road, Rishpana, Karanpur, Bakralwala, Chukhauwala, Indra Colony, Ghanta Ghar Kalika Mandir Marg, and Race Course(North).
  • Ward No. 21 to 30:
    • M.K.P, Tilak Road, Khurbura, Shivaji Marg, Indrish Nagar, Dhamawala, Jhanda Mohalla, Dalanwala (North), Dalanwala (East), and Dalanwala (South).
  • Ward No. 31 to 40:
    • Kaulaghar, Ballupur, Yamuna Colony, Govind Ghar, Shri Dev Suman, Vijay Park, Basant Vihar, Panditwari, Indra Nagar, and Semma Dwar.
  • Ward No. 41 to 50:
    • Indrapuram, Kawali, Dwanpuri, Patel Nagar(West), Gandhi Gram, Adhoiwala, Chandar Road MDDA colony, Badrish Colony, Bhagat Singh Colony, and Rajiv Nagar.
  • Ward No. 51 to 60:
    • Bani Vihar, Saraswati Vihar, Mata Mandir Road, Veer Chandra Singh Garwali Ajabpur, Shah Nagar, Dharampur, Nehru Colony, Defence Colony, Gujrara Mansingh, and Danda Lakhond.
  • Ward No. 61 to 70:
    • Aamwala Tarla, NunanKhera, Ladpur, Nehru Gram, Dobhal Chowk, Raipur, Mokhampur, Chak Tun Wala Miya Wala, Ritha Mandi, and Lakhi Bag.
  • Ward No. 71 to 80:
    • Patel Nagar(East), Dehra Khash, Vidhya Vihar, Bhrampuri, Lohia Nagar, Niranjanpur, Majra, Turner Road, Bharuwala Grant, and Rest Camp.
  • Ward No. 81 to 90:
    • Race Course(South), Deep Nagar, Kedarpur, Banjarowala, Mothrowala, Sewalakala, Pithuwala, Mehuwala-1, Mehuwala-2,and Mohobiwala.
  • Ward No. 91 to 100:
    • Chanderbani, Arcdeia-1, Arcdeia-2, Nathanpur-1, Nathanpur-2, Nawada, Harrawala, Ballawala, Nakrunda, and Nathuawala.

Have any complaints regarding the public services of Nagar Nigam Dehradun? Don’t worry! You can file a complaint to the municipal officers and their respective departments. For this, citizen helpline numbers and grievance redressal mechanisms are provided in the city.

Types of Citizen-Centric Services of Nagar Nigam Dehradun (DDN):

  • Waste Management: Collection of garbage, cleanliness, solid waste management, etc.
  • Health: Cleanliness of public toilets, management of municipal hospitals and primary health centres (PHCs), and other services related to health & disease control in the city.
  • Roads & Public Transport: Management and maintenance of public roads, streets, Nalla, transportation facilities, traffic lights & pavement constructions, etc.
  • Public Works: Construction and management of public buildings including schools, hospitals, municipal colonies, parks, parking spaces, and development of other public works.
  • Drinking Water & Sewerage: To ensure the drinking water supply in Dehradun city, maintenance and construction of drainage, sewerage pipelines, etc.
  • Property & Other Tax: Payment of taxes including property, dog registration fee, charges and fines, or other taxes and bills of the municipal corporation of Dehradun.
  • Building Approval & Vendors: Request to approve new building, vendor registration, market/shopping mall permit, hotel/restaurant licenses, etc.
  • Streetlights & Electrical: Management and maintenance of streetlights, electric wires, and connections in municipal and public buildings, etc.
  • Gardens & Parks: Building or maintaining gardens, tree cutting, parks, etc.
  • Others: Any specific services like PM Awas Yojana, social welfare schemes, Swachch Bharat Mission (SBM), and other services offered by the Nagar Nigam Dehradun.

Want to complain about these citizen-centric services? Obviously, you should raise your voice for fair, fast, and transparent public services. First, you may follow the 3-tier complaint redressal system of the Nagar Nigam DDN. This will ensure that you will get a faster resolution from the officials, even you can escalate the case against the irresponsible or corrupt officer.

In brief, initiate a complaint in tier 1 by calling the citizen helpline number or control room number of wards/zonal offices, e-mailing your concerns, or lodging an online grievance. If not resolved or dissatisfied with the response, escalate this matter to the Public Grievance Officer (PGO), Dehradun Nagar Nigam (including the Municipal Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners of respective departments, and Mayor in tier 2).

In final tier 3, You may lodge an online grievance to the Department of Urban Local Bodies, Government of Uttarakhand or write a letter with appropriate evidence and facts. Remember, In each tier, after the successful submission of a complaint, note down the reference number to track the status and for future reference.

How to File a Complaint to Nagar Nigam Dehradun?

Are you ready to file a complaint to Dehradun Municipal Corporation? You should. The grievance redressal mechanism with a 3-tier system is available to redress the issues pertaining to the public services of Nagar Nigam or other urban local body services. The designated nodal officers will respond to resolve the problems within the given time limit as per the citizen charter of NND (Nagar Nigam DDN).

Complaint Registration Fee and Redressal Timeline:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Redressal Time Limit 30 days (read the citizen charter of Dehradun Nagar Nigam)
UJS Water Grievance Timeline 15 to 30 days (read the citizen charter of Jal Sansthan)

In the conditions of unresolved or unsatisfactory complaints, the timeline for the appeal to the next authorized grievance redressal officer is 30 days.

As mentioned earlier, the issues can be maintenance or construction of roads/water/sewerage lines, property taxes, solid waste (garbage collection), illegal constructions or encroachment, parks & garden management, transportation, health facilities including municipal schools & education, market/vendor/building approvals and maintenance, or other local body & citizen-centric services in Dehradun.

Ways to Lodge a Complaint:

  • Citizen Helpline Number and Control Room Number
  • E-mail and Online Grievance Redressal Form
  • A Written Complaint Letter

If Not Resolved/Dissatisfied, Escalate to:

  • Public Grievance Cell, Nagar Nigam Dehradun (Municipal/Deputy Commissioner)
  • Vigilance Officer (for unethical & corrupt practices)
  • Sexual Harassment Cell for Women, Nagar Nigam DDN – For official members, employees of the municipal corporation

Want to know the right procedure to initiate and escalate the complaints? Certainly, you should know to get faster redressal of particular disputed matters and problems of the services offered by the Nagar Nigam. You have the right to access public services without any interruption and also can raise a dispute with the responsible government authority in the given mechanism.

In tier 1, Citizens can initiate a complaint regarding the problem of certain public or citizen-centric services to the nodal authorities of the Dehradun Nagar Nigam and the concerned urban development authority of Uttarakhand. You may call using the toll-free citizen helpline number, control room number of wards/zonal officers, or message on WhatsApp number.

Residents may also file an online complaint by e-mail, grievance registration portal, and mobile app of the municipal corporation. If you desire, write a grievance letter to the nearest ward officer or the headquarters office of Nagar Nigam Dehradun.

Not resolved or dissatisfied with resolutions of nodal officers? In tier 2, escalate this complaint to the Public Grievance Cell, Municipal Corporation of Dehradun with the reference number and a copy of the previously submitted form (if any).

Public Grievance Cell Includes:

  • Deputy Commissioners of the respective departments
  • Municipal Commissioner
  • Mayor/Deputy Mayor

Yet dissatisfied with the final decision of these officials or not resolved? In tier 3, You may lodge a grievance to the Nodal Public Grievance Officer of the Department of Urban Local Bodies, Uttarakhand Urban Sector Development Agency, and Town and Country Planning Department (Dept. of Housing). For this, use the Uttarakhand grievance redressal portal (CM Helpline) of the Government of Uttarakhand.

Note In each tier, must note down the reference/grievance number (if submitted a complaint in online mode or on the helpline number) or acknowledgement receipt of the submitted grievance letter (if written a letter).

Citizen Helpline Number, Nagar Nigam DDN

Nagar Nigam Dehradun has an integrated helpline number for the residents of the city. If any citizen wants to register a complaint about any specific citizen-centric or local body services of the municipal corporation, can use these toll-free citizen helpline numbers.

You may also call the emergency control room via the customer care number of the respective wards, WhatsApp the respective authorities like Uttarakhand Urban Sector Development Agency (UUSDA) for issues of urban development, respective departments of Dehradun Municipal Corporation, Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan for water supply & sewerage, and Smart City Dehradun for specific services.

Provide the Following Information:

  • Name of the complainant
  • The subject of the nature of the complaint
  • A summary of the issue
  • A link to any image, video, or document related to the issue (if required).

Alert Don’t share any financial or sensitive personal information like ID proof, OTP, password, bank details, etc, to any officers or customer support of any entity.

Citizen Helpline Numbers of Nagar Nigam Dehradun to Register a Complaint:

Nagar Nigam DDN Complaint Number +918047097506, +911352714074
Doon Citizen Helpline Number 18001802525
DSCL Helpline Number +911352653572, +91135275098
DSCL WhatsApp Number +911352609200
Streetlight Inspector Complaint Number View Number

Tips If complaints are not resolved within the time frame or dissatisfied with the resolution, don’t hesitate to escalate the grievance to Public Grievance Cell, Dehradun Municipal Corporation with the reference number.

Toll-Free Helpline Numbers of Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan for Drinking Water Supply & Sewerage in Dehradun:

Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan Helpline Number
Water Supply & Sewerage Complaint Number 18001804100
Jal Board Officers’ Contact Numbers Click to contact

Note If complaints are not resolved send an e-mail to the chief general manager, Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan at or contact the official number from the citizen charter. For this, visit the link given in the table above.

E-mail, Toll-Free Helpline, and WhatsApp Number of Uttarakhand Urban Sector Development Agency (UUSDA) to Lodge a Complaint about Water Supply, Sewerage, Waste Water, Road Cutting, or Other Urban Development in Dehradun:

UK Urban Sec. Dev. Agency (UUSDA) Helpline Details
Toll-Free UUSDA Number 18001804159
Official Contact Number +911352753894
WhatsApp Number +917055300910
E-mail (PIU – Dehradun)

* PIU – Programme Implementation Unit, UUSDA

Have you successfully registered complaints? Has this been resolved? Not resolved or dissatisfied? This may happen. Need not to be worried, escalate the disputed grievance to the higher public grievance cell of the respective department and authorities.

Note If it belongs to Municipal Corporation, escalate it to the Municipal Commissioner of Dehradun Nagar Nigam. For the complaints of Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan (UJS), approach the Superintendent Engineer of Dehradun Division, and further to CGM of UJS. If it is related to UUSDA, escalate it to the Public Grievance Officer of the respective department & PIU of Dehradun. 

Before this, you should lodge an online complaint to the respective authorities and the municipal corporation of Dehradun.

May Be Helpful: UPCL – File an Online Complaint to Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited

File an Online Complaint

Do you want to file an online complaint to Dehradun Nagar Nigam? Obviously, you can do it. Citizens can lodge an online grievance by filling out and submitting an online grievance redressal form of the municipal corporation through Dehradun Smart City Limited (DSCL) Portal.

You may also submit an online complaint to the Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan and Uttarakhand Urban Sector Development Agency through an online grievance form and mobile app. After the successful submission of the grievance form, please note down the reference/token number to track the status.

Dehradun Nagar Nigam Online Complaint Registration Form - Guide
Dehradun Nagar Nigam Online Complaint Registration Form – Guide (

Provide the Following Mandatory Information:

  • Name and contact details (address, e-mail, and mobile number)
  • The subject of the problem with the name of the department (if known)
  • Water Connection number (for UJS water & sewerage complaints)
  • Details of the complaint including the description of the issue
  • Zone, Ward, and location of the pertaining issue
  • The relevant document, images, videos, etc. (if any)
  • Other details related to the problem (if required)

Citizens may also e-mail at to the nodal officials and Nagar Nigam by providing this information and a detailed description of the pertaining problem. Don’t forget to attach the evidence and relevant proof of the disputed issue.

Lodge an Online Complaint to Nagar Nigam Dehradun and Related Urban Authorities of Uttarakhand:

Nagar Nigam DDN Online Complaint Form File a Complaint
Track Complaint Status Through DSCL Track Now
UJS Online Water/ Sewerage Complaint Form Register Complaint
Track Water Complaint Status Track UJS Status
Lodge Online Grievance to UUSDA  Click Here
Check Grievance Status Check Status

Note Not resolved or dissatisfied with the final redressal? As mentioned earlier, escalate the grievance to the Public Grievance Cell, Municipal Corporation of Dehradun and designated nodal officers of the respective authorities with grievance Id and complaint number.

Alternative Mediums:

Mobile App Android | iOS
Social Media Twitter | Facebook

If you desire may also write a complaint letter to the Deputy Municipal Commissioner of the respective departments of the Nagar Nigam Dehradun with the details mentioned earlier. Submit it by post or visit yourself at the official address of the Municipal Corporation.

  • Address: Grievance Redressal Officer, [Name of Department], Headquarters, Nagar Nigam Dehradun, Near Doon Hospital, New road, Dehradun District-Dehradun, Uttarakhand – 248001.
  • Phone No: +911352714074
  • E-mail:

Don’t forget to take the acknowledgement receipt for the submitted grievance letter. This can be used as proof of submission and for future reference to check the status and escalate unresolved or unsatisfactory grievances to the nodal municipal officer of the Public Grievance Cell.

Citizen-Centric Online Services

Some important citizen-centric online services of Dehradun Nagar Nigam and e-Nagar Services of the state government of Uttarakhand are listed below. These include registration of death and birth certificates, property tax payment, e-challan, building approval, vendor registration, and payment of other bills.

Online Portals to Pay Various Bills and Property Tax to Nagar Nigam:

Type of Service/Bills Payment Link
Property tax Pay Now
UJS Water Bill Pay your bill
Pay other bills/challan Click to pay

Links to apply online for the citizen-centric services in Dehradun:

Type of Service Links
License for Pet Dog Apply Now
Application for Birth Certificate Apply Now
Download the Birth/Death Certificate Form Birth Form | Death Form
New Drinking Water Connection Apply Now
Other e-services for citizens Click Here

These are some important online civic body services for the citizens and residents of Dehradun city. To know more about other services, visit the link mentioned in the table above.

Public Grievance Cell, Nagar Nigam Dehradun

Are you dissatisfied with the final resolution? Have complaints not been resolved within the time limit? Don’t worry! In these conditions, citizens can escalate these unresolved or unsatisfactory complaints to the designated nodal officer of the Public Grievance Cell, Nagar Nigam Dehradun.

The officers can be the head or deputy municipal commissioner of the respective departments or the Municipal Commissioner of the Nagar Nigam. You may also escalate the disputed matter to the Mayor or Deputy Mayor of the municipal corporation by e-mail or a written grievance letter.

For this, write a grievance letter to the Public Grievance Cell or the Mayor with the following information:

  • Name, Address, and contact details
  • The subject of the complaint
  • Reference number or grievance number of previously submitted complaint
  • A detailed description of the issue with the reason for dissatisfaction (if not satisfied)
  • Ask for clarification (if not resolved)
  • Attach supporting documents, images, and links to the videos (if any).
  • Location of the incident with ward details.

Send this grievance letter to the official address of the headquarters of the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun at:

  • Address: Municipal Commissioner, Public Grievance Cell, Nagar Nigam DDN, Headquarters, Nagar Nigam Dehradun, Near Doon Hospital, New Road, Race Course, Dehradun District – Dehradun, Uttarakhand – 248001.
  • Phone No: +911352714074
  • E-mail:

After the successful submission of the grievance letter, one must take the acknowledgement receipt to check the status of the grievance and for further inquiry into unresolved or pending grievances.

Note Yet not resolved within 30 days or dissatisfied with the final decision of PG Cell? Don’t hesitate to escalate this matter to the Public Grievance Directorate of the Department of Local Urban Bodies under the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of Uttarakhand.

For this, lodge an online grievance through the Uttarakhand CM Helpline portal or dial the toll-free number 1905 to call the CM helpline. You may also e-mail your concerns to with a reference/grievance number.

PG Cell, Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan

If the matter is pertaining to Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan (UJS), you may escalate the grievance to the Chief General Manager, UJS of PG Cell with the complaint number of the previous issue. Send this grievance letter to the official address of CGM or e-mail at:

  • Address: Chief General Manager, Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan, Jal Bhawan, B-Block, Nehru Colony, Dehradun – 248001.
  • Phone No: +911352676260
  • E-mail:

Tips If yet not resolved or dissatisfied, report through the UK CM helpline as mentioned above.

Vigilance Officer

The Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) and Directorate of Vigilance are the designated officers of the apex body Uttarakhand Vigilance Establishment. If you want to complain about the unethical and corrupt practices, misbehaviour, misconduct, or other malpractices of the government employees officers of Nagar Nigam Dehradun, directly lodge an online complaint or write to these nodal officers or inspectors.

Citizens may also call the toll-free anti-corruption helpline number 1064 or e-mail their concerns at to the Vigilance officer. Must provide the following details in the complaint form:

  • The nature of the complaint
  • Name of the department  (example – Dehradun Nagar Nigam, Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan, etc.)
  • A summary of corrupt practice and the name of the involved officer (if known).
  • Supporting documents, images, links to videos, etc.
  • Personal communication details (optional)
  • Other details related to the case (if have any).

Details to Lodge a Complaint to Vigilance Department, Uttarakhand (UK):

Vigilance Department, UK Register Online Complaint
Phone Number 1064, +911352725424
WhatsApp Number +919456592300
Officers’ Contact Number View/Contact
Address Vigilance Sector Dehradun, Vigilance Establishment Uttarakhand, 14, Kargi Grant, Banjarawala, Haridwar Bypass Road, Dehradun – 248001.

Note Please keep a copy of the complaint form to yourself or note down the complaint number to track the status and escalate the unresolved cases to the next appellate authorities of the Vigilance Department.

Tips – If no action has been taken or dissatisfied with the Secretary of Vigilance Department, Uttarakhand, you may file a complaint/case to Lokayukta of Uttarakhand with relevant documents/evidence and a copy of previously submitted complaints to authorities.


Approached all the related authorities as mentioned above? Have you been not satisfied? Are complaints not redressed? In these unexpected circumstances, you should take legal advice from an expert for further action.

After this, you may approach the respective tribunals, district courts, the high court of Uttarakhand, or the Supreme Court. The case can vary based on various facts, categories of disputed matters, and facts. So, first, seek help from an expert in this field then take any action to decrease the complexity of the process.

Issues can be Resolved

The list of some issues related to the civic body and citizen-centric services delivered by the various departments of the Nagar Nigam Dehradun. You may file a complaint about these problems to the authorized officer of the municipal corporation as mentioned in the earlier sections.

  • Solid Waste Management:
    • Report the issues related to the collection of garbage, non-availability of garbage vehicles, or solid waste is not picked up.
    • Problems related to solid waste on the roads and streets, lack of cleanliness on the roads, bio-medical wastes are not disposed of properly, etc.
    • Any matters of solid waste collection and management in the city of Dehradun.
  • Health Department:
    • Complaints regarding management and cleanliness of municipal hospitals, primary health centers, and dispensaries.
    • Issues pertaining to food poisoning, and lack of cleanliness at restaurants, hotels, and vendor & street food stalls.
    • Report if roads are not cleaned properly, sold unhygienic food, meat, or no-veg items, and other issues of health, disease spread like dengue, malaria, the nuisance of mosquitos, etc.
  • Sanitation Department:
    • Report if found dirty and choked public toilets, non-availability of water and electricity (light), or request new public toilets in your area.
    • Problems regarding
  • Public Works Department:
    • Complaints related to potholes on roads, broken public roads, water collection on the roads, drainage blockage near roads, or required maintenance or construction of street roads.
    • Issues related to footpaths, dividers, zebra crossing, traffic lights, etc.
    • Request for maintenance and construction of new roads, public buildings, drainage (Nalla), bridges, municipal school buildings, hospitals, etc.
    • Management of sports grounds, parks, gardens, and other municipal buildings in the city.
  • Water, Drainage, and Sewerage:
    • Complaints about the drinking water pipelines, supply of water in the whole area or individual households, broken pipelines or leakage, etc.
    • Issues related to the cleanliness of drainage, Nalla, block flow of water, or overflowing drains.
    • Report if found open sewerage or manholes, overflowing or leakage of sewerage pipelines, or other issues related to sewerage in your area.
  • Electrical and Streetlight:
    • Report the burning of streetlights in daylight or lights are not working at night. Issues related to switches of streetlights, leaning wires or poles, trees falling on wires, etc.
    • Issues related to lighting facilities in parks, public parking spaces, municipal buildings, and gardens.
    • Request for the maintenance of electrical equipment or electricity supply interruptions in public hospitals, municipal schools, or public buildings & municipal colonies.
  • Encroachment and Establishment:
    • Report the issues regarding encroachment on public places, markets, roadside, or public buildings. Issues of unauthorized advertisement banners, stalls, and hawkers.
    • Any matter related to the approval of the building, new vendor registration, market or trade license approval, etc.
  • Roads, Parks, and Garden:
    • Maintenance, construction, and management of street roads, public roads, pavements, potholes, etc.
    • Request for the pick up of fallen trees on the roads, trimming of trees, watering, and management of municipal parks and gardens, and plantation of trees in any area of Dehradun.
  • Property Tax and Revenue:
    • Any disputes regarding the payment and assessment of property tax, bills, or fines/challan paid to the municipal corporation.
  • Social Welfare:
    • Complaints related to social welfare schemes of the state government and municipal corporation including PM Awas Yojana, Deendyal Upadhyay Antyodya Yojana, Amrut, Swachchh Bharat Mission, JNNURM, SJSRY, and Solar schemes.

Others: Any complaint related to the citizen-centric and civic body services served by the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun but not listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nagar Nigam Dehradun

Q. What is the citizen helpline number of Dehradun Nagar Nigam?
A. The toll-free citizen helpline number is 18001802525 and dial the number +918047097506 or +911352714074 to register a complaint about the services of Nagar Nigam Dehradun. Also, WhatsApp through +911352609200 to Dehradun Smart City Limited (DSCL) to seek help or emergency support.

Q. What is the drinking water customer care number of Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan?
A. The toll-free customer care number is 18001804100. Call on this number to raise a concern to the nodal officials of UJS (Jal Board). If not resolved, escalate it to the Chief General Manager (CGM), Jal Bhavan (Dehradun).

Q. Where can I approach if my complaints are not resolved by the officers of Dehradun Municipal Corporation?
A. In this situation, escalate this complaint to the designated Deputy Municipal Commissioner of the respective department and the Public Grievance Cell of Nagar Nigam with the reference number of the previously submitted complaint. You may also e-mail the municipal commissioner at with supporting evidence.

Q. Who is the apex body where I can lodge a grievance against Dehradun Nagar Nigam?
A. If your complaints are not resolved or dissatisfied with the PG Cell of the municipal corporation, lodge an online grievance through the Uttarakhand CM helpline portal or dial the toll-free number 1905 and report the disputed matter to the Department of Urban Development and Local Urban Bodies of state Government of Uttarakhand.


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