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Nagar Nigam Agra (AMC): How to Register a Complaint to Agra Municipal Corporation?


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Agra Nagar Nigam Logo
Agra Municipal Corporation (source –

Agra Municipal Corporation (AMC), also known as Agra Nagar Nigam (आगरा नगर निगम) is an urban local government body of Agra City. ANN has the responsibility of managing the city’s civic infrastructure and administration, ensuring essential citizen services and public utilities to the residents.

The services of the Nagar Nigam include public health, cleanliness, parks, education, correctional institutions, libraries, public safety, recreational facilities, sanitation, water supply, local planning, and welfare services.

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Map of Agra Nagar Nigam ANN
Map of Agra Nagar Nigam (source –

Zones & Wards of the Municipal Corporation:

Zones Wards, Agra Municipal Corporation
Chatta 1-Kajipadha, 14-Kachh Pura, 17-Ratan Pura, 20-Freeganj, 25-Bag Muzaffar Khan, 28-Nai Ki Saray, 42-Bhagawati Bag, 50-Seeta Nagar, 53-Mantola, 54-Trans Yamuna, 55-Shahdra, 58-Naraich West, 59-Naraich East, 64-Belanganj, 65-Yamuna Par, Prakash Nagar, 66-Nawal Ganj, 79-Moti Ganj, 83-Tedi Bagiya, 99-Pipal Mandi, 32-Dera Saras, 68-Nuri Darwaja, 91-Rawat Para, 95-Dhankot Fubbara, 16-Dolikhar, 100-Nai Ki Mandi
Hari Parvat 6-Jagdish Pura East, 11-Charsu Darwaja, 13-Nagala Harmukh, 26-Jageshwar Nagar, 29-Khandari, 31-Loyars Coloni, 38-Gailana, 43-Ghatwasan, 47-Ghatiya Ajam Khan, 51-Vijay Nagar, 52-Dev Nagar, 56-Lohiya Nagar, 61-Sarlabagh, 71-Nagla Padi, 73-Sikandra, 80-Jatpura, 81-Kamla Nagar, Block-A-B-C-D, 82-Bhim Nagar, 85-Kaveri Kunj, 87-Bhud Ka Bagh, 90-Balkeshwar, 92-Wazir Pura, 93-Kamla Nagar Block-E-F-G, 94-Bagh Farjana, 96-Mahrishi Puram
Loha Mandi 3-Jagdish Pura West, 7-Khataina, 9-Ghas Ki Mandi, 10-Prakash Nagar, 12-Nagala Mohan, 18-Raj Nagar, 24-Gadhi Bhadauriya, 34-Bhogi Pura, 37-Nagla Ajeeta, 41-Ajampada, 45-Ashok Nagar, 46-Avas Vikas East, 49-Rahul Nagar Bodla, 67-Albatiya, 69-Awas Vikas South, 74-Jaipur House, 75-Awas Vikas Pachimi, 84-Raja Mandi, 86-Khati Para, 89-Ram Mohan Nagar, 101-Shastri Puram, 21-Barah Khambha, 27-Ajeet Nagar, 30-Ram Nagar, 76-Dhakran, 77-Kedar Nagar
Taj Ganj 2-Gummat Takht Pahlwan, 4-Sewala Jat, 5-Himachal Colony, 8-Edgah, 15-Saray Maluk Chand, 19-Bundoo Katra, 22-Sauhalla, 23-Mohan Pura, 33-Dhandhoo Pura, 35-Mustfa Quater, 36-Mahadev Nagar, 39-Naam Ner, 40-Baluganj, 44-Katra Fulail, 48-Nari Pura, 57-Ukhrra, 60-Khuwash Pura, 62-Teli Para, 63-Chawli, 70-Tal Firoj Khan, 72-Nagla Mewati, 78-Shaheed Nagar, 88-Harjjupura, 97-Gover Chawki, 98-Vibhav Nagar

Want to complain about the issues concerning civic services in Agra? You can report the problems related to public utilities and civic amenities, such as garbage collection, road and drainage maintenance, water and sewerage connections, as well as trade, business, and tax-related matters.

Residents can complain through the toll-free citizen helpline number, via email, or by filing a complaint online through the grievance redressal platform. If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily, then escalate the grievance to the Head (Deputy/Zonal Municipal Commissioner) of the respective department.

Still not resolved or dissatisfied with the final resolution? You can further escalate the grievance to the Public Grievance Cell Nodal Officer or the Municipal Commissioner/Mayor of Agra Municipal Corporation.

How to File a Complaint to Agra Nagar Nigam?

According to the citizen charter issued by Agra Municipal Corporation, the grievance redressal mechanism is divided into 3 levels. If your submitted complaint is not resolved at the initial stage, you can escalate it to the appointed nodal officer at the next level for further resolution.


  • Assessment & Collection
  • Building
  • Central Records
  • Education
  • Electricity
  • Engineering (Civil)
  • Estate
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • License
  • Lighting
  • Market
  • Parks & Squares
  • Planning & Development
  • Project Management Unit
  • Sewerage & Drainage
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Vigilance
  • Water Supply

Grievance Redressal:

Registration fee No Charges (0)
Resolution Period Up to 30 days (May vary, read citizen charter of Agra Nagar Nigam)
Refund Period As per the charges/tax refund rules of the municipal corporation

3 Levels of filing a complaint:

  • Level 1: Designated Officers, Agra Nagar Nigam:
    • Toll-free citizen helpline number
    • WhatsApp/Email
    • Online Grievance Redressal (Online form)
    • Written complaint letter (Zonal office/headquarters)
    • E-NagarSewa
  • Level 2: HOD/Deputy Municipal Commissioner of respective Department
  • Level 3: Municipal Commissioner, Public Grievance Cell (Agra Municipal Corporation)

Note: Still not resolved to your satisfaction with the given resolution period? Escalate the grievance to the State Appellate Authority of the Department of Urban Development, Govt. of UP.

Sexual Harassment Cell for Women, AMC: If you experience any form of sexual harassment from anyone working in Agra Municipal Corporation, report it to the Internal Complaints Committee of the Sexual Harassment Cell for Women within three months of the incident. You can share any videos, pictures, or other evidence you have with the person in charge of the cell.

Level 1: Designated Officers, Agra Municipal Corporation

At this level, If you have problems concerning Agra Nagar Nigam, such as administration, civic issues, and public services like water, roads, electricity, or waste management, then you can file a complaint to designated officers of respective departments.

You can also write a formal complaint letter and send it to the headquarters of the municipal corporation. Make sure to provide:

  • Your full name and current address
  • Specify the type of issue and department
  • Mention the location of the problem
  • Describe the issue with details including dates, times, and names if possible.

Citizen Helpline Number, Agra

Citizens in Agra can register complaints regarding civic services by contacting the centralized toll-free helpline number of Agra Nagar Nigam (ANN). Moreover, residents can report issues through the emergency control room of zonal offices or WhatsApp/Email.

Toll-Free Citizen Helpline Numbers of Agra Municipal Corporation:

Agra Nagar Nigam complaint number 1533, +915624003492
Toll-free citizen helpline number 18004197788
Sewer complaint number 14420
Streetligh helpline number 18001803580
Contact Nagar Nigam Officers View contact number
Garbage collection contact number View contact number
Property tax officials Click here
Email (Property tax)

Note: Have your complaints not been resolved? You can escalate the complaint to the Zonal/Deputy Municipal Commissioner of the respective departments of Nagar Nigam.

File online complaint

To file a complaint online to Agra Municipal Corporation, you can use email, social media channels, or the online complaint platform. Here’s what you need to include in your complaint:

  • Personal Information: Write down your name, address, and contact number.
  • Details of the Complaint: Explain what the problem is and provide details such as the ward/zone name.
  • Location of the Issue: Specify where exactly the problem is happening.
  • Attachments: If you have any documents, pictures, or other proofs related to the complaint, you can upload them.

Reminder: After submitting your complaint, make sure to keep a record of the reference number provided. If you’ve submitted a written complaint, request an acknowledgement receipt from the designated officer or the reception at the Head Office of the Municipal Corporation.

You can submit complaints online to Nagar Nigam through:

File an online complaint to Agra Nagar Nigam:

Complain online to Agra Municipal Corporation File your complaint
Report streetlight problems (EESL) Click here
Email (Streetlight)
X (Twitter) @agranagarnigam
Facebook @AgraNagarNigam

Note: Still not resolved to your satisfaction by the officials? You may escalate the disputed matter to the concerned Head of Department (HOD), Agra Nagar Nigam.


You can apply for new water and sewerage connections online through the e-services of Agra Nagar Nigam. Additionally, you can make online payments for property tax, apply for trade licenses, request building approvals, obtain NOCs, and access other services.

Level 2: Zonal/Deputy Municipal Commissioner

If your submitted complaint to Agra Municipal Corporation at level 1 isn’t solved to your satisfaction, then you can escalate the grievance to the Zonal or Deputy Municipal Commissioner of respective departments. You can do this by writing a grievance letter or lodging your complaint online.

Within the grievance form, include:

  • Your previous complaint details such as any reference number or acknowledgement receipt
  • Expected relief
  • Supporting documents in a letter.

If you filed the complaint online, reopen it and mention your case ID through E-NagarSewa UP or send a written complaint to:

Designation Zonal/Deputy Municipal Commissioner, ANN (Agra)
Phone Number Click to contact 
Address Attn: Zonal or Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Department) – Agra Nagar Nigam, Near Soorsadan, M.G. Road, Sanjay Place, Agra – 282002.

Note: Still not resolved to your satisfaction by these nodal officers of AMC? You should escalate the disputed matter to the Municipal Commissioner or Mayor the Nagar Nigam.

Level 3: Municipal Commissioner, Agra Nagar Nigam

If you’re not happy with how your complaint was resolved by the concerned Zonal/Deputy Municipal Commissioners of Agra Nagar Nigam, then escalate the grievance to the Municipal Commissioner or Mayor of the municipal corporation.

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Include your complaint details, reference number, expected relief, and supporting documents in a letter or reopen your online complaint with your case ID through MP e-Nagar Palika.
  • Step 2: Send this letter to the Municipal Commissioner either by post or email. You can also visit the Head Office in person to submit your complaint. Remember to get an acknowledgement receipt as proof.

Submit your complaint to:

Designation Municipal Commissioner/Mayor, ANN (Agra)
Phone Number +915622551610
Address Attn: Municipal Commissioner or Mayor – Agra Nagar Nigam, Near Soorsadan, M.G. Road, Sanjay Place, Agra – 282002.

Note: Dissatisfied with the final resolution? You may lodge a public grievance to the State Appellate Authority of the Department of Urban Development, Govt. of UP.

Appellate Authority: Department of Urban Development

If you’re not satisfied with the final decision or complaints are not resolved by Agra Municipal Corporation, then lodge a public grievance to the Nodal Officer (State Appellate Authority) of the Public Grievance Cell of the Department of Urban Development, Govt. of UP.

You have two options to file this complaint:

Note: If you’re still not happy with the decision from the respective department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, you may consult a lawyer for legal advice or explore available legal solutions to resolve the matter. In extreme cases, you can even appeal in a judicial court to find a resolution.


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