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Rajasthan Police – Lodge an Online e-FIR and Complaint to Rajasthan Police


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Rajasthan Police Logo
Rajasthan Police (

The Rajasthan Police Service was formed in January 1951, Rajasthan Police is the law enforcement agency for the state of Rajasthan with headquarters in Jaipur, the state capital. It is headed by the Director General of Police (DGP) who reports to the Home Department of Government of Rajasthan.

Departments of Rajasthan Police:

Notice - Be alert! Don't share the financial or banking details and don't share OTP to customer care executive. Protect yourself from Frauds and Scams. Report to Cyber Crime Bureau or Call 1930 as soon as possible to protect your earnings and others.
  • Crime Branch
  • Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS)
  • Special Operations Group (SOG)
  • Vigilance Branch
  • Traffic Police
  • Women and Child Protection Cell

Some Special Units are the Economic Offence Wing, Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (COBRA), Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS), Railway Police, and the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

The Rajasthan Police is organized into 2 Police Commissionerate Cities, headed by the Commissioner of Police (CP) and 11 Ranges, headed by the Inspector General of Police (IGP). Further ranges are divided into 53 police districts, each headed by a Superintendent of Police (SP).

Need help or want to report an incident to the Rajasthan Police? For assistance or reporting incidents to Rajasthan Police, use the toll-free helpline number, email, or file an online e-FIR. Visit the nearest police station to file a formal FIR/NCR (Non-Cognizable Report) for civil/criminal offences in Rajasthan. Further, escalate unresolved cases to higher police authorities.

Have emergency? Instantly dial 112 (Emergency Response Support System)of RJ Police. Additionally, call 100 for police help.

How to File an e-FIR or Police Complaint to the Rajasthan Police?

Rajasthan Police has an integrated online platform and Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) for citizens to report incidents. Register complaints or file online e-FIRs for unknown accused or Non-SR (Non-Serious Report).

Understand the distinction before proceeding:

  • Police Complaint: This can be oral or written, accusing someone of an offence that is applicable for both cognizable and non-cognizable crimes without a specific format.
  • FIR (First Information Report): Initial information, which can be submitted orally or in written format on plain paper, about cognizable offences (civil/criminal) to the police station.

Please note that the FIR must be registered with the officer in charge or SHO of the Police Station, leading to a police investigation; the Magistrate may take action.

For serious cases, contact your local police station or higher-ranking officers. Know your rights and safeguard against misconduct by police officials, as defined in the “citizen charter” of the Rajasthan Police.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

The grievance redressal mechanism of Rajasthan Police, per Home Department regulations, comprises 3 levels within each administrative hierarchy. Start at the local police station and escalate to the District Superintendent of Police (SP), Range Inspector General (IG), and Director General of Police (DGP).

Administrative Structure of Rajasthan Police
Administrative Structure of Rajasthan Police (

In the Commissionerate system, the City Commissioner of Police (CP) and Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) at the City Police Headquarters serve as higher authorities.

Filing a Complaint:

Registration Fee No Charges (₹0)
Resolution Period As per the rules defined by Rajasthan Police (read citizen charter or code of conduct)
FIR Filing Immediately at the Police Station
Copy of FIR Free of Cost (mandatory)

Methods of Lodging an FIR/Complaint:

  • Online – Submit complaints/FIRs to Rajasthan Police online (CCTNS, social channels, or RajCop Citizen app).
  • Offline – Through 112 – ERSS, helpline number, or local police stations (for FIR).

3 Levels of Escalation:

  • Superintendent of Police (SP), District
  • Inspector General of Police (IGP), Range
  • Director General of Police (DGP), Police Headquarters

Communicate with the designated Police Officer of the respective department for escalation of pending cases.

Level 1: File an e-FIR or Complaint, Rajasthan Police

In Rajasthan, citizens can request to start the investigation process for general cases (civil or criminal) by submitting a complaint or registering an FIR at the local police station. For non-serious cases (civil or non-criminal), use the online CCTNS platform to lodge an e-FIR or Police Complaint.

To file an online FIR or police complaint, include these details:

  1. Complainant details: Name, address, and contact information.
  2. Incident details: Nature, victim, accused (if known), and date/time.
  3. Stolen property or motor vehicle details (if applicable).
  4. Supporting documents, ID cards, or media files.
  5. Specify your preferred police station.

You may submit the FIR on plain paper, following a simple application format with the mentioned information (no specific format required).

1. File an FIR

Register an e-FIR (Non-SR cases):

Lodge Online FIR to Rajasthan Police File an FIR
Track FIR Status Click to Search
Local Police Station Click to contact (
Traffic Police Complaint
File your complaint

For technical problems related to CCTNS, while registering a complaint, send an email to the Nodal Officer at

Want to fila a case? File a case online by e-filing to District/High Courts

Emergency tip: In emergency situations, you may “request help” from the 112 Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) in Rajasthan, providing your location.

Citizen Helplines:

Police Helpline Number 112/100, 18001806127
Other Helplines 1090 (Women), 1098 (Child)
Traffic Police Control Room
SC/ST Help 14566, 18001806025

Report a cybercrime: call at 1930, and complaint online through the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal. Additionally, you may email to Cyber Crime Police Station of Jaipur at

2. Lodge a Police Complaint

Register a police complaint (Civil or Criminal) with Rajasthan Police about the incident:

Register Online Police Complaint File a Complaint
Report lost document/article Login/Register at CCTNS
Email (Vigilance)

Police Control Room:

Important: For more details about the Rajasthan Police, file an online RTI (Right to Information) with the department. This allows you to request specific information as required.

3. E-Services

Rajasthan Police provides various e-services for the citizens, including online certificates and licenses. These encompass Police Clearance Certificates, traffic challan payments, character verification, and domestic help or tenant verification.

Apply Online For:

Citizens can download forms for licenses and verifications, such as:

  • Application for License to Engage in the Business of a Private Security Agency
  • Particulars of Applicant for License of Agency for Verification
  • Affidavit US 7(2) of the Private Security Agency Regulation Act, 2005
  • Report of the Officer-In-Charge of the Police Station (to be filled by SHO)
  • Domestic Servant Verification Form
  • Verification Form by Kota Police for Students or Working Employees Living in Hostels
  • Verification Forms by Bikaner Police
  • Tenant Verification Form by Kota Police

Access these citizen services online and download the forms at “Rajasthan Police Forms (”

Police Commissionerates, Rajasthan Police

If citizen complaints are not resolved at the local police station, contact the Police Control Room of the respective City Police Commissionerate in Rajasthan.

Contact details of concerned Police Commissionerates:

Commissionerate Contact Information
CP, Jaipur City Phone: +911412388436, +911412388437
WhatsApp: +917300363636
CP, Jodhpur City Phone: +912912650777
WhatsApp: +919530440045

District Superintendent of Police (SP)

If your complaint is not resolved at the local police station in Rajasthan, especially for criminal, serious, or corruption-related cases, escalate it to the Superintendent of Police (SP) in your district.

Note: If citizen service complaints remain unresolved or have complaints about the functioning of the Police, you can file a grievance online through the Rajasthan Sampark (e-Samadhan) to the Appellate Officer for Rajasthan Police at the Home Department of the Government of Rajasthan.

SP, District Contact Information
Ajmer Phone: +911452629910, +911452629166
WhatsApp: +918764501201
Alwar Phone: +911442338200
Banswara Phone: +912962241100
WhatsApp: +919530439780
Baran Phone: +917453230383
Barmer Phone: +912982221822
Bharatpur Phone: +915644422570
WhatsApp: +918764862756
Bhilwara Phone: +911482232011
WhatsApp: +918764857456
Bhiwadi Phone: +919530418496 (WhatsApp)
WhatsApp: +919530418496
Bikaner Phone: +911512220602
Bundi Phone: +917472446938
Chittorgarh Phone: +911472240088
Churu Phone: +911562252023
Dausa Phone: +911427230333
WhatsApp: +919460408866
Dholpur Phone: +915642220697
Dungarpur Phone: +912964230344
Hanumangarh Phone: +911552261105
WhatsApp: +918764531201
DCP, Jaipur City Phone: +911412388436, +9114122884382
WhatsApp: +919530440045
Jaipur Rural Phone: +911412209741
Jaisalmer Phone: +912922502747
Jalore Phone: +912973224031
WhatsApp: +917727050726
Jhalawar Phone: +917432231565
Jhunjhunu Phone: +911592236700
WhatsApp: +917073882345
DCP, Jodhpurb City Phone: +912912650777
WhatsApp: +919530440045
Jodhpur Rural Phone: +912912650888
Karauli Phone: +917464220477
Kota City Phone: +917442350778
WhatsApp: +918764520201
Kota Rural Phone: +917442350888
Nagaur Phone: +911582243247
Pali Phone: +912932251545
Pratapgarh Phone: +911478222065
Rajsamand Phone: +912952220712
WhatsApp: +917597382090
Sawai Madhopur Phone: +917462222999
Sikar Phone: +911572270037
WhatsApp: +919530431210
Sirohi Phone: +912972222100
Sri Ganganagar Phone: +911542443055
Tonk Phone: +911432244400
Udaipur Phone: +912942414600

Railways – Rajasthan Police:

GRP, Railways Contact Number
GRP Ajmer Phone: +911452429451
GRP Jodhpur Phone: +912912650745

Level 2: Range Inspector General of Police (IG), Rajasthan Police

At level 2, the Rajasthan Police designates an Inspector General of Police (IG) for each Range to supervise district law enforcement. If a case persists without resolution despite the efforts of the District Superintendent of Police (SP), it should be escalated to the respective Range IG.

Contact Range Inspector General of Police (IGP):

IGP Range Contact Information
IGP Ajmer Range Phone: +911452624808
IGP Bharatpur Range Phone: +915644422859
IGP Jaipur Range Phone: +911412281824
IGP Bikaner Range Phone: +911512226101
IGP Jodhpur Range Phone: +912912650802
IGP Kota Range Phone: +917442350800
IGP Udaipur Range Phone: +912942410816
CP, Jaipur City Phone: +911412362100
WhatsApp: +917300363636

Level 3: Director General of Police (DGP), Rajasthan Police

The Director General of Police (DGP) serves as the primary administrative authority, supervising police matters across all jurisdictions under the Range Inspector General of Police (IG) in Rajasthan. If you have unresolved complaints or cases at lower levels, you can escalate them to the DGP’s office for further review and resolution.

Contact Director General of Police (DGP) Office:

Designation Contact Information
DGP Rajasthan Phone: +911412744435
DG Administration, Law & Order, R.A.C., & S.D.R.F. Phone: +911412740690
DG SCRB & Cyber Crime and Technical Services (T&T) Phone: +911412744851
ADGP ATS & SOG Phone: +911412600123
ADGP Railways Phone: +911412744194
ADGP Vigilance Phone: +91141274019
ADGP Crime Phone: +911412740873
ADGP Traffic Phone: +911412742144

Need assistance from a specific department? Please adhere to the procedures outlined by the Rajasthan Police. You can reach out to the Control Room of the Director General of Police for guidance. Alternatively, for immediate assistance, consider visiting the nearest police station. For additional legal support and advice, it is recommended to seek guidance from a legal professional, such as a lawyer.


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