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UHBVN – Customer Care Numbers & Procedure to Register Online Electricity Complaints of Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN)


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About UHBVN: Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN) is a publicly owned power distribution & retail supply business company & that provides electricity services in northern Haryana.  It was started in July 1999 and was inherited by Haryana State Electricity Board. UHBVN is established & registered under the companies act, of 1956 and owned by the State Government of Haryana.

UHBVN serves electricity services in 10 districts and 58 towns in north Haryana. It has more than 3.3 million customers including domestic, agriculture, industrial, and business connections. Many times, these customers face issues with electricity services that are provided by the UHBVN.

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If are a customer of UHBVN or living the north Haryana and facing any issue with the electricity services and new connection. You can register electricity complaints on the helplines & complaint numbers of the UHBVN.

Official details of the UHBVN are provided below to register complaints about the issues of electricity services & other services.

Official Details of UHBVN for Complaints & Services of Electricity:

Official Website of UHBVN
UHBVN Complaint Numbers 1912
UHBVN WhatsApp Number +919815961912
Register Online Complaint Register
 Regional Helpline Phone Directory Click Here
UHBVN App Android | iOS
Social Media Twitter | Facebook

If Complaint is Not Resolved by UHBVN, Approach:

Electricity CGRF, UHBVN Lodge Grievance
Electricity Ombudsman, Haryana File Petition

UHBVN Services:

New Electricity Connection Apply Now
Pay Online Electricity Bill Pay Now
Smart Meter Services & Complaints Click Here
UHBVN Smart Meter App Android | iOS

You can call on the toll-free customer care number of the UHBVN, and lodge an online complaint on the portal of UHBVN. If your issue is not resolved you can approach CGRF and file a petition to Electricity Ombudsman, Haryana.

Table of Content:

Let us try to understand all the methods and procedures to register successfully your complaints about the electricity. You can read all the instructions and procedures that will help you to get faster resolution. Please follow the steps carefully and clear your doubts.

Divisions & Circles of UHBVN in North Haryana:

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  • Ambala
  • Jhajjar
  • Kaithal
  • Karnal
  • Kurukshetra
  • Panchkula
  • Panipat
  • Rohtak
  • Bahadurgarh
  • Sonepat
  • Gohana
  • Jind
  • Narwana
  • Sofidon
  • Yamuna Nagar
  • Jagadhari
  • Naraingarh
  • Shahbad
  • Pehowa
  • Pundri

List of UHBVN Electricity Complaint Types:

  • Meter Complaint
    • Inspect & check the correctness
    • Replace slow/fast /meters/ creeping or stuck meters
    • Replace burnt meter
  • Power Supply Complaints
    • Failure of Electricity Supply
    • Transformer replacement
    • Phase change
    • Voltage Fluctuations
    • Other issues power supply
  • Other Electricity Services
    • Shifting of HT & LT lines
    • Poles & Wire Line Issue
    • Streetlight complaints
    • Accidents & Bribery Cases
    • Related to the New electricity connection
  • UHBVN Electricity Billing Complaints
    • Wrong Bill or Amount
    • High Arrears & request of rebate in the bill amount
    • Payment issues in bill & transaction failure
    • Correction request in the bill
    • Other issues of bills

These are some electricity issues that can be redressed by the UHBVN. You can register these complaints to UHBVN on the helpline numbers and online complaints. Follow the below procedures.

How to Register Electricity Complaints of UHBVN (Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam)?

Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (UHBVN) has provided various options to register complaints about electricity issues. You can use these methods to lodge complaints to UHBVN.

  • Call on customer care helpline numbers
  • Register online complaint to UHBVN

Electricity Complaint Resolution fee & time of UHBVN:

UHBVN Electricity Complaint Redressal Fee No Fee (Nil)
Complaint Resolution Time Immediate (24×7) or up to 30 Days

If your issue is not resolved by the UHBVN in the given time. You can approach:

  • Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), UHBVN (Haryana)
  • File a petition to Electricity Ombudsman, Haryana

Follow the below instructions and procedures to register your complaint and get a faster resolution of your complaints of electricity issues.

Customer Care Numbers of UHBVN

UHBVN has provided toll-free customer care helpline numbers to register complaints about the electricity services by the customers. You can use the below details of the helpline numbers to resolve your issues. Follow the steps and procedure to register successfully your complaint to UHBVN.


  1. Call on the UHBVN toll-free customer care numbers: 1912, 18001801550
  2. Click for The UHBVN Electricity Helpline and Complaint Numbers of Regional Zone & Circle Branches:
    Ambala | Panchkula | Karnal | Kaithal | Kurukshetra | Jhajjar | Panipat | Rohtak | Sonepat | Yamunanagar
  3. Talk to the customer care executive and provide the details of the electricity issues
  4. After registration of your complaint, get the complaint reference number.
  5. Use the complaint number to track the status.
  6. Visit: Track Complaint Status

WhatsApp Number of UHBVN to register a complaint:

Whatsapp_Chatbot UHBVN
source –
  1. WhatsApp Number: +919815961912
  2. Send ‘Hi’ and select the ‘Electricity’ option
  3. Choose the register complaint option
  4. Choose category & sub-category of complaint
  5. Provide the details of the electricity issue
  6. After registering your complaint, you will get a complaint reference number.
  7. Use it to track the status of your complaint.

Register Online Complaint to UHBVN

Customers of the UHBVN can also register the issues electricity on the online portal of the UHBVN. You should follow the steps to register an online complaint and can get a faster resolution with the live status.

We have provided the links to the portal & other details in the easy steps to register complaints. Follow the steps to fill online complaint form.

Online Electricity Guidance of UHBVN


  • Visit: Register Online Complaint Now
  • Select complaint category
  • Provide the description of the complaint in brief with details of the issue
  • Enter the User Details – Account number, name, mobile no., and e-mail
  • Enter the details of the address
  • Choose the division and circle of your zone
  • Upload the proof of the documents (Size 1MB)
  • Click on the ‘Submit complaint’ button
  • You will get a complaint reference number, note it down or save it
  • Use this number to track the status of your complaint
  • Visit: Track online complaint status

If your issue is not redressed by the UHBVN in the given time. You should lodge a grievance to CGRF against the final decision of the UHBVN. Further, if your issue with electricity is not resolved by the CGRF, you can file a petition to Electricity Ombudsman, Haryana. Details are given in the below section.

Lodge Grievance to Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), UHBVN

Many times, complaints of the electricity issues are not resolved by the UHBVN within the given time or customers may not satisfy with the final decision. If you are facing these issues, you can lodge a grievance to Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), UHBVN.

CGRF takes the complaints under the electricity (regulation) act, 2003 and consumers can approach it to resolve the issue of electricity. You will have to follow the instructions of the CGRF before lodging a grievance against UHBVN.

We have provided all the information to help you to lodge a complaint. Follow the steps and procedure to get faster redressal of your complaint.

Instructions of the CGRF:

  • The grievance should be filed in the written application or fill the complaint form
  • You must have to file a grievance within 1 year after the expiry of the given redressal period of UHBVN.
  • You can file a petition through e-mail, but you will have to submit a hard copy.
  • The case should not be pending in any court or tribunal.
  • Your grievance will be resolved within 30 days after receiving it.
  • The Grievance can be lodged by any applicant, organization, or NGO on behalf of the UHBVN consumer (Submit affidavit for verification & agreement of consumer)

Details of Grievance Redressal Time:

CGRF Redressal Fee No Fee (Nil)
Grievance Redressal Time 3 Months
Complaint Submission Time Within 1 Year
Acknowledgment Time 7 Days
Admissibility Response Period 15 Days

Required Documents:

  • Application Form
  • Proof of identity & address
  • Connection number of UHBVN
  • Copy of the complaint & Complaint reference number
  • Copy of the response/final decision of the UHBVN to the previous complaint
  • Any other supportive documents


Step 1

  1. Download the CGRF application form: Download
  2. Take the printout of page no. 20 & 21.

Step 2

Fill in the following information:

    1. Fill out the personal details – Name; Consumer account number; consumer category; address
    2. Tick on the licensee – UHBVN, and fill in the circle & division
    3. Select the type of complaint (Only one):
      1. Quantity
      2. Quality
      3. Safety
      4. Reliability
      5. Efficiency
      6. Non-Compliance with HERC Orders
      7. Interruption/failure of power supply
      8. Voltage complaints
      9. Problems in metering
      10. Billing Problems
      11. Disconnection and Reconnection of the power supply
      12. Others
    4. If selected others, please specify the complaint issue
    5. Provide brief detail of the complaint, attach an extra page if the description is larger, and attach the response of the licensee (UHBVN) to the previous complaint.
    6. Type of relief – Write the relief and compensation that you expect from CGRF
    7. Provide UHBVN licensee complaint number and response number
    8. Provide the details of the last response of the UHBVN licensee to your complaint (attach a copy of the response)
    9. Write the details of the last decision-making Authority and Officers.
    10. If a final remedy or decision is taken by the UHBVN then write the details & attach the response.
    11. Provide the details of the relief that was offered by the Licensee UHBVN.
    12. Choose No for pending cases in court or judicial body
    13. Tick the list of the enclosed documents, and specify if any others.
    14. Tick on all checklist (Must)
    15. Verification Details – Fill in the details and provide your signature.
    16. Choose your circle & division of UHBVN
    17. Download the affidavit form, fill it out and attach it with the application form: Download

Final Step:

    1. Attach all the documents with the application form and provide the page numbers of the listed documents.
    2. Take 3 copies of the grievance form and keep it to yourself for the future reference
    3. Submit the original application form with the attached documents to the CGRF office, UHBVN, Haryana.
    4. You can send it by e-mail or speed post at the office address of CGRF.
    5. If you want to send it by e-mail, submit the hard copy within 7 days.

Official details of the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), North Haryana:

Address: Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum,
Sector-8, 1st Floor, Near Gymkhana Club,
Kurukshetra-136118 (Haryana)

Phone: 01744-222855

Source – Need more information: Visit: CGRF, UHBVN

You can follow the above-given information to lodge a grievance successfully. If your grievance is not resolved within 30 days or unsatisfied with the final decision of the CGRF, UHBVN. You can file a petition to Electricity Ombudsman, HERC, Haryana. To know more, read the below instructions and procedure about it.

File Petition to Electricity Ombudsman, HERC (Haryana)

Electricity Ombudsman, Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission is a body that accepts cases that are not resolved by the CGRF of UHBVN or DHBVN. The Ombudsman office is regulated as per the guidelines of the Electricity (Regulation) Act, 2004.

Customers of UHBVN can file petitions against the final decision of the CGRF or the electricity issue is not resolved by it. Instructions, official details, and the procedure are provided below to file a petition successfully and get a faster redressal of your case.

Case Redressal Fee & Time:

Petition Filing Fee No Fee (Nil)
Redressal Time 90 Days
Acknowledgement Time 15 Days

Instructions of Electricity Ombudsman:

  • The application must be in written form which is provided below
  • The case will be accepted by Ombudsman if either complaint is rejected by CGRF, UHBVN has not given a reply within 3 months, or is unsatisfied with the decision/order of the CGRF.
  • The case must be filed within 30 days after you receive the reply from CGRF or the expiry of the resolution period of CGRF(3 Months)
  • The same case must not be pending in any court or any order has not been passed by the court
  • The complaint should be genuine & facts must be attached
  • The case will be resolved within 3 months.

Required Documents:

  • Copy of the application form & attached documents that were submitted to CGRF, UHBVN
  • Written application form of Electricity Ombudsman
  • Copy of the response of the CGRF (If available)
  • Copy of the complaint reference number
  • Documents of proof and facts related to the cases


  • Download the application form for Ombudsman: Download
  • Take the printout of the form

Fill Out the Following Details of the Application:

  • Fill in the consumer details, address, account number, and category
  • Select Licensee – UHBVN
  • Select complaint type (select one)
  • Provide the description of the complaint and the complaint number
  • Attach the copy of the complaint that was sent to CGRF, UHBVN
  • Mention the type of relief and compensation that you expect from the Electricity Ombudsman
  • Provide the information about the last decision of the CGRF (if available) and attach a copy of the response
  • Mention if any relief was given by the CGRF or if the reason for not being satisfied with the response
  • Tick the list of the enclosed documents and mention any other
  • Fill in the checklist and verification details
  • Select the circle and Division of UHBVN
  • Attach all the documents
  • Download the affidavit form, fill it out, and attach it with the application: Download

Note: Take a copy of all the documents and applications and keep it to yourself for future reference.

Now you will have to send the application to the Electricity Ombudsman Office by speed post or submit it by visiting the office. Official details and address is provided below.

Official Details and Address of Electricity Ombudsman, Haryana:

Address: The Electricity Ombudsman
c/o Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission
Bays 33-36, Sector 4, Panchkula-134112 Haryana

Phone: +911722572299

Source – Need more information: Visit: Electricity Ombudsman, HERC (Haryana)

If you are further not satisfied with the final decision of the Electricity Ombudsman, Haryana. You can approach the High Court, Haryana.

How to Apply Online for New Electricity Connection of UHBVN

If you do not have an electricity connection, you can apply online for a new electricity connection of UHBVN. UHBVN has provided an online application form on its portal. Fill out the form and submit it with the approval fees. Follow the below instructions & procedure.

New Application Charges & Time:

New UHBVN Electricity Connection Charges Click Here
Fee Payment Time Within 7 Days
Calculate Electricity Charges Calculate Now
New Connection Approval Time Click Here

Required Documents:

  • Passport size photo
  • Proof of ownership of property:
    • Copy of sale deed/rent agreement, Allotment letter, and lease deed
    • Property tax receipt or tax demand notice, rent payment proof
    • For agricultural connection – A copy of Khasra Girdawari/Jamabandi
  • Proof of Identity:
    • Voter Id card
    • Driving License
    • Ration card
    • Pan card
    • Aadhar card
    • Photo identity card issued by the government
  • For any organization, business, or industry, the application form shall be signed by the authorized person

Tariff Categories of New Connection:

  • Domestic Supply
    • Single private house/flats
    • Group housing societies
    • Hostel of Educational Institutions (including Mess/ Canteen),
    • Working Women’s hostels run by Red Cross and Social Welfare Department,
    • Anganwadi Workers’ training Centres set up by Indian Council for Child Welfare,
    • Places of public worship such as Mandirs, Masjids, Churches, Gurdwaras,
    • Village Chaupal is owned by Gram Panchayat / Communities
  • Non-domestic supply
    • Business houses, Cinemas, Clubs
    • Call centers/BPOs/KPOs/ITES/IT Units (Including Software Development, R&D but excluding IT/electronics/communication hardware manufacturing units) /biotechnology units
    • Public/corporate offices, Educational Institutions
    • Hospitals, Hotels
      • Nursing Homes/Clinics/Dispensaries,
      • Shops, Malls,
      • Street lighting in Anaj Mandis,
      • Street lighting in HUDA sectors which has not been transferred to local Municipal Bodies etc.
  • LT Industrial Power Supply (50KW)
  • HT Industrial and Steel Furnace Power Supply
  • Agricultural Tubewell / Lift irrigation / MITC supply
  • Bulk Supply
  • Bulk Supply (Domestic)
    • For general or mixed loads exceeding 20 KW
      • M.E.S and other Military Establishments,
      • Railways, other than traction
      • Central P.W.D
      • Hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, nursing home
      • Schools/Colleges/Educational Institutions and other institution
      • Other similar Establishment
  • Streetlighting Supply
  • Railway Traction and DMRC
  • Public Water Works Supply
  • Independent Hoarding / Decorative Lightening
  • Temporary Metered Supply:
    • Domestic & Non-domestic
    • Industrial, Agricultural & bulk supply
      • Industrial consumers
      • Flood de‐watering pump sets installed by the Govt./ private bodies
      • Lift irrigation
      • Public water supply
      • Bulk Supply consumers

Source – Need more information: Visit: category of tariff, UHBVN


  1. Visit: Open the online electricity connection form
  2. Fill out the general information – Circle, category, application type, and type of supply
  3. Applicant details – Fill out the applicant details
  4. Fill out the address details where supply is required
  5. Enter the applied load details – Connected load (KW) and purpose of supply
  6. Upload documents (jpg, jpeg, png, or pdf files) – Photo of the applicant; proof of ownership; Proof of Id
  7. Click on the box to agree to the terms and conditions
  8. Enter the text from the image
  9. Click the ‘Apply’ button, and submit the application form.
  10. Note down the application number / e-form number to track the status of the application
  11. Pay the new connection approval fee after the successful acceptance of your application within 7 Days.
  12. Visit: Track the status of the Application

Instruction: If you want to apply new electricity connection by an offline application form: Download

Note: If you are facing any problem with the submission or approval of a new electricity connection, you can contact the helpline numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions About UHBVN, North Haryana

Q. What are the electricity helpline numbers of UHBVN?
A. Customers of the UHBVN can call on the electricity complaint helpline number 1912, 18001801550 to register your complaint about the issues with the electricity services.

Q. What is the WhatsApp number of UHBVN?
A. WhatsApp Number of UHBVN is +919815961912 where you can get the electricity services of UHBVN in the northern Haryana zone.

Q.  Where can I lodge a grievance, if the issue is not resolved by the UHBVN?
A. You can lodge a grievance to the electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, UHBVN against the final decisions of the UHBVN or the issue is not resolved.

Q. What is Electricity Ombudsman, Haryana?
Electricity Ombudsman is a regulatory body that takes cases against the decisions of the CGRF, UHBVN, or DHBVN in Haryana. It provides resolution according to the Electricity (regulation) Act, 2003.

Q. Where can apply for the new electricity connection of the UHBVN?
You can visit the online electricity application form for the new connection to get the new electricity connection of UHBVN. procedure and list of the required document are provided above section, read the instructions carefully.

Q. Where can I track the status of the electricity supply ongoing/scheduled outage in North Haryana by UHBVN?
A. Customers can visit Urja Mitra UHBVN to track the status of the electricity outage in their area. You can select your region and check the status of the ongoing/scheduled power supply outage.

Q. How can I pay online the electricity bill of UHBVN?
A. You can pay your electricity bill on the online portal of UHBVN and other platforms that provide the services to pay online electricity bills. Some most common platforms to pay online bills are:

  • UHBVN Quick Bill Payment
  • Payments Apps – Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, Bhim UPI, and Others
  • Any registered Bank app that you use – For example, SBI YONO, HDFC, ICICI, PNB, Axis, IndusInd, etc.

Q. Where can I register complaints about the services of the Smart Meter electricity connection account of UHBVN?
A. Customers of UHBVN visit ‘Online Smart Meter Account Complaint‘ to register the issue of electricity services. Note down the complaint number to track the status of your complaint.
Visit: Track the status of smart meter complaint

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