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112-UP Helpline: How to Register an Emergency Complaint to 112 UP (ITECCS), Uttar Pradesh Police?


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112 UP Police (source –

112-UP is the citizen-centric and integrated emergency management system of the Uttar Pradesh Police for emergencies related to Police, Fire, Medical, and GRP (Government Railway Police). 112 provides prompt help to person (s) in need at any time, anywhere in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

This UP112 service is available in all 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh including remote areas, villages, towns, and every corner of the state. The Headquarters of 112 UP is established in Lucknow and Operation Mirroring Center (Control Room) is in Prayagraj and Ghaziabad.

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Process and Feature of 112 UP:

Process of registration of an emergency complaint with 112 UP (
Process of registration of an emergency complaint with 112 UP (
  • If any person dials 112 for emergency help, the communication officer of the 112-UP center registers the distress information. It is a 24×7 emergency service.
  • Then, the dispatch officer transmits this registered information to the Police Responsive Vehicle (PRV) of the Police or the respective department (concerned Police Station in charge), available nearest to the caller.
  • Finally, PRV reaches the location of the caller to help the person in the minimum possible time.

By dialing 112 in Uttar Pradesh, one can seek emergency help for incidents of crimes (police), fire, medical, rail journey (GRP), and also in women’s special Pink buses of UPSRTC (Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation). The emergency help centers are managed by the ITECCS, an integrated center for citizen services.

ITECCS, 112 UP Police (
ITECCS, 112 UP Police (

Integrated Technology Enabled Citizen Centric Services (ITECCS) of UP Police has been established to act as an umbrella organization that consists of 112 UP, FUST (Functional and Soft Skills Training Centre), ARC (Analytics and Research Centre), and LDI (Leadership Development Institute). It enables continuous improvement in citizen service delivery by assimilating the latest technological innovations.

The mediums for first contact points to register an emergency complaint to the authorized control room are toll-free number 112, WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail, and social media channels (Twitter and Facebook). You may also file an online complaint through the portal form or chatbot and 112-UP mobile app.

Emergency complaint registration process of 112 UP - part 2 (
Emergency complaint registration process of 112 UP – part 2 (

You may also submit a written complaint to the nearest Police Station or concerned district police officials using the contact number. If you reside near 112 HQ, may visit the Headquarters or write a letter.

Note – Has no action been taken by the officers (Police, Fire, or Medical)? In this condition, escalate the unaddressed complaints to the higher authority, District SSsP, or Ssp at 112 HQ. Further, escalate the disputed case to the Nodal Officer, or Superintendent of Police (SP) of ITECCS, 112 HQ (Uttar Pradesh). Read the details information below.

How to Register a Complaint to 112-UP (Police, Fire, Medical, or GRP)?

In the case of an emergency, all the people of Uttar Pradesh, any person located outside but want to get help in Uttar Pradesh, or UP Police, can contact the integrated helpline 112 (UP112) for emergencies related to Police, Fire, Medical, or GRP (Government Railway Police) services.

Complaint Registration Fee and Redressal Time
Registration Fee ₹0 (No Charges)
Redressal Time Complaints made against PRV are addressed within 24 hours and the inquiry is conducted expeditiously.

According to the 112 Citizen’s Charter, the Grievance Redressal Mechanism is divided into 2 levels. If the registered complaints are not resolved in level 1, escalate the matter to level 2 officers, as mentioned below.

In Level 1, register a complaint or seek emergency help through the contact points like phone number (toll-free helpline number), WhatsApp, e-mail, social media channels, and online portal (chat) & mobile app.

Emergency complaint registration process of 112 UP - part 3 (
Emergency complaint registration process of 112 UP – taking action at the site and closing a case (

And, in Level 2, if the complaint is not resolved or no action has been taken within 24 hours (against PRV), a person can escalate this complaint to the Grievance Redressal Officers including the Nodal Officer of 112 HQ (SP, ITECCS of UP Police).

Let us know in a detailed way with the official information to lodge a complaint and escalate the unresolved matters/cases to the Uttar Pradesh Police (112 UP HQ).

112-UP Helpline: Toll-Free Number and WhatsApp

The fastest way to report any incident is to call the 112 UP center and get instant help in any emergency. You may also use WhatsApp, e-mail, or other social channels to contact the UP police, fire, medical (ambulance), or Government Railway Police (GRP) in Uttar Pradesh.

Must Provide this information:

  • Name, location, and contact details
  • The detail of the incident or category of emergency
  • Other details of the incident like crime, offenses, accident, or any unusual disaster (if happened)

Always note down the even number assigned to you after registration of complaints via call. Use this number and your mobile number to track the incident or complaint.

Details of Toll-Fee Helpline Number and Contact Points to File an Emergency Complaint  with Police, Fire, Medical, or GRP (Railway Police) in Uttar Pradesh:

Lodge an Emergency Complaint 112-UP Helpline Number
Toll-Free Helpline Number 112, +917233000100 (SMS)
WhatsApp Number +917570000100
Police Emergency Management System (112 HQ) Click to Contact

You may also write a complaint letter or visit the concerned district police officials (police station). If you are near 112 Headquarters, write or visit the 112 HQ at:

Address: 112 Uttar Pradesh, HQ
7/13, Shaheed Path, Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow-226027.
Phone No: +915222217711

Note – The acknowledgment receipt or reference number of registered complaints by calling 112 will be provided immediately. If you have submitted it on social media, it will be acknowledged within 10 minutes. This reference number can be used to track the status and escalate the unredressed complaints with level 2 officers.

Tips – If not satisfied with the 112 UP Department or have an unresolved complaint, you may also register a complaint to Jansunwai UP (Samadhan) to the respective department of UP Police under the Ministry of Home, Govt. of UP.

File an Online Complaint

Residents may also file an online complaint through the official web portal of UP police, 112 UP, and the mobile app. The emergency communication team is also available on social media channels to help the citizens and resolve any issue or incident.

File an online comlaint or chat with 112 officer - guide (
File an online complaint or chat with 112 officer – guide (

Details to File an Online Complaint with 112 Uttar Pradesh:

File an online complaint (112 UP) Register/Chat now
Track Call/Complaint Status Know call status
LINK initiative (112 UP Police) Click Here to Apply
Social media Twitter: @112uttarpradesh
Facebook: @Call 112)
112 UP App Android | iOS

Note Not resolved or no action taken? Don’t worry, escalate this complaint to the appointed Grievance Officer of 112 UP to get a faster resolution of the problem. The officers can be District SSsP, SsP of 112 HQ, or Nodal Officer (SP of ITECCS of UP Police).

Grievance Officer, 112 UP

The Grievance Officers are the designated officers who handle the grievances of the people which are yet not be resolved or no action has been taken by the appointed officers of the department including the Police, Fire, Medical, or GRP under the 112 UP.

If your complaints are not resolved within the stipulated time, escalate it to District SSsP/SsP and further to the Nodal Officer (Superintendent of Police, Field Services), Headquarters at level 2. Complaints made against PRV will be addressed within 24 hours (112 Citizen’s Charter).

Before the escalation of the complaint, must mention:

  • Reference number/acknowledgement receipt of the previous complaint
  • Description of the disputed issue or case

1. District SsP, UP Police

Escalate the unaddressed complaints to the district SSsP/SsP or Ssp at 112-UP HQ by e-mail or written letter:

Escalation of complaint (UP112) E-mail and Address
Address District SSsP/SsP or
Ssp at 112-UP HQ, 7/13, Shaheed Path, Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow-226027.

Yet not resolved? You should contact the Nodal Officer (SP, Field Services) for handling grievances at the UP-112 HQ level with appropriate information related to the complaint.

2. Officers at ITECCS, UP Police

Call or e-mail to send the complaint to posted officers of Integrated Technology Enabled Citizen Centric Services (ITECCS), UP-112 at:

Officer, ITECCS, UP Police Phone No. & E-mail
SP, UP-112 (Lucknow)
ADG, UP-112 (Lucknow)
Contact Number of IPS & PPS Officers at ITECCS Click Here

Tips You may also escalate the unresolved complaint to the Nodal Officers (as per the 112 citizen charter) with appropriate information and reference/ event/acknowledgement number or previous incident/complaint.

3. Nodal Officer, 112-UP HQ

The Nodal Officer is the authorized official to handle the grievances at the HQ level of 112 UP. Want to lodge a grievance? The Nodal officer is the Superintendent of Police (SP) of 112 HQ of UP Police. You may approach the officer by using these contact details:

Nodal Officer SP, Field Services (112-UP HQ of UP Police)
Phone No. +915222217711, +915222219002, +915222217367
Address SP (ITECCS), 112-UP HQ, 7/13, Shaheed Path, Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow-226027.

Need more information? Read the Citizen Charter of 112-UP to know the service standards or duration for addressing any registered complaint.

Note Yet not resolved or no action has been taken by the officers? You may approach the head of the department (HOD) and further the Director General of Police (DGP), UP Police.

Last, you may lodge a grievance to the Nodal Officer (Public Grievance) of the Home Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

112 Service Standards

1. Statement of services of 112 UP:

112 Services Success Indicator Service Standard
Average speed to answer Phone call 5 sec.
Social media 10 min.
Contacting a dropped number Phone call 10min.
Average PRV response time Urban areas 15 min.
Rural areas 20 min.

Note – As per the guidelines of the 112-UP “Contact only in case of an emergency (related to Police, Fire, Medical or GRP services). Do not make frivolous calls“.

Frequently Asked Questions about 112 UP, ITECCS?

Q. What is the toll-free helpline number for emergencies related to fire, police, medical, and GRP (railway police)?
A. Dial the toll-free helpline number 112 of the 112-UP (ITECCS) to seek help for fire, police, medical, or GRP (railway police) in Uttar Pradesh. This emergency service is available 24×7 to provide instant help for any incident/complaint.

Q. What are the contact points of 112-UP to register a complaint?
A. First, you may call 112 to get instant help. Further, WhatsApp at +917570000100, SMS to +917233000100, or e-mail to report the incident as soon as possible so the matter can be escalated to the respective department.

Q. What can I do if my complaints are not resolved by the 112-UP?
A. Initially, escalate this unresolved complaint to the district SSsP, or SsP of 112-UP HQ (Head of ITECCS) by e-mail or phone number. If not resolved, further escalate this disputed matter to the Nodal Officer of 112-HQ (SP, Field Services) and SP (Superintendent of Police), ITECCS of UP Police.

Q. Where can I approach if no action has been taken by the nodal officers, 112-UP?
A. You may file a complaint to the head of the department (HOD) of ITECCS and further to the DGP of Uttar Pradesh Police. Further, lodge a grievance with Jansunwai UP to the Home Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.


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