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BJP Manifesto 2024: What are the “Modi Ki Guarantee” in This Election?


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has unveiled its manifesto, “Modi Ki Guarantee Sankalp Patra,” for the upcoming 2024 general elections. This document serves as a blueprint for India’s path forward, highlighting the party’s commitment to sustained economic growth, social welfare, and infrastructure development under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership.

Chapters Highlights
10 Years of Good Governance and Vikas Achievements include free rations, banking access, direct benefit transfers, and health insurance expansions under Ayushman Bharat.
Garib Parivar Jan Expansions in PM Awas Yojana, clean water access, slum redevelopment, and continued free rations for the next five years.
Middle-Class Parivar Jan Initiatives include creating high-value jobs, enhancing healthcare, promoting quality education, and developing sustainable cities.
Nari Shakti Focus on increasing women’s participation in sports, public toilet construction, health initiatives, and legislative reforms for gender equality.
Young Citizens Integrated education frameworks, entrepreneurial support, new tourism job opportunities, and transparent government recruitment.
Senior Citizens Ayush camps, senior-friendly public infrastructure, expanded Ayushman Bharat for seniors, and digital empowerment initiatives.
Kisan Samman Enhancements in agricultural infrastructure increased MSP, and support for Atmanir Bharta in pulses and edible oils.
Fishermen Families Promotion of seaweed and pearl farming, and using technology to enhance safety and productivity in fisheries.
Shramik Samman Support for gig and migrant workers, expanding PM Svanidhi for street vendors, and comprehensive social security coverage.
MSME, Small Traders, and Vishwakarma Simplification of compliances, expansion of export facilities, and introduction of affordable insurance products.
Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas Commitment to inclusive development and enhanced community engagement across all sectors.
Vishwa Bandhu Bharat Strengthening international relations and leveraging India’s strategic position on global platforms.
Surakshit Bharat Enhancements in national security measures and disaster management protocols.
Prosperous Bharat Economic growth initiatives, with a focus on infrastructure development and innovation.
Global Manufacturing Hub Expansion of manufacturing sectors, with particular focus on electronics, automobiles, and textiles.
World-Class Infrastructure Development of advanced transportation systems, including railways and metro networks.
Ease of Living in Cities Initiatives to develop sustainable cities, promote affordable housing, and improve urban mobility.
Virasat Bhi, Vikas Bhi Preservation of cultural heritage while promoting modern infrastructure development.
Good Governance Policies aimed at reducing corruption, enhancing public service delivery, and promoting judicial reforms.
Swastha Bharat Focus on health infrastructure expansion, disease prevention, and wellness programs.
Quality Education Improvement of educational institutions, curriculum reforms, and integration of technology in education.
Sports Development Support for traditional sports, infrastructure for major sports events, and programs for retired sportspersons.
Balanced Regional Development Targeted infrastructure development in eastern India and improved disaster management.
Technology and Innovations Investments in AI, quantum technology, and geospatial data capabilities.
Sustainable Bharat Initiatives for environmental sustainability, renewable energy promotion, and green manufacturing .

What are the Guarantees of the BJP?

Economic Growth: Aiming High The manifesto sets an audacious goal for India to break into the world’s top three economies within the next five years. To achieve this, the BJP plans to:

  • Enhance manufacturing through extended Production Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes.
  • Develop logistical frameworks to bolster manufacturing and employment.

Social Welfare: A Promise of Security At the heart of the manifesto is a pledge to provide a secure life for all Indians, with initiatives like:

  • Continuing the “Garib Kalyan” initiatives, offering free rations and amenities.
  • Improving healthcare and education for the middle class.
  • Empowering women (“Nari Shakti”) with safety, health, and economic independence measures.

Youth and Innovation: Igniting Ambition The manifesto recognizes the youth’s role in India’s future, promising to:

  • Expand digital infrastructure and reform education under the National Education Policy (NEP).
  • Build a startup ecosystem, positioning India as a global innovation hub.

Infrastructure: The Foundation of a Modern India Infrastructure development is a key focus, with plans for:

  • World-class transportation networks.
  • Technological advancements to fast-track projects and enhance urban living.

Cultural Heritage and National Security: Preserving and Protecting, The BJP commits to:

  • Restore cultural sites and bolster defence capabilities.
  • Maintain internal security and strengthen borders.

Global Positioning: Elevating India’s Role, The manifesto envisions India as a pivotal player on the global stage, with:

  • Continued leadership in international technology and environmental discussions.

Conclusion: A Call for Trust Prime Minister Modi’s letter appeals for a mandate to carry on the development journey, ensuring the BJP’s dedication to its promises. As India prepares for the 2024 elections, the “Modi Ki Guarantee” manifesto positions the BJP as a catalyst for growth, governance, and inclusive development, shaping a thriving future for every citizen.

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