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Congress Manifesto 2024: What is Special in Election Manifesto of Indian National Congress (INC)?


The Indian National Congress, one of India’s oldest political parties, has recently unveiled its election manifesto 2024 (Nyay Patra) for creating transformative change in the country’s dynamic political landscape. The document, which focuses on bridging the gaps of inequality, igniting economic growth, and strengthening democratic pillars, is a vision document for the plan of the Congress if they are elected in the general election of 2024.

What is in Congress Manifesto 2024 (Nyay Patra)

The manifesto covers important themes such as equity, youth empowerment, women’s rights, farmer welfare, worker protection, constitutional integrity, economic strategies, federalism, national security, and environmental conservation. It provides an in-depth overview of the Congress Party’s vision for India’s future.

We have highlighted key features and announcements of the manifesto for general understanding. These are major schemes and plans from each chapter.


Initiative Key Features
Socio-Economic and Caste Census A nationwide census will be conducted to count and record information about castes and sub-castes, as well as their respective socio-economic conditions.
Affirmative Action Strengthen the agenda for affirmative action based on census data.
Enhance Institutional Credit Increase institutional credit for SC/ST to build homes, start businesses, and purchase assets.
Education and Scholarships Double funds for scholarships, especially for higher education for OBC, SC, and ST students.


Area Key Proposals
Employment Right to Apprenticeship Act, fill 30 lakh government job vacancies, abolish application fees for government examinations.
Education Amend the Right to Information (RTE) Act to extend compulsory education to Class XII, revisit NEP, and increase scholarships.
Sports Establish community sports centers, provide scholarships for talented sportspeople, and promote sports science.


Initiative Details
Mahalakshmi Scheme 1 lakh per year to every poor Indian family, prioritizing women as recipients.
Empowerment One-third reservation for women in Parliament and state legislatures, reserve 50% of government jobs for women.
Security and Equality Enforce laws to prevent crimes against women, and ensure equal rights in marriage, inheritance, etc.


Policy Implementation
MSP Legal Guarantee Legal guarantee for MSP as recommended by the Swaminathan Commission.
Agricultural Infrastructure Promote horticulture, pisciculture, sericulture, and ensure one agricultural college in every district.
Crop Insurance Make it farm and farmer-specific, with claims settled within 30 days.


Proposal Objective
Employment Programme Launch urban employment program to guarantee work for the urban poor.
Rights and Security Make laws to protect the rights of gig workers and ensure social security for unorganised workers.
Wages and Conditions Increase the wage under MGNREGA, enforce ‘Same Work, Same Wages’ principle.

Defending the Constitution

Aspect Measures
Freedom of Expression Restore and protect freedom of speech, including media freedom.
Judicial Independence Ensure autonomy of the judiciary, and propose the establishment of a National Judicial Commission.
Electoral Reforms Combine EVMs with VVPAT slips for transparent elections, and strengthen the autonomy of the Election Commission.


Focus Area Strategy
Economic Policy Nav Sankalp Economic Policy focusing on jobs, reject jobless growth.
Taxation Enact a Direct Taxes Code, and rationalize GST into a simpler structure (GST 2.0).
Industry and Infrastructure Support the private sector, modernize infrastructure, and promote green energy.


Issue Proposal
Centre-State Relations Review the distribution of legislative powers, and ensure fair share of tax revenues for states.
Autonomy and Cooperation Strengthen cooperative federalism, and limit Union cess to ensure states’ financial health.

National Security

Area Initiatives
Defence Modernize armed forces, and ensure national security with a balanced approach.
Internal Security Address internal security challenges, and improve intelligence and counter-terrorism measures.


Initiative Action Plan
Climate Change Promote sustainable development, and commit to green energy transition.
Disaster Management Implement robust policies for climate change adaptation and disaster resilience.


In short, the manifesto proposes filling nearly 30 lakh government vacancies, focuses on empowering women through initiatives such as the Mahalakshmi scheme and a proposed 33% reservation in legislative bodies, and also pays attention to the agricultural sector, which has been marred by distress, promising a legal guarantee for Minimum Support Prices (MSP) Another noteworthy aspect of the manifesto is its commitment to the restoration of democratic integrity and the battle against corruption.

The Congress Manifesto also introduces the Nav Sankalp Economic Policy, which focuses on revitalizing the job market, supporting industries, and reforming tax systems. Moreover, it lays out an ambitious agenda for green energy and environmental sustainability.

For a detailed manifesto, download it from the reference section.


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