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Noida Authority: How to File a Civic Complaint to New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA)?


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New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA), source –

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (Noida) is a planned industrial township city in the Gautam Budh Nagar District of Uttar Pradesh. NOIDA was constituted under the U.P. Industrial Area Development Act, 1976.  Today, the city is one of the largest industrial & IT hubs in India.

This development area covers about 20, 316 hectares of land consisting of 81 villages in the Gautam Buddh Nagar. The services of the authority include:

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  • Residential,
  • Industrial,
  • Commercials,
  • Builders,
  • Information Technology
  • Maintainance Works
  • Civic Services (Public)

Want to file a complaint to the NOIDA Authority about industrial & civic services? You can do this by submitting a complaint to the concerned departments of the authority. For civic services, call the toll-free Noida citizen helpline number. Additionally, lodge a grievance online or email to the administrative authority of Noida.

Still not resolved? Escalate the grievance to the appointed Nodal Officer of the Public Grievance Cell in the Administrative Complex of Noida Authority.

How to Lodge a Complaint to NOIDA Authority?

Noida Authority has made 187 services of 15 departments online for the city’s residents. According to the citizen charter of NOIDA, the grievance redressal mechanism is divided into 3 levels. Raise your concerns in level 1 and if not resolved, escalate it to the next level.

Complaint Resolution:

Registration fee No charges (₹0)
Redressal Time 30 days (may vary case by case, read the citizen charter timeline of the Noida Authority)

3 Levels of lodging a complaint:

  • Level 1: Designated Officers, Noida Authority
    • Toll-free Noida citizen helpline number
    • Email
    • Online grievance registration
  • Level 2: Nodal Officer, Grievance Redressal Committee (Cell)
  • Level 3: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Noida Authority

Finally, if your submitted complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction within the given resolution period by the Noida Authority then you may lodge a grievance to the Grievance Cell (Secretary) of the Infrastructure & Industrial Development Department (IIDD), Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

Level 1: HOD, Noida Authority

At this level, if you have issues related to the Noida Authority, administration, and civic services (public utilities like water, road, electricity, waste management, etc.) within the Noida city then lodge this complaint to the Head of Departments (HOD), Noida Authority.

You can use two methods to raise your concerns. Firstly, call the toll-free Noida citizen helpline number or email. Secondly, you can register your complaint online through the grievance redressal portal.

Departments of the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Residential & Housing
  • Horticulture
  • Group Housing
  • Building Cell
  • Electricity & Streetlight (E & M)
  • Civil Work
  • Public Health
  • Water & Sewerage
  • Computer Cell
  • Tender Cell
  • General Administration
  • Law & Land
  • Call Center (Noida)
  • RTI Act
  • Parking
  • Infrastructure
  • Salary & Bill
  • Personnel
  • Encroachment
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Noida Traffic Cell
  • Residential Welfare Association
  • CAP
  • Ganga Jal

Additionally, citizens can submit a written grievance letter to the regional office or administrative complex in NOIDA. While lodging a grievance, provide the following details:

  • Your name and address
  • Nature of complaint
  • Location of incident
  • Description of the issue with reference

Noida Citizen Helpline Number

Residents of Noida can directly call the citizen helpline number of the city to report any problem or get help in an emergency from the designated officers of the authority.

Noida Citizen Helpline Number +911202425025
Noida Authority Complaint Number +911202425026
WhatsApp Number (Authority) +919205559204
Noida LED streetlight helpline number 18001029574
Noida waste collection helpline No. +911202970004
Email (Water supply)

After successful registration of your complaint, note down the Service Request Number (SRN) or reference number to track the status. Also, use it to escalate unresolved cases to the next level.

Public Health & Civic Work Helpline Numbers of Nodia Authority:

Noida Authority (Civic Services) Citizen Helpline Number
Public Health Toll-Free Helpline No. 18001808695
WhatsApp Number (Noida Public Health) +919717080605
Noida C&D Waste Plant Helpline 18008919657
Door to Door garbage collection 18001807995
Sewerage cleaning (SafaiMitra) Helpline No. 14420
Noida Water logging complaint number +911202423795

Note Have your complaints not been resolved? Residents or citizens can escalate the complaint to the appointed Nodal Officer of the Public Grievance Committee, Noida Authority at level 2.

Noida Online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS):

Noida OBPAS Helpline Number (Building) +919871964919
Email (Building approval)

File a Complaint Online

Citizens can also submit an online complaint to the respective departments of the Noida Authority to get faster redressal. While filing a grievance online, must provide the following details within the web form:

  • Complainant details: Name, mobile number, and communication address
  • Location of the complaint (sector)
  • Subject/Nature of complaint
  • Description (remark) about the grievance application with relevant facts & documents
Guide to lodge a complaint online to Noida Authority
Guide to lodge a complaint online to Noida Authority (source –

Official details to lodge a civic or industrial complaint online to NOIDA Authority:

Lodge online complaint to NOIDA Authority File your complaint
Noida Authority feed form Submit Feedback
Contact Pollution Control Cell, Noida Click Here
Contact Noida Authority Administration Click to Contact

Note Still not resolved or dissatisfied with the final resolution? Escalate the disputed case to the Nodal Officer of the Authority.

Alternative ways to lodge a civic complaint:

WhatsApp Number +919205559204 (Noida Authority)
Twitter @noida_authority
Facebook @noidaofficial
Mobile App Noida Citizen Grievance Redressal
Android | iOS

Want to access online citizen services like tender, civic work, public utilities, and other industrial services? You can apply online through the #NoidaForCitizens portal.

E-Services, Noida Authority

Apply online for various services of Noida Authority like property registration, building approval, water connection, and other civic & public utility services.

E-Services in NOIDA Links
Request online for property ID in NOIDA Apply Now
Online building plan approval request (OBPS) Apply Now
New water connection (Noida Jal) Click Here
Apply or track online completion certificate Apply Now
Property-related online services Click to Apply
Property related forms Download/View

Level 2: Nodal Officer, Grievance Redressal Committee (NOIDA)

If your submitted complaint to HODs (Heads of Departments) of Noida Authority, that can be AGM/DGM/GM/Project Engineer or Sr. Project Engineer, is not resolved to your satisfaction then escalate the grievance to the Nodal Officer, Grievance Redressal Committee of Noida Authority.

You can lodge your grievance related to civic amenities or allotted properties including industrial issues that have yet to be redressed by the respective department. For this, submit a complaint letter at the Reception Counter, email it, or submit it online through the grievance redressal web form.

Provide the following details in the form:

  • Name, mobile number, and communication address
  • Reference/case number of submitted complaint
  • Acknowledgement receipt number (if submitted offline)
  • The subject of the complaint
  • Description of the issue with relevant facts and expected relief
  • Attach a copy of supporting documents and responses to previous complaints (if received)

Send the grievance letter by post or email it to:

Designation Nodal Officer, Grievance Redressal Committee (NOIDA)
Phone No. +9112024250227
Fax No. 01202422210
Address Nodal Officer, Grievance Redressal Committee, Administrative Complex (Admin. Building), Sector 6, Noida – 201301, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.

Additionally, you may also visit the administrative office of the Noida Authority to submit the grievance letter at the Reception Counter of the Admin Building.

Note Still not resolved your complaint or dissatisfied with the response of the Grievance Redressal Committee? Escalate this disputed matter to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

If you need information regarding any project, services, or administration then file an RTI to get details as per your requirement.

Nodal Officers, RTI (NOIDA)

Want to seek information from Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority)? You can file an RTI online under the Right to Information Act, 2005.

FILE RTI ONLINE (UP): File your case online through the RTI portal of the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh by selecting the Infrastructure & Industrial Development Department and then NOIDA. Remember, RTI filing fees of ₹10 will be applicable.

Have any complaints about information been asked from the NOIDA Authority? You may submit the first appeal through the RTI ONLINE portal or contact the Nodal officers.

Designation (RTI Officers) Phone No. & Email
Desk Officer,
Prabhari Jan Soochna Adhikari, RTI
General Manager,
RTI, First Appeal

Attach the required information to resolve your grievance and escalate the matter to the next level.

Level 3: CEO, Noida Authority

In the case of unresolved or unsatisfactory complaints from the Grievance Redressal Committee, you can escalate the grievance to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Noida Authority with relevant facts. Must include the following details:

  • Name and communication details
  • Reference/acknowledgement number of the previous complaint
  • The subject of the disputed matter
  • Expected relief from the authority
  • Brief description with facts and supporting documents

Submit this grievance letter to the CEO in written format or send it by post at:

Designation Chief Executive Officer, Noida Authority
Phone No. +911202422704
Address CEO, Noida Authority – Administrative Complex (Admin. Building), Sector 6, Noida – 201301, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.

Note Yet not satisfied with the final resolution from CEO, NOIDA? Finally, you can lodge a grievance against the final order of the Noida Authority to Public Grievance Cell of the Infrastructure & Industrial Development Department (IIDD), Govt. of UP. For this visit the link below.

Jansunwai UP (Samadhan): File your complaint online against the Noida Authority to the Secretary or Nodal Officer for Public Grievances at the Infrastructure & Industrial Development Department (IIDD). While lodging a grievance online by Jansunwai UP, select IIDD and then NOIDA from the subcategory.

Note Still not satisfied with the final order? You should consult with a legal expert in your region to know the available legal remedies to approach concerned statutory bodies. Further, with the help of your lawyer, you may take legal action by appealing before the judicial court.

Types of Complaints

The categories of complaints of respective departments of Noida Authority with resolution period (as per the citizen charter) are listed below. If the time limit exceeds, file a complaint to HODs of NOIDA at level 1.

1. Building sanction and cap:

Types of services Time Limit
Enquiry regarding Associate Architect, submission of building plans, plan approval application, etc. 3 days
Sanction/rejection of submitted building plan 60 days
Revalidation of building plan 15 days
Issue of completion certificate by the authority 30 days
Unauthorized construction of building beyond the authorised limit 7 days

2. Plots, Building, Sheds, and shops:

  • Commercial plots and shops
  • Group housing plots
  • Houses/flats built by Noida
  • Industrial plots/ sheds
  • Institutional plots
  • Residential plot
Types of services Time Limit
Issue of no dues certificate for plots/shops 3 days
Calculation for deposit of various dues amount 3 days
Transfer of plot/ shed/ flat/ house/ premises (or on the death of allottee) 7 days
Acceptance of transfer deed or issue of mutation letter after receipt of the copy of transfer deed 3 days
Acceptance of power of attorney given by the allottee for the performance of various functions 7 days
Extension of the time for implementing the project or construction of the plot 5 days
Extension of time for execution of lease deed 7 days
Rejection or acceptance of restoration of allotment 7 days
Execution of lease deed (after submission of documents) 3 days
Acceptance of Allotment Money before cancellation, along with interest as per terms and conditions of allotment 7 days
Issue of duplicate papers by the department 3 days
Issue of functional certificate or change in the constitution 7 days
Grant of the mortgage from the authority 5 days
permission for amalgamation/ de-amalgamation of
industrial plots
15 days
Conversion of industrial plots from industrial use to
industrial facilities
30 days

3. Horticulture:

Types of services Time Limit
Regarding maintenance of the park/ central verge/ Greenbelt in Noida 7 days
Cutting of grass, cleaning of park, and watering of trees 7 days
Regarding the pick-up of tree felling due to the storm 2 days
Issues of removing dry trees 15 days
Removal of mature/dead trees, likely to damage property 7 days
Light/normal pruning or trimming of trees 7 days
Required heavy pruning for the safety of Electric Wire 90 days
Collection of tree garbage 4 days
Swing/Chair damaged in the Park (Major) of Noida Authority 75 days
Swing/Chair damaged in the Park (Minor) of the NOIDA 15 days
Leaves and green waste collection or removal 1 day

4. Road maintenance:

Types of services Time Limit
Temporary filling of potholes/road or patch repair (Minor) on roads 3 days
Maintenance and patch repair (major damage) on roads 7 days
Removal of debris/ rubbish (Malba) from public land by the owner 3 days
Removal of debris/ rubbish (Malba) by Noida Authority, if the owner fails to comply 7 days
Removal of encroachment from the road-side (Temporary Encroachments) 7 days
Required drain repair or removal of road-side bushes 30 days
Repair damaged Boundary Wall/ Park Gate/ Drain Cover 90 days
Issues related to levelling of roads, signboards, and direction board 90 days
Water logging on the road 3 days
Repair of broken Foothpath Tile/ damaged Speed Breaker 90 days
Removal of bushes in empty Plot (under NOIDA) 90 days
Repair damaged Iron Net 15 days
Maintenance of damaged drain Pullia/bridge 30 days
Resolution for removal of Illegal Tower 120 days
Building rubbish and construction garbage removal 1 day

5. Sanitation and public health:

Types of services Time Limit
Cleaning of roads and streets 2 days
Removal of garbage from rubbish bins or collection of garbage on receipt of complaint 2 days
Complain regarding insanity/dirty condition 2 days
Complain regarding stray dogs/ cattle 3 days
Complaint regarding pick-up of dead animals 1 day
Request for fogging and removal of drain garbage 2 days
Cleaning of the blocked drain (minor) 7 days
Repair of blocked/ choked drain (major) 30 days
Cleaning of dirty drainage system (major) 60 days
Burning Of garbage in open 1 day
Sludge, leftover garbage removal of street hawkers, and medical waste removal 1 day
Removal Of Garbage From Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly markets 1 day

6. Street lighting:

Types of services Time Limit
Repair of street lights or high mast lights is not working 5 days
If cable fault in street light Circuit or high mast 7 days
Request for the repair of the fountain (If the nozzle is not
5 days
Request for the repair of the fountain (If Motor/Boarding
not working)
30 days
Request for installation of street light on New pole from sanction date of estimate 60 days
Delay in timely ON/OFF of Streetlight 1 day
Complaints related to sodium light, park light, or damaged panel box 7 days

7. Water supply:

Types of services Time Limit
Regarding water supply at low pressure in the save pocket 2 days
Complaints related to breakage of pipeline (water) or no water supply 2 days
Blockage of the sewer line (Minor) or levelling of the main hole 2 days
Complaints regarding blockage of sewer line (Major), sewer garbage, or damaged  sewer main hole cover 7 days
Breakage of major water/sewer rising mains etc. 5 days
Dirty water supply or low pressure 7 days
Maintenance of sewer pipeline leakage 90 days
Complaints regarding new water/sewer connection from Noida Jal 3 days


Q. What is the citizen helpline number of the Noida Authority to lodge a complaint?
A. Call the Noida citizen helpline number – +911202425025 to register a civic services complaint to the Noida Authority. Additionally, you may email to raise your concerns.

Q. Where can I raise concerns if my complaints are not resolved by the HODs of the Noida Authority?
A. First, you can escalate the unresolved or unsatisfactory complaint to the Nodal Officers of Grievance Redressal Committee, Noida Authority. Further, file a complaint against the final order of the committee to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NOIDA.

Q. Where can I approach if I’m not satisfied with the final resolution of the CEO, NOIDA?
A. You can lodge a grievance to the Public Grievance Cell of the Infrastructure & Industrial Development Department (IIDD), Govt. of UP through the Jansunwai portal to get redressal of your disputed matter with Noida Authority.


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