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MPPKVVCL (MPEZ) – Electricity Helpline Numbers, Register Online Complaint to Electricity Board (EB) Madhya Pradesh Poorv Kshetra Vidyut Vitran Co. Ltd., MPEZ and CGRF & Electricity Ombudsman, M. P.


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Madhya Pradesh Poorv Kshetra Vidyut Vitran Co. Ltd., source –

MPPKVVCL (East), which stands for Madhya Pradesh Poorv Kshetra Vidyut Vitran Co. Ltd., is a company registered under the Companies Act of 1956 and wholly owned by the State Government of Madhya Pradesh. It was started on 1st July 2002 as an electricity distribution company that provides various services of electricity in the eastern zone of Madhya Pradesh.

MPPKVVCL provides electricity services in 22 circles that are further divided into divisions in East MP. Over 62 lakh consumers receive electricity supply services from this public sector company, which distributes nearly 12000 MW of electricity in this region.

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However, many customers of MPPKVVCL face issues related to electricity services in their region. Some of them don’t know the right procedure and helplines to register complaints about these electricity issues. That’s where Complaint Hub comes in, to help you resolve your complaint.

You can register electricity complaints on the below customer care numbers and the online electricity complaint registration portal of MPPoKVVCL. If your issue or complaint is not resolved, you can approach the higher electricity grievance redressal authorities of Madhya Pradesh.

So, use the official details of MPPKVVCL below to register complaints about issues of electricity services or power supply. Additionally, you can check the other services and take advantage of these schemes and ongoing services.

Official Details of MPPKVVCL (MPEZ) for Compaints & Services of Electricity Electricity Board (EB):

Official Website of MPPKVVCL
MPPKVVCL Complaint Numbers 1912
MPPKVVCL WhatsApp Number +919425807257
MPPoKVVCL Regional Office Contact Details Visit Contact Page
Register Online Complaint Register
MPPKVVCL E-mail (Support)
Report Power Theft/Streetlight To CCC Report Now
Social Media Twitter | Facebook

If Complaint is Not Resolved, Approach:

Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) Lodge Grievance
Electricity Ombudsman, Madhya Pradesh File Petition

Other Services of MPPKVVCL:

MPEZ Smart Bijli Services Apply Now
Smart Bijli App (Pay Bill/Rooftop Solar Panel) Android | iOS
Online Electricity Bill Pay Now
Apply for New Electricity Connection Apply Now
CM Agriculture Pump Connection Scheme Apply Now

Now, let us try to know the required details and procedure to register successful complaints about the electricity services of MPPoKVVCL. For this, follow the instructions and steps to resolve your electricity problems.

Table of Contents:

MPPKVVCL has divided its service zone into circles and divisions to provide electricity services in rural and urban regions of eastern Madhya Pradesh. Additionally, check the below list of divisions to register electricity complaints to your concerned department.

Circles and Divisions of MPPKVVCL (MPEZ) in Madhya Pradesh:

  • Anuppur
  • Balaghat
  • Chhatarpur
  • Chhindwara
  • Damoh
  • Dindori
  • Jabalpur
  • Katni
  • Mandla
  • Narsinghpur
  • Panna
  • Rewa
  • Sagar
  • Satna
  • Seoni
  • Shahdol
  • Sidhi
  • Singrauli
  • Tikamgarh
  • Umaria

Customers of MPPKVVCL use the below procedures and official details of MPEZ to register their complaints about the above-listed issues. Also, they can lodge grievances to the concerned authority using the below information. So, read all the instructions carefully and get a faster resolution from the concerned department of the electricity services of MPPKVVCL.

How to Register Complaints About Electricity Services of MPPKVVCL (MPEZ) in Eastern Madhya Pradesh?

To report electricity service issues in the eastern zone of Madhya Pradesh, use one of the available complaint channels provided by MPPKVVCL (MPEZ) for faster resolution.

Ways to Register Complaint:

  • Toll-Free Customer Care Helpline Numbers of MPPKVVCL
  • Register Complaint on WhatsApp Number of MPPKVVCL
  • Help & Support E-mail
  • Register Online Complaint (Portal of MPEZ)

If Complaint is not Redressed or Unsatisfied, Approach:

  1. Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), MPPKVVCL (Eastern Zone)
  2. Electricity Ombudsman, MP State Electricity Regulatory Commission, Madhya Pradesh

Let’s go through the steps and options to understand how to register a complaint regarding electricity. Additionally, we will learn the process and steps to approach CGRF and the Electricity ombudsman if MPPKVVCL fails to resolve the electricity complaint within the specified time.

Customer Care Numbers, E-mail of Electricity Board, MPPKVVCL (MPEZ)

In this section, customers of MPPKVVCl will know the toll-free customer care numbers, WhatsApp numbers, and e-mails where they can register their complaints about the issues and problems of the electricity services. So, follow the instructions and procedure to register complaints successfully to the concerned department of MPPKVVCL.

Complaint Redressal Time & Fee:

MPPKVVCL Complaint Redressal Fee No Fee (Nil)
Redressal Time Immediate (24/7) or Up to 3 Months

Procedure to Register Complaint on Customer Care Number:

  • Click and Call on one of these toll-free customer care helpline numbers of MPPKVVCL Electricity Board (EB):
  • Talk to the customer care executive or regional official member
  • Register to complain about the issue of electricity services
  • Explain the problem and issue about the electricity service disruption
  • After the successful registration of your complaint must get the complaint number or complaint reference number for future use.
  • Use this complaint reference number to track the status of the complaint
  • Visit: Track the complaint status page of the MPPKVVCL
  • Enter the complaint number and registered mobile number where you got it.

Note – If your issue is not resolved or unsatisfied lodge a grievance to the CGRF of your circle. For this, use the complaint reference number to approach CGRF. These details are provided below in the CGRF section.

WhatsApp Number of MPPKVVCL (MPEZ): Procedure to Register Electricity Complaints

  • Click on the WhatApp Number of MPPKVVCL (Eastern Zone) and Directly open the WhatsApp chatbot of MPPKVVCL
    WhatsApp Number: +919425807257
  • Send a “Hi” message and select the options provided by the chatbot of MPPKVVCL
  • Verify your account details with the registered mobile number and connection details
  • Select the ‘Register complaint’ option
  • Select the category and subcategory of the issue
  • Provided a brief description of the electricity complaint
  • After successful registration of your complaint, you will get the complaint reference number
  • Use this complaint number to track the complaint on WhatsApp or the above-provided link.

Note – Electricity complaint not resolved or unsatisfied with final redressal? You can lodge a grievance to the CGRF of your circle. To know the official details and procedure, read the below given CGRF section below.

Register Electricity Complaint Via E-mail Support of MPPKVVCL:


  • Use this MPPKVVCL (MPEZ) E-mail:
  • Write the subject of the complaint (Category of Issue)
  • Provide a brief description of the electricity complaint with personal details, address, and connection number.
  • Attach the proof and supportive documents
  • Send e-mail on above mail if of MPPKVVCL
  • You will get the complaint number after the successful registration of the complaint
  • Track the status of the complaint using the reference number

If the complaint is not resolved by MPPKVVCL in the given time, approach CGRF.


Register Online Electricity Complaint to MPPKVVCL (MPEZ)

MPPKVVCL has provided an online portal MPEZ to register online electricity complaints with Electricity Board (EB), Eastern Madhya Pradesh. So, customers can easily get a resolution of the issues and also can track the status of the complaint.

Online Complaint Redressal Fee & Time:

MPPKVVCL Complaint Redressal Fee No Fee (Nil)
Redressal Time Immediate (24/7) or Up to 3 Months

To lodge your complaint successfully, certainly follow the below procedure with the given instructions. It will help you to get a faster resolution of complaints.


  1. Visit: Register online electricity complaint to MPPKVVCL
  2. Enter consumer number, IVRS number, mobile number
  3. Choose the location type – Urban or Rural
  4. Fill out the address details
  5. Choose a complaint category and subcategory
  6. Enter the brief details of the complaint in the description box
  7. Click the ‘submit’ button and note down the complaint number for future references
  8. Visit: Track the complaint status of MPPKVVCL

Note – Is your complaint not resolved or unsatisfied with the resolution? Maybe you know, that you can lodge a grievance to CGRF, MPPKVVCL (MPEZ) in the eastern zone of Madhya Pradesh. For this, get details from the below section.

Lodge Grievance to Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), MPPKVVCL, MPEZ

Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), MPEZ is established under the Electricity (Regulation) Act, 2003 to redress the grievances regarding the electricity consumption of MPPKVVCL against the previous complaints.

So, If you are not satisfied with the redressal of the complaint or the complaint is yet not resolved within the given time. Certainly, you can lodge a grievance to the CGRF of MPEZ (Eastern Zone of Madhya Pradesh).

Grievance Redressal Fee & Time by CGRF, Jabalpur:

Grievance Redressal Fee No Fee (Nil)
Redressal Time 30 to 45 Days
Acknowledgement Receipt Time 7 Days

Important instructions, required documents, and procedures are described in brief, follow the steps carefully.


  •  The grievance must be filed within 3 months after the expiry or final decision of the MPPKVVCL
  • The application format must be the same as provided by the MPPKVVCL CGRF, Jabalpur
  • Must attach the supportive documents and responses to the previous complaint

Required Documents:

  • Written Application form in the given format
  • Copy of complaint reference number with the response of MPPKVVCL
  • Copy of latest electricity bill and connection details
  • Copy of supportive documents


  • Form: Click and Download the application form format:
  • Written Application: Write an application to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Jabalpur (MPPKVVCL)
  • Write subject – Mention the issue of complaint and licensee name – MP Poorv Kshetra Vidyut Vitran Co. Ltd.
  • Consumer Details: Write the personal details of the Consumer in the given format
  • Licensee: Distributor licensee name and regional office detail – MPPKVVCL (Divisional office)
  • Connection Type: Provide connection number and type of connection (domestic or any other)
  • Previous complaint: Date of complaint registration to MPPKVVCL
  • Document: Attach 3 copies of the complaint to MPPKVVCL and a response (If available)
  • Description: Provide a description of the issue and facts
  • Expected Relief: Write the type of relief that you expect from the Forum and also mention the compensation if face any monetary loss
  • Any response?: Mention if you received a response from MPPKVVCL
  • Attachments: Mention the list of attached documents
  • Signature: Fill in the other required information and sign the application
  • Nominee: Provide the details of the nominee that may represent your case on behalf of you

Attach all the required documents and send them to the official address of CGRF, Jabalpur (Use the below address) or submit them by himself

Submission: After the successful submission of the grievance application, don’t forget to take the acknowledgement receipt.

Note – Keep a copy of all documents and applications to yourself for future use as proof.

Official Address, Phone, and E-mail Details of CGRF, Jabalpur (MPPKVVCL):

  • Address: Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Jabalpur
    Block no. 7, Shakti Bhawan, Rampur, Jabalpur – 482001
  • Phone: 0761-2661719

Remember – If your grievance is not resolved within 30 to 45 days or unsatisfied with the final decision of the CGRF, Jabalpur. For this case, you can file a petition to the Electricity Ombudsman, (MPERC) Madhya Pradesh.

File Petition to Electricity Ombudsman, (MPERC) Madhya Pradesh

Electricity Ombudsman, Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission was established under the Electricity (regulation) Act, 2003 which takes cases against the Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, MPPKVVL, Jabalpur.

If your grievance is pending in the CGRF office, Jabalpur but the grievance redressal time is expired. Otherwise, you got the final decision from CGRF but are unsatisfied with the redressal of the issue. So, you can file a petition to the Electricity Ombudsman, MPERC (Madhya Pradesh).

The Petition Fee & Redressal Time by Electricity Ombudsman, MPERC:

The Petition Fee No Fee (Nil)
Resolution Time 30 to 45 Days
Acknowledgement Receipt Time 7 Days
Hearing Deposit (Refundable) As Prescribed by the Commission

Follow the below official instructions, procedure, and information of required documents to get faster redressal of your case.


  • The petition must be filed within 30 days of the final decision of the CGRF or the expiry of the grievance redressal period
  • The case should not be pending in any higher courts or tribunal and the final order is not passed by any court
  • The case must be genuine and supported by facts
  • All the required documents and responses of CGRF must be submitted
  • The petition must be filed within the given format of the Electricity Ombudsman’s office.

Required Documents

  • Electricity Ombudsman prescribed format application form
  • 3 copies of the submitted application form and response (if available) of CGRF along with the attached documents
  • Complaint reference number of MPPKVVCL and CGRF
  • Copy of proof of complaint and facts (Attach documents)
  • Copy of latest electricity bill
  • Proof of monetary loss (If losses any)


  • Click and download the application form format of Ombudsman:
  • Write Application to Electricity Ombudsman (विद्युत लोकपाल), Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Write the address of the Electricity Ombudsman, MP (Address is given in the below section)
  • Subject – Write electricity distribution circle and office name (MPPKVVCL MPEZ Circle)
  • Provide the asked personal details and address
  • Provided details of electricity distribution licensee with address (Division detail of MPPKVVCL)
  • Details of the connection and consumer number (Type of connection)
  • Details of the submission date of the application form to the CGRF office
  • Attach 3 copies of the application form of CGRF and also a response (If available)
  • Mention the details of the issue (If not resolved) and the reason for unsatisfaction with the decision of CGRF
  • Provide details about the type of relief and monetary compensation (Proof of documents) that you expect from the commission
  • Provide the details of the listed or attached documents
  • Sign the application form with the details of the nominee who can represent the case on your behalf of (Not an advocate)
  • Send the attached application form with the required copies of the documents to the address of the Electricity Ombudsman office, MP or submit it by visiting himself

Note – Keep a copy of all the documents and application forms before submitting the petition to the commission.

Details of Official Address, E-mail, and Phone No. of Electricity Ombudsman, (MPERC) Madhya Pradesh:

    “Metro Plaza”, 5th Floor, E-5, Arera Colony,
    Bittan Market, Bhopal – 462 016
  • Phone: 0755-2463271

Official Details of MPERC, Madhya Pradesh:

Note: However, if you are not satisfied with the final order of the Electricity Ombudsman. You have the option to approach the High Court of Madhya Pradesh against the final decision of the Ombudsman, MPERC.

Apply Online to Get New Electricity Connection of MPPKVVCL (MPEZ), East Madhya Pradesh

MPPKVVCL has provided an MPEZ portal to apply for an online new electricity connection. You can visit the Smart Bijli portal of MPEZ and get the new electricity connection in LT or HT category. You can follow the instructions, details of required documents, and procedure to apply for the new connection.

Required Documents:

LT Connection (Low Tension):

  1. Identity Proof (One document):
    • Driving License
    • Aadhar card
    • Voter Id
    • Passport
    • Ration card
  2. Proof of ownership/address
    • Property ownership proof
    • Certificate by Patwari/Kasara Katauni (Agriculture)
    • Certificate issued by any related department of the central or state government
  3. Passport size photo
  4. Bank account details

HT Service Connection (High Tension):

  1. Property Ownership Proof
    • Ownership Certificate
    • Occupancy Document
    • Owned/Leased Premise Document
    • Certificate of partnership or business property (All stakeholders)
  2. Authorization Document
  3. Identity Proof of Applicant

Procedure to Apply New Connection:

Step 1 – Visit the links to apply new electricity connection:

Step 2 – Fill out the application form with the required details and leave the optional sections of the form.

Fill out the following sections of the application form:

LT Connection:

  1. Connection Details – Must select connection type and category. List of the Permanent connection category:
    • Domestic
    • Non-Domestic
    • Public Works & Street Lights
    • Industrial Non-Season & Seasonal
    • Agriculture and Allied Activities
    • E-vehicle and E-Rickshaw Charging Station
  2. Select Distribution Center
  3. Address Details Where New Connection is being Applied
  4. Residential Details
  5. Bank Account Details
  6. ID Proof & Upload Documents

HT Connection:

  1. Connection Details – Fill in the required information and select the type of connection. Categories of Permanent HT connection:
    • Railway Traction
    • Coal Mines
    • Industrial
    • Non-Industrial
    • Shopping Malls
    • Power Intensive Industries
    • Seasonal
    • Public Water Works
    • Other Than Agriculture
    • Townships
    • Cooperative Society
    • Start up Power
  2. Address details of new connection (Where connection required)
  3. Registered Office Address
  4. Residential Address (Same or Different)
  5. Load/connection Details
  6. Select the distribution center (Nearest)
  7. Provide bank account and industrial details
  8. Electricity dues outstanding Information

Step 3 – Upload all the required documents (Photo, ID proof, and ownership proof) and accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4 – Click the ‘Submit’ button and note down the application reference number (Registration number) to track the status of the application.

Step 5 – After successful acceptance of your application form, pay the new connection approval fee. You will get a new supply of electricity within 1 to 2 weeks.

Note – If you are facing any issues while applying online through the Smart Bijli portal of MPEZ, you can call on the toll-free customer care numbers.

Electricity issues can be resolved by EB, MPPKVVCL

Issues of the Electricity Services of MPPoKVVCL:

  • Accident or Emergency (Human/Animal)
  • Conductor Snapped
  • Fire/Spark in Transformer
  • Pole Fell Down
  • Tree Fell on Line
  • Bill Amount/Reading Issues
  • Indra Grah Jyoti Related
  • Meter Issues
  • NSC/Temporary/Pump Connection
  • Online Bill Payment Issues
  • Requests (Extra Pole, Address Correction, etc.)
  • Electricity Supply/Pole Issues (Tripping, Voltage, etc.)
  • Electricity Theft

Any other problems related to the power supply and services of MPEX

Frequently Asked Questions About the Electricity Services of MPPKVVCL (MPEZ)?

Q. What are the toll-free customer care helpline numbers of MPPKVVCL (MPEZ), Eastern Madhya Pradesh?
A. Toll-free customer care numbers of MPPKVVCL (MPEZ) are 1912, 18002331266 where customers can register complaints about the issues/problems of the electricity services.

Q. What is the WhatsApp Number of the MPPKVVCL (MPEZ)?
WhatsApp Number of MPPKVVCL (MPEZ) is +919425807257, click and open WhatsApp Messenger to the services of MPPKVVCL Chatbot.

Q. What are the documents required to apply for a new electricity connection at MPPKVVCL East?
List of the Required documents:

  1. LT (Low Tension) Connection:
    1. Identity Proof (One Id Card) – Aadhar card, Voter Id, Passport, or Ration card
    2. Passport size Photo
    3. Bank account detail
    4. Proof of Address (Ownership)
  2. HT (High Tension) Connection:
    1. Identity Proof
    2. Proof of Business Ownership
    3. Proof of Property Ownership
    4. Industrial Details

Q. Where can lodge a grievance if the complaint is not resolved or if unsatisfied with the decision of the MPPKVVCL?
If your complaint is not resolved within the given time or unsatisfied with the redressal of the complaint by MPPKVVCL authorities. You can lodge a grievance to the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRf), Jabalpur (MPPKVVCL) against the distribution licensee MPPKVVCL. Further, you can approach the Electricity Ombudsman, MPERC (Madhya Pradesh).

Q. Where and How to pay the online electricity bill of MPPKVVCL?
Customers of the MPPKVVCL can pay the electricity bill using one of these payment platforms:

  1. MPPKVVCL – Quick Bill Pay
  2. Digital Payment Apps – BHIM UPI App, Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, or Other
  3. Banking Apps – SBI YONO, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Axis Bank, or Other Registered banks
  4. BBPS – Bharat Bill Payment System

Q. How can I track the status of the ongoing or scheduled outage of electricity by MPPKVVCL (MPEZ) in my region?
You can open ‘Urja Mitra MPPoKVVCL‘ to track the status of the ongoing/scheduled electricity outages by MPPKVVCL (MPEZ) in Eastern Madhya Pradesh. Select your circle on the Urja Mitra app or website and check the details of your region.

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