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WBSEDCL – Electricity Complaint, New Connection and Other Services of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited

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West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited, WBSEDCL (source –

West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL) is owned by the state government of West Bengal. It serves as an electricity distribution company in West Bengal. Many customers get electricity services from this company.

If you want to know how to lodge an online complaint to WBSEDCL, apply for a new electricity connection, or process to get other services, let us know by exploring all aspects of the services.

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Complaint Hub is going to guide you about these procedures – lodge complaints about electricity services, new connections, and bill payments, and know how to approach the higher authority to resolve issues.

Circles/Divisions of WBSEDCL for Electricity Services for services of electricity in West Bengal:

  • 24 Parganas (North)
  • 24 Parganas (South)
  • Alipurduar
  • Bankura
  • Bidhannagar
  • Birbhum
  • Burdwan
  • Coochbehar
  • Dakshin Dinajpur
  • Darjeeling
  • Hooghly
  • Howrah
  • Jalpaiguri
  • Malda
  • Murshidabad
  • Nadiya
  • North 24 Parganas (PGS)
  • Paschim Midnapore
  • Paschim Midnapur
  • Purba Medinipur
  • Purba Midnapore
  • Purulia
  • Raiganj
  • South 24 Parganas (PGS)
Table of Contents:

All the information of WBSEDCL is verified by the Complaint Hub, you can use this information to get the services of electricity or can lodge a complaint by any method is provided below for your convenience. (Be aware – Always use the official details of WBSEDCL)

How to Register Complaints of Electricity Services to WBSEDCL (West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited)

Consumers of WBSEDCL can register their complaints about the issues of electricity services. The reason for complaints can be one of these:

  • Electricity Supply Disruption or other supply-related issues
  • Transformer failure, load, or voltage issue
  • Electricity bill of WBSEDCL – Amount payment, Online/Offline Payment, Arrear
  • Emergency Services – Accident, Supply, Sparking
  • Bribery/Corruption
  • Electricity Meter – Smart meter, Domestic, and Industrial Meters
  • Any other services of WBSEDCL

Consumers can complain about electricity issues in two ways. The first way, you can call on the customer care helpline numbers of WBSEDCL. Another way is to lodge an online complaint by filling in a complaint form at the portal.

Your grievance or complaint can be resolved in an immediate response (24×7 service) or may take 3 to 7 working days (Depending on your issue with electricity services).

Let us know both ways step by step and the sources where you can register your complaints to WBSEDCL. Follow the steps to lodge a successful complaint to get a faster resolution with great transparency.

Register Complaints on the Customer Care helpline Numbers of WBSEDCL, West Bengal

To register your complaint on the customer care helpline number of WBSEDCL, you should know these details to lodge a successful grievance.

Provide the following information to the Customer Care Executive:

  • Electricity connection number
  • Name of the consumer
  • Contact Number
  • Address of location
  • Brief description of the complaint

Toll-Free Electricity Helpline Numbers and Customer Care Numbers of WBSEDCL:

WBSEDCL Complaint Number 19121
WhatsApp Number of WBSEDCL +918900793100
Local Customer Care Center Contact Numbers View Contact Numbers
Other Official Contact Numbers View Contact Numbers

If your complaint is not resolved, lodge an online complaint or approach the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum of WBSEDCL, West Bengal. Know how to lodge a grievance to CGRF from below, we have provided the step-by-step procedure.

Important Online Electricity Services

Online Electricity Bill Payment Pay Now
Apply for New Connection Apply
Apply for Solar Rooftop Scheme Apply Now

Steps to Lodge Online Complaint of WBSEDCL about the Issues of Electricity Services

The best way to approach WBSEDCL is to lodge an online complaint about electricity issues from the official portal. You can lodge your complaint by following these steps. You must follow the steps to get a successful redressal of your issue.

Important Links of WBSEDCL Portal to Lodge Online Electricity Complaint:

Report Electricity complaint Report Now
Register Online for Electricity Complaint File a complaint

Alternative Options:

WBSEDCL Mobile APP Android
Social Media Twitter

Step 1: Visit the above link for the online complaint form.

Step 2: Select the Register Complaint, Fill out this online complaint form with the following information:

WBSEDCL - Online Complaint Registration

  • Problem Type – Select the issue about the electricity services of WBSEDCL that you are facing. (Power Supply, New Connection, Meter, Bill, Payment)
  • Problem Sub-category – Select the one core issue of your complaint to get a faster resolution of your complaint.
  • Consumer ID – Enter your consumer ID, (It is given on the upper side of your electricity of WBSEDCL)

Step 3: Click on the Send OTP button and enter the OTP from the message that you have got on your number and click on the “Proceed” button.

Step 4: Further fill out the required details and click on the submit button, note down the complaint reference number (Docket Number).

Step 5: Use the Docket number (reference number) to track your complaint, whether it is successfully submitted or not.

WBSEDCL - View Complaint Status

To track your complaint, visit the above link of the online complaint and select “View Complaint Status”.

Step 6: Select “Consumer ID” or “Docket Number” and enter one of these numbers to get the status of your complaint.

Track your complaint of electricity on the above-mentioned portal of WBSEDCL until you do not get the resolution or redressal of your issue from the concerned department.

Is your complaint not resolved or not satisfied with the resolution of your grievance by the WBSEDCL? You can approach the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), WBSEDCL, West Bengal against the resolution of unsatisfied complaints related to electricity service issues.

Procedure to Lodge Complaint or Grievance to Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) of West Bengal

Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), West Bengal is an appellate authority of WBSEDCL and take the petitions/cases or grievances that have yet not solved or consumers are unsatisfied with the resolution of their complaint under the Electricity (Regulation) Act, 2013.

Complaints that are accepted against these departments of WBSEDCL regarding the issues of Electricity Services:

  • Departments of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited
  • Licensee under WBSEDCL
  • Any such agency that comes under the pure view of WBSEDCL

Must Read the information before filling out the application to Electricity CGRF of West Bengal:

  • File your complaint within 90 days of concurrence of the resolution or action taken on the complaint
  • Keep the documents of previous complaints and also the docket number
  • Collect all the supportive documents for your cause
  • Keep the 3 copies of your complaint and documents for which you want to lodge a grievance
  • If you have already filed the complaint or this case is pending in any court/tribunal/another forum, will not be accepted
  • CGRF has No fee or any type of charges to submit your petition and also does not require any advocate

Steps to lodge a complaint or petition to the CGRF Forum of Electricity, West Bengal:

Step 1: Take a pen and White paper (A4 size), You have to file a written petition or complaint to CGRF. Write the details in the format provided below

Step 2: Fill out the application form for CGRF with the required information.

Step 3: Write the following Designation and Address on the left and upper side of the corner.

The Principal Grievance Redressal Officer,
Customer Relation Management,
West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited, Bidyut Bhawan, Gr Floor, Block-A, Karunamayee, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700091

Step 4: Now, below this, write the following information:

  • Subject – Write your category of complaint against the department concerned (Mention Name)
  • Consumer ID – Write your consumer id or connection number,
  • Category – Type of connection (Domestic, Agriculture, Industrial etc)
  • Location – provide the location or address of your connection
  • Licensee/distributor – Write the name of the electricity distributor or licensee of WBSEDCL
  • Docket Number – Write your complaint reference number or docket number that you have got from the customer care executive or by filing an online complaint

Step 5: Now, below this information write on the left side “Sir,”

Step 6: Now in the next line from the left side provide the following information in detail:

  • Write the issue that you are facing and the complaint that is not resolved yet or why are you not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint.
  • Write about the electricity issues that are served by WBSEDCL and why you feel that your facts and problems are genuine.
  • Tell that what type of redressal of your complaint you prefer and any compensation that you demand against your monetary loss (if Applicable)
  • Also, mention the documents that are supportive to make your case stronger
  • Write all attached documents’ names and also mention your identity information.
  • If you have filed any complaint about this case in any court or other authority, please attach that document’s copy

Step 7: In the Next line, write “You’re Faithfully” on the right side of the page and below, signature with the date.

Step 8: Below your sign, write the following details:

  • Complainant Name – Write your full name
  • Contact – Write your mobile number, e-mail or your telephone number
  • Postal Address – Provide your address so you can get a response or documents from the CGRF

Step 9: Attach all documents with the application letter and send them to the CGRF forum at the address that is given above, (highlighted in red colour), or send them to your regional Grievance Redressal Officer.

Address and Contact Details of CGRF Forum, WBSEDCL

Office of PGRO (Principal Grievance Redressal Officer

Jurisdiction – Entire Area of West Bengal in WBSEDCL Operating Regions

Please keep a copy of your application form and attached documents to yourself and send the original by post to CGRF or go himself to submit the petition against the issue of electricity services of WBSEDCL.

If your petition or grievance is not resolved or unsatisfied with the response or redressal by the Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, you can approach the Electricity Ombudsman, WBSEDCL, West Bengal.

To know, how to apply a petition to the Ombudsman office, you can follow the below steps that are given in simple and brief details.

File Grievance/Petition to Electricity Ombudsman Office, WBSEDCL, West Bengal

Electricity Ombudsman Office, WBERC, West Bengal takes the petitions and grievances that are not resolved by the Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), or the customer of WBSEDCL is unsatisfied with the resolution of the grievance.

If any customer is not satisfied with CGRF then He or She can approach the Ombudsman of West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission under the Electricity (Regulation) Act, 2003. You can file a petition or grievance to this office against the CGRF of WBSEDCL.

Now, you know what an Ombudsman is. Let us know how to file a petition or grievance in the Ombudsman office, WBERC. To file a petition or your grievance application, follow these steps and fill out the application form.

Procedure to File a Petition

Step 1: Visit the link that is given below and download the application or petition form of the Electricity Ombudsman.

Step 2: Take a printout of the application form that is provided on the last page of the PDF file. Read the format and take white paper (A4 size) and write your application letter in the same format. Follow the steps to write the petition or grievance application in the given format.

Step 3: Before filling out the form, read this information and collect the mentioned documents:

  • The petition must be filed within 20 days of the response of the CGRF (PGRO or RGRO) against which you are going to lodge a grievance.
  • Attach all documents with 3 copies of each petition that was filed to the CGRF Forum
  • Facts and Evidence-Based documents – Electricity Complaint Reference Number (Docket Number) and other pieces of evidence and photos
  • Electricity Connection Documents
  • Documents of Identity Proof, Ownership proof of connection
  • If the issue is with the Bill, Attach the electricity bill of WBSEDCL (As per requirement previous or current bills)
  • Lodge petition if the grievance is not resolved within 100 days by CGRF (concerned PGRO, RGRO)
  • No Fee or Charges to Lodge a petition in the Electricity Ombudsman of WBERC, also no advocate is required
  • Any other documents that you think are compulsory to make your case/grievance stronger

Step 4: Fill out the following information in the application form in clear words in your petition application letter in the given format in the pdf form:

  • Address – fill in the address of the Ombudsman Office, which is provided above on the upper left side of the form in the blank lines.
  • Subject – write the GRO/CGRO office name in the first blank option where you have lodged your grievance in CGRF of WBSEDCL.
  • Service Connection Number – Enter your connection number from your bill
  • Category – Provide the category of your connection (Domestic, Industrial, Office, Agriculture or Other), You can check in your connection certificate.
  • Location of Connection – Write the location or address of your electricity supply connection with a pin code
  • Name of the Distribution Licensee – Write your electricity distributor’s name (Check in the Bill, generally – West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL))
  • Consumer Grievance Number with Date by RGRO/PGRO – This is the grievance number that is provided by the CGRF when your grievance was accepted by the authority, write down the grievance reference number with the mentioned date.

Step 5: In the blank space where the indication is given write a brief description of your grievance. You can write the issue and the type of remedy that your aspect from the Ombudsman against the CGRF and your complaint. Provide all facts and information to prove your petition or issue, so you can get a successful redressal of your grievance. Mention the compensation type, if you have faced any monetary loss or if it comes under your right.

Step 6: Sign the Application letter where the “signature” option is provided and write this information:

  • Complainant’s Name – Write down your full name
  • Contact No – Provide Mobile Number and E-mail, where the Ombudsman office can contact you
  • Postal Address – Write the full address of communication (To get a letter or responses from the Ombudsman Office)

Step 7: Must attach the following documents with the petition application letter for the Ombudsman office:

  • Copy of the grievance petition application that was submitted to the Grievance Redressal Officer of WBSEDCL
  • Copy of Order or Redressal, if any available, Passed by the Electricity Grievance Redressal Officer
  • Copy of other documents, in support of your petition and application

In the last step, Keep at least one copy of each document and petition application letter to yourself. Send the original petition and copy the other documents by post to the address that is provided above in “Step 4” or submit your petition by visiting the office of the Ombudsman.

Official Address and Contact Details of Electricity Ombudsman in West Bengal

  • Address: Office of the Ombudsman, West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission, (Appointed u/s 42(6) of the Electricity Act, 2003), Plot No.-AH/5(2nd Floor), Premises No. Mar 16-1111, Action Area,1A, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata-700 163
  • Phone No: 033-2962-3756
  • E-mail:

After the submission of your petition, you will get the grievance or petition/case reference number to track the complaint. You can check the details of your case on the website of the West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission on the Electricity Ombudsman page.

If you have not got satisfactory redressal of your complaint or grievance then you can approach the legal court of your area concerned with the supporting documents.

How to Apply Online for New Electricity Connection of WBSEDCL? Know Step by Step

Now, anyone can apply for a new electricity connection through an online application on the portal of WBSEDCL. If you want to know how to apply for an online application or what is required information for it, let us know the procedure. You can follow these steps to get a new electricity connection.

Step 1: Click on the below-given link and open it in the new tab of your browser.

Step 2: Choose the Type of your connection and click on the link –

  • Bulk/Industrial – Click for New Electricity Connection for Industrial purposes or on a large-scale demand-based requirement.
  • LT Others – Select this for Domestic, small-scale industrial purposes, Agriculture, or other ( Up to 50 KW) or May (200KW).
  • Temporary/(Puja/Others) – Select this if you want a temporary connection for Puja or construction purposes.
  • Load Enhancement – Select this, if you are already a consumer of WBSEDCL and want to enhance the load of your electricity connection.

Step 3: Log in with your mobile number and password, If you have already an account with WBSEDCL follow the procedure to register your account.

  • New User – Click on the New User link and fill in the Name and mobile number. Lastly, generate OTP and enter the OTP from your message that will come to your mobile number.
  • Email – Now Provide an email and enter OTP from your e-mail.
  • User Name – Enter a unique username that you can remember.
  • Password – Enter the password of your choice and submit it.
  • Log In – Now, enter the mobile number as the username on the login page of the above link, and the password that you entered earlier.

Step 4: A new tab will be opened, enter the username that you have generated and your password. Now login and follow these steps to fill out the online application form of WBSEDCL’s new connection:

Regional Office/Customer Care Center Selection:

WBSEDCL - Regional Office or Customer Care Center Selection

  • Load Category – Select the power load that is required as per your electricity demand. Select one of:
    • Less than 50KW – for Domestic or Agriculture, Less Demand Purpose.
    • Between 50 KW to 200 KW – Select if you require a medium load of electricity.
    • Between 200 KW to 1500 KW – For Industrial or institutional purposes.
  • Select Region – Region or district of your address, where the supply connection is required.
  • Select CCC – Choose the regional WBSEDCL electricity substation of your zone.

Electricity Service Connection Address:

WBSEDCL - Electricity Service Connection Address

  • Address, Pin Code – Enter your address where an electricity service connection is required and also enter your local pin code.
  • District – Select your district
  • Nearest Landmark – Give details of the distance from your house to the nearest electricity pole or add the pole number.

Communication Address:

WBSEDCL - Communication Address

  • Select Address Type – Choose the same address or if have a different then enter the address of the communication.

General Information:

WBSEDCL - General Information

  • Type of Industry – Select the purpose of the connection, if you want only for households, select the “Domestic” option. If you have any other reason, select the one.
  • Purpose of Supply – Select the purpose of your supply connection, for which you are applying for the connection. You can apply for these purposes for the new electricity supply connection of WBSEDCL:
  • Industrial
  • Water
  • Public
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial Plantation
  • Food Processing
  • Domestic Life Line
  • Streetlight
  • Short Term irrigation
  • Short-Term Commercial Plantation
  • Short Term Supply
  • Construction Power
  • Government School
  • Personal Details – Enter your Name that is mentioned in the document
  • PAN No, Aadhar No – Enter your identity card’s details, PAN card’s number and Aadhar card’s UID number.
  • Category of Connection – Select the right category that comes under the type of your connection: 1. Private (for Domestic purposes), 2. Government, 3. Statutory Body, 4. Urban Local Body, 5. Others

Technical Information: Required Electricity Supply Demand

WBSEDCL - Technical Information

  • Category/Jurisdiction – Select the Panchayat if you belong to a rural area, or select Municipal Corporation if you belong to an urban area.
  • Consumer Phase – Select the Phase of your connection as per your demand: 1. Single Phase – select this if the electricity supply load requirement is between (1KW to 5 KW), 2. Three Phase – For Medium or heavy load purposes.
  • Meter Cost Deposit by Consumer – If you want to deposit – Yes, or otherwise select – No

Step 5: Click on the “Validate” button and fill in the following details of the electricity connection form:

Consumer Load Details:

WBSEDCL - Consumer Load Details

  • Load Applied – Enter the Load in number value (KW) as per your requirement (between 1KW to 50KW), (50KW to 200KW), or (200KW to 1500KW), as you have chosen at the beginning of the application form.

Step 6: Verify the Load by clicking on the button and clicking on the “Yes” option to upload the documents that are required to apply for a new connection of WBSEDCL.

Upload File:

WBSEDCL - Upload File

  • Photo – Upload your passport-size photo in the format of JPG and within the size of 100KB
  • Address and Identity Proof – Upload the following documents of address and identity proof within the size of 150KB in PDF format:
    • Passport
    • Voter ID
    • Telephone Bill
  • Land Ownership Proof: Upload the one document or certificate that is mentioned below and select and upload one of these documents in PDF format and size of the file must be 350KB:
    • Property Paper
    • Purchase Deed
    • Tenancy Deed
    • Tax Receipt of Panchayat
    • Tax Receipt of Municipality

Step 7: Click on the button “Submit all Details” download the application form that you have submitted and take a printout.

Step 8: Download quotation letters from the menu of the WBSEDCL portal. Click on the “Quotation letter Download” enter the application number and generate your quotation.

WBSEDCL - Quotation Letter Demand

Now, download the quotation letter take a printout of the pdf file and check the payable amount.

The payment you can pay online, or offline mode, – You should pay your amount via the online portal to avoid any paperwork issues.

(Your application will be valid for 90 days to pay your connection amount)

Step 9: Click on the “New Connection E-Pay” link from the menu to pay your amount.

WBSEDCL - New Connection E-pay

Check the application number and click on the “next” button. Check the amount and pay the bill by clicking on “Pay Now”. Use any online method that is given to pay the bill amount.

After the successful submission of your new electricity connection application to WBSEDCL, download the receipt of the payment.

You can use your application number to track your new connection status on the portal of WBSEDCL by visiting the above-given link for an online new connection.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Electricity Services of WBSEDCL

Q. Where can I register the complaint of electricity supply outage or power off by the WBSEDCL?

A. The consumers of the WBSEDCL, West Bengal can register complaints of power supply outages or any other issue on the toll-free customer care number 19121 or can lodge an online complaint by following the steps that are given above on this page “Online Complaint” section.

Q. What type of electricity complaint I can register to WBSEDCL?

A. You can register complaints of any electricity services that are provided by the WBSEDCL; however, some are the following issues can be redressed:

  • Electricity Power Supply – Single Phase, Voltage, Short Circuit, Fault, Earthing, Other Service Line Issues
  • New Connection/Load Enhancement – New Connection Issue, Load Issue, Meter, Shift of Ownership, Tariff, Prepaid, Postpaid
  • Meter – Stopped, Defected, Tempering
  • Electricity Bill – Reading, Abnormal billing, Bill not Dispatched, Wrong Meter Reading, Arrear
  • Payment – E-payment, Offline Payment, Kiosk Collection, E-Pradan Collection

Q. Where can I approach to get redressal of the issue in the online application form submission of the new electricity connection of WBSEDCL?

A. You can call directly on the customer care number of WBSEDCL which is 19121 or you can visit the online complaint portal and lodge a complaint in the category of a new connection. To lodge an online complaint, please check the above-mentioned method in the “online complaint” section.

Q. What are the Documents Required to Apply for the New Electricity Connection of WBSEDCL?

A. The following documents are required to apply for a new connection of WBSEDCL:

  • Identity ProofAadhar Card, PAN card
  • Address Proof – Voter ID, Telephone Bill, Passport ID
  • Property Ownership Proof – Property Paper Certificate, Purchase Deed, Tenancy Deed, Tax Receipt of Panchayat, Tax Receipt of Municipality

Q. How can I pay my electricity bill on the online portal of WBSEDCL?

A. The consumers of WBSEDCL can pay for their electricity on the online portal of WBSEDCL by visiting its official website “” and can choose the type of bill. Enter your consumer ID, and pay the bill by choosing any one mode of online payment.

Q. Where can I complain, if my crucial issue is not resolved by the WBSEDCL or its licensee?

A. If your complaint about the electricity services is not redressed by the WBSEDCL or you are not satisfied with it, you can approach the Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF), WBSEDCL, West Bengal. To know, how to approach or file a petition in CGRF? You can visit the CGRF section of the page and follow the steps to file a successful grievance.

Q. If my grievance is not redressed by the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF) of the WBSEDCL in West Bengal, where should I lodge a grievance against the final decision of CGRF?

A. You are not satisfied with the redressal of CGRF or your grievance is not redressed within 100 days after the successful submission of the petition to the Electricity Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum of WBSEDCL. You can approach the Electricity Ombudsman Office, West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission by filing a written petition with the supportive documents.

To know the procedure and how to file the petition in the Ombudsman office, WBERC, you can visit the section of Ombudsman on this page. You can follow the steps to file a successful petition.


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Here in my pin code 743428 Con id XXXXXX978 Here 100 families we submitted a letter for low voltage issue. We want a black cover wire then our voltage issue will be solved. plz help us so much warm here. and we can't sleep at nightNayabazar electric problem লো ভোল্টেজWBSEDCL - Electricity Complaint, New Connection and Other Services of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited